Edison Best New Product Awards™

2022 Winners

We are proud to announce the winners for the 2022 Edison Awards™. The Gold, Silver and Bronze Winners are chosen as the “best of the best” within their respective categories by some of the world’s top senior business executives, designers, academics and innovation leaders.

Being recognized with an Edison Award™ is one of the highest accolades a company can receive in the name of innovation and business success. The Edison Awards honor excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centered design and innovation. We congratulate all of our winners for their accomplishment!

Autonomous and Unmanned Systems
  • productphotoMediGO and MissionGO by JSP Ventures

    MediGO is the IoT enterprise resource planning (ERP) and logistics platform for critical medical supply chains and healthcare systems logistics, working with sister company MissionGO to integrate unmanned aircraft systems into this complex chain of custody and complex modes of transportation, such as for organ transplants.

  • productphotomini GUSS by GUSS Automation, LLC

    Mini GUSS is the first autonomous vineyard and high-density orchard sprayer. Mini GUSS increases efficiency and precision, lowers labor costs, and keep crews safer than ever before. A single employee can operate up to eight mini GUSS machines from the comfort of his/her vehicle. Mini GUSS uses a combination of GPS, LiDAR and the latest technology.

  • productphotoUnmanned aerial vehicle FIXAR 007 with Autopilot and xGroundControl software by FIXAR-AERO

    The FIXAR 007 is a fully autonomous vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing drone designed for commercial and industrial applications, such as mapping and inspections, aerial imaging, precision agriculture, oil and gas, surveillance and monitoring, and more. The flight missions are planned and executed within proprietary xGroundControl software.

Flight Technologies
  • productphotoJet Suit by Gravity Industries Ltd

    Gravity Industries used cutting edge technology to reimagine human flight, resulting in the creation of the world’s first patented Jet Suit. In July 2021 they premiered the fully-electric version of the Suit, another world-first. They have a diverse business model, generating revenue in entertaintment, defence, search&rescue, first response.

  • productphotoK1000ULE by Kraus Hamdani Aerospace

    The K1000ULE is an ultra long endurance fully electric UAS supporting an array of complex missions utilizing Beyond Line Sight Capabilities. Using edge processing, AI-powered analytics based on geospatial and third-party data, this technology is used for a number of capabilities including defense, natural disaster, commercial use and anti-poaching.

  • productphotoSkyGrid Flight Control by SkyGrid, a Boeing, SparkCognition company

    SkyGrid Flight Control is an end-to-end airspace management system that uses AI and blockchain to intelligently route, synchronize, maintain unmanned aircraft in shared airspace. Our platform identifies unforeseen trends in airspace, vehicle, environment data to safely enable advanced air mobility and a wide variety of commercial drone operations.

Consumer Safety
  • productphotoPetrifilm™ Plate™ Reader Advanced by 3M

    There's no slowing down with automated 3M™ Petrifilm™ Plate enumeration using the 3M™ Petrifilm™ Plate Reader Advanced. It’s time to advance the efficiency of your lab by automating the imaging, interpretation and tracking of results. This system achieved up to 94% reduced time to enumerate 3M™ Petrifilm™ Plates.

  • productphotoMeta-Lidar™ Platform by Lumotive

    For robotics, automotive and consumer product developers who need reliable, high performance 3D sensing capabilities (surround sensing, safety cocooning, augmented reality, logistics automation, autonomous navigation) Lumotive’s Meta-Lidar™ Platform addresses application-specific requirements, making 3D sensing possible, pervasive and ubiquitous.

  • productphotoSmartSuite for Pharmacy by DrFirst

    For patients taking the blood thinner Warfarin, the difference between 10 mg and 1.0 mg is the difference between life and death. Unfortunately, 7 million patients in the U.S. are affected by medication errors every year, and dosage errors are most common. SmartSuite for Pharmacy uses AI for accurate data translation between incompatible systems.

Data Security Solutions
  • productphotoSensaAML™ by Symphony AyasdiAI

    Ayasdi provides firms with a complete picture of criminal behavior through unparalleled, predictive insights. This powerful combination of AI and machine learning helps users pinpoint risk, drastically reduce the time to identify genuine anomalies and achieve operational effectiveness. Uncover well-hidden risk by leveraging your existing systems.

  • productphotoLynxSafe by Lynx Software Technologies

    Lynx Software Technologies’ LynxSafe is a family of products that enables enterprise IT teams to apply Lynx’s expertise in secure, mission-critical systems to endpoints. Its first product launched in March 2021 focuses on secure laptops, and creating isolated partitions that can run multiple security functions and secure operating systems.

  • productphotoIBM Cloud Satellite by IBM

    IBM Cloud Satellite enables highly regulated organizations, such as banks and hospitals, to harness the power of cloud computing such as Artificial Intelligence. With Satellite, these organizations can: - Set up a cloud data center on-site using their on-premises computer hardware. - Deploy managed cloud services to this data center with ease.

Breakthrough Materials
  • productphotoWearable Starring Night: High Stretchable Conductive Ink by Taiwan Textile Research Institute

    Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI) and National Research Council Canada (NRC) have co-developed High Conductive Ink. Firstly, high stable appearance structure, such as stretchable and flexible, and apply on printed circuit easily. Secondly, this ink passes the most rigorous test for textiles, mechanical washing. It is a wearable technology.

  • productphotoINFINAIR™ POE for Washable, Breathable, and Recyclable 3D Loop Mattresses by Dow

    Dow INFINAIR™ Polyolefin Elastomers are designed for 3D Loop mattresses innovation. 3D loop mattresses made with INFINAIR™ POE enable consumer bedding that is easy to wash, highly durable, super breathable, and cool. It could prevent millions of tons of plastic waste by replacement of traditional PU mattress foams with an easy to recycle material.

  • productphotoSOLTRIA® by SOFTPV Inc.

    Solar leaf, greenish transparent substrate, is actually the flexible PCB on which the micro-sized 3D spherical solar cells are SMD mounted. Those artificial PV leaves, connected to branch and ESS underground, generate power like photosynthesis of real tree. The SOLTRIA can be micro-grid power plant in urban area or even in desert for new smart city

Home and Wellness
  • productphotoTIKI Brand® BiteFighter™ LED String Lights by Lamplight Farms, LLC

    "Turn on ambiance. Turn off mosquitoes. The patented BiteFighter™ repellent pods create convenient, odorless, invisible, and effective mosquito protection while warm-toned, LED's set a cozy mood. Each set protects a 330 sq. ft. area, and the repellent pods last 200 hours before replacement. Perfect for use wherever mosquito protection is desired."

  • productphotoProbiotics Revitalizing System (PRS) by Nano and Advanced Materials Institute; Nox Bellcow Cosmetics Co. Ltd.

    Probiotics Revitalizing System (PRS) unlocks the full benefits of probiotics on skin health by keeping the live probiotics at dormant state during storage without refrigeration, while they are activated and directed to colonize when reaching the skin, bringing extraordinary health benefit through skin microbiome balance.

  • productphotoLĒVO Lux by LĒVO Oil Infusion, Inc.

    LĒVO Lux is a countertop appliance that automates the process of making herbal infused oils for various wellness applications. Featuring three customizable cycle settings, choose any herb and any carrier liquid to make endless combinations of homemade infused products, from natural skincare recipes to herbal-infused foods and household products.

Smart Home Solutions
  • productphotoHygge Power Home Energy Storage by Hygge Power Inc.

    Our smart residential Energy Storage System (“RESS”) provides homeowners and renters (and small businesses) with intelligent backup power and power management in a plug-and-play, easy-to-use home accessory. Paired with our mobile app, it maximizes energy efficiency for any plugged-in device, greenhouse gas reduction, and power protection.

  • productphotoMarvin Awaken Skylight by Marvin

    Awaken offers more features than a traditional skylight, including supplemental LED lighting, projection venting for more efficient airflow and a hidden perimeter screen to keep debris out. This smart skylight can be programmed to automatically vent when the IAQ reaches a certain threshold and can be controlled with an app, switch or voice control.

  • productphotoLockly Vision by Lockly®

    Vision is an all-in-one solution for homeowners in the form of a smart video doorbell that requires no extra installation of a video camera or monthly fees to use. Offers a combination of features like instant fingerprint access and offline access codes, along with a built-in microphone and HD camera, to serve as the home’s first line of security.

Sports and Recreation
  • productphotoDamon HyperSport by Damon Motors

    The HyperSport is the world’s smartest, safest, most powerful, fully connected electric motorcycle. 100 percent electric with zero tailpipe emissions, the HyperSport offers unparalleled, safety, comfort, and performance with groundbreaking technology and features with the goals of reducing incidents worldwide and accelerating a clean energy future.

  • productphotoSea-Doo Switch by BRP Inc.

    The Sea-Doo Switch is a pontoon boat for a whole new generation. It expands the possibilities of fun and adventure on the water at an affordable price, thanks to its innovative concept & revolutionary design. Its unique modularity and shared technologies with a personal watercraft create a unique experience on the water.

  • productphotoBall Aluminum Cup™ by Ball Corporation

    The Ball Aluminum Cup is an aluminum alternative to your typical, single-use disposable plastic cup. Unlike plastic though, aluminum can be recycled over and over again without losing quality or value. It is a true, sustainable alternative to existing single-use competitors. Additionally, it delivers a significantly better drinking experience.

  • productphotoSepura Home by Card79

    Sepura's sustainable garbage disposal unit redirects waste to a bin under your sink, securely storing any compostable food matter until the user is ready to dispose of it. By pushing a simple button, solids are separated into an odourless, sealed bin, keeping food waste out of the drain which can lead to clogged drains.

Testing Solutions
  • productphotoXpressCollect by SteriPack

    XpressCollect™ makes swabbing your nose for a COVID-19 test easier and more comfortable. It also helps laboratories process more samples per day, so you get your results faster. The innovative design enables automation, enhancing test rate and consistency compared to manual methods.

  • productphotoVITROS® Anti-SARS-CoV-2 IgG Quantitative Test by Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Holdings plc

    Ortho’s quantitative COVID-19 IgG test helps labs accurately measure the level of COVID-19 antibodies in a patient sample and is the first standardized quantitative test to receive US FDA EUA. This test provides a standardized tool to help the health care community understand the long-term impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • productphotoRHINOstic Automated Nasal Swab by Rhinostics Inc.

    "Performance Beyond What Your Old Swab Can Offer The tiny RHINOstic Automated Nasal Swab can make a big difference. In a hands-free automated workflow, this patent-pending nasal and buccal swab collection device can help labs of any size to save time, maximize productivity and minimize disruptions from sample collection to processing."

Therapeutic Impact
  • productphotoSeraph® 100 Microbind® Affinity Blood Filter (Seraph 100) by ExThera Medical Corporation

    The Seraph 100 binds with SARS-CoV-2. Clinicians have reported a reduction in inflammatory markers such as IL-6, d-dimer, and ferritin, hemodynamic stabilization, reduction of vasopressors and fractionally inspired oxygen, avoidance or reduction of mechanical ventilation, and a 4x increase of survival rate of critically ill patients.

  • productphotoHummingbird™ with Air Vaccine™ by Energy Cloud Inc.

    Hummingbird™ EQ with Air Vaccine™ deactivates Covid-19 and other viruses with 99.5% efficacy on the first pass of airflow from the HVAC system. This integrated hardware, software and cloud solution are scalable to any size HVAC system and include a unique, scannable QR code to instantly report the indoor air quality of a building prior to entry.

  • productphotoCertara’s Simcyp COVID-19 Vaccine Model by Certara

    Certara’s Simcyp COVID-19 Vaccine Model employs biosimulation and computer-generated, virtual populations to facilitate global vaccine decision-making. It addresses important COVID-19 vaccine questions such as optimal dose and timing, whether there are differences in immune response with age and ethnicity and expected duration of antibody response.

Communications and Cyber Security
  • productphotoQuantum Protected Network by Qubitekk, Inc.

    Qubitekk's products use quantum entanglement to protect networks from intrusion by creating a quantum virtual private network. Qubitekk products are also used for transferring quantum entangled states between quantum computers and devices allowing quantum computer to computer communications, and will be used in the quantum internet of the future.

  • productphotoNeighborhood Keeper by Dragos Inc.

    Neighborhood Keeper is a first-of-its-kind collective defense and community-wide visibility offering for OT cybersecurity, detecting supply chain risks, equipment vulnerabilities, and cyber threats. Acting as a collective defense while enabling trusted industry and government partners to leverage the system as a cyber national broadcasting service

Energy Grid & Power Supply
  • productphotoE3X® Robot System by Prysmian Group

    E3X® Robot System is a breakthrough solution to upgrade over 600,000 miles of existing transmission lines without the need to build new lines, helping utilities increase capacity and enabling more power to be delivered, accelerating the much-needed modernization of the US energy grid and facilitating the energy transition to clean energy sources.

  • productphotoIdeal Switch by Menlo Micro

    Menlo Micro’s has re-invented the electronic switch and created an entirely new category of electronic switches with its MEMS-based Ideal Switch technology. The Ideal Switch is the “holy grail” in advancing the electrification of everything, rooted in inventions by Thomas Edison.

  • productphotoPOWERBLoK by UCAP Power, Inc.

    The POWERBLoK offers: - Simple install and drop-in replacement to lead-acid and other dangerous ESS - Long lasting (+15yr) source of reliable high power energy storage - Replacement of the Lead, Cobalt, Cadmium, and Lithium used in common batteries with no safety risks - Integrated charger and latest chemistry cells for more power in a small footprint

Industrial Technology
  • productphotoMobile Water Filtration & Sanitation Solutions for Disaster Response by Aquaplus Water Purifiers P LTD

    Aquaplus specializes in water treatment systems that work reliably in times of disaster to ensure the displaced have access to clean water. Our products operate sans electricity, on gravity, hand/electric/gasoline driven pumps, irrespective of the size and scale of the disaster, making the singular difference between life and death.

  • productphotoDOWSIL™ TC-6015 Thermal Encapsulant by Dow Performance Silicones

    DOWSIL™ TC-6015 is now the leading 1.5W/mK thermal encapsulant widely used for potting power conversion electronics. The material provides exceptional thermal management with long-term reliability and without filler sedimentation for sustainability in manufacturing. DOWSIL is also dual purpose, as self-adhesive with room temp cure.

Transportation and Infrastructure Safety
  • productphotoLEOTEK Human-Centric Smart Street Lighting System by LITE-ON Technology Corporation

    Drivers experience tired and eye discomfort by strong glare after a long drive when raining. The patented AI smart lighting system improves traffic safety by automatically changing luminaire’s photometric configuration – ‘illuminance type’ and ‘luminance type’ by adapting to the road condition so glare reflected by wet surface of road is decreased.

  • productphoto350squared by ElectricFish Energy, Inc.

    ElectricFish develops and deploys patented, turnkey energy storage technology which plugs into existing electrical infrastructure at hard-to-deploy locations, enabling flexible energy resources for rapid EV charging and grid resiliency services on-site.

  • productphotoLEOTEK Ecological Conservation Smart Lighting by LITE-ON Technology Corporation

    Have you ever seen swarms of tropical pedicel ants around LED streetlights? Climate change and urbanization disrupt mating behaviors of pedicel ants a lot. The innovation of LED streetlights with the ‘patented optical front masks’ designed to maintain ecological balance by effectively filtering out blue spectrum that is the most attractive to them.

Experiential Learning
  • productphotoVirtaMed LaparoS™ by VirtaMed

    The VirtaMed LaparoS™ trains safer surgeons, faster. Designed by physicians and educators, the LaparoS surgical simulator uses haptic, visual, and auditory feedback to create hyper-realistic training experiences. Now, novice surgeons can learn essential skills in a risk-free environment, accelerating learning while safeguarding patient safety.

  • productphotoAerospace Educational Consulting and After-School Academy by BLUECUBE Aerospace

    Created by educators and made up of students, BLUECUBE offers an after-school aerospace program to inspire and teach students using CubeSat technologies, as well as a consulting service to help educational institutions establish or grow their own aerospace programs and complete unique aerospace projects.

  • productphotoIBM SkillsBuild by IBM

    SkillsBuild is a free digital program for students and job seekers exploring tech-related careers. It provides coursework, job fairs, coaching, job placement assistance, employer-recognized badges, and portfolio-building experiences. SkillsBuild offers 1,000+ courses from workplace skills to classes in cybersecurity, cloud computing, and AI.

Learning Solutions
  • productphotoLEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential by LEGO® Education

    LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential is a cross-curricular STEAM tool for grades 1-5. It engages students in a hands-on investigation of STEAM concepts while contributing to literacy, math, and social-emotional development. Through hands-on, playful problem-solving & storytelling, the solution prepares students to be resilient, independent thinkers.

  • productphotoAnimal Island Learning Adventure (AILA) Sit & Play™ Preschool Learning System by DMAI, Inc. DBA Animal Island Learning Adventure (AILA)

    AILA is the first tablet to prepare children for school using adaptive AI through custom 15-minute lessons that optimize repetition and consistency to maximize engagement and learning potential. Built on next-gen cloud technology, it eliminates negative effects of excessive screentime while providing free content updates without ads/subscriptions.

  • productphotoMy Math Academy by Age of Learning

    Developed using the latest science on how children learn, My Math Academy is a new, comprehensive, standards-based learning program that helps children in pre-K through second grade master foundational math skills. It is proven to significantly accelerate learning gains with as little as 45 minutes of use per week.

Bio-Sourced Materials
  • productphotoCelluwarm by Nano and Advanced Materials Institute; Shengquan Hong Kong Company Limited

    Celluwarm, a sustainable, animal-free and ultralight insulation material leverages cellulose nanofibrils extracted from spent corn husk. It provides the highest insulation performing winter outfits in the market, 3.5 times warmer, 50% thinner and lighter than duck down feathers, and launderable for 50 times without losing insulation performance.

  • productphotoRenewable Polymorphic Transition Materials (Poly-T Materials) by Metal Industries Research & Development Centre

    Using industrial and environment wastes (stone residues and oyster shell wastes), MIRDC developed Poly-T Materials to replace single-use casting molds and provides smart process, which can control composition and derivative types precisely, it can be applied to casting industry and marine ecology restoration of full recycling and zero waste.

  • productphotoLNP™ ELCRES™ EXL7414 & LNP™ ELCRIN™ EXL7414B by SABIC

    SABIC LNP ELCRES EXL7414 and ELCRIN EXL7414B resins feature superior flame retardance which can help meet enhanced product safety requirements for ultra-thin-wall components by meeting the new rigorous IEC 62368-1 safety standard for consumer electronics. The latter is based on renewable source and further helps customers reduce carbon footprint.

  • productphotoFilmTec™ Dry SWRO Membranes by DuPont

    Seawater Reverse Osmosis membranes have traditionally lacked stability in the dry state and have required both a wet test to guarantee performance and a chemical storage solution to maintain it. Our innovation is a dry-stable membrane chemistry with a reduced environmental footprint from reduced water usage, shipping weight, and chemical disposal.

  • productphotoSCC55™ by Group14 Technologies

    Group14 commercially manufactures SCC55™, which delivers up to 50% more energy density for any application currently powered by a lithium-ion battery including EVs and consumer electronics. Group14 has debuted the first and only silicon-based EV-scale automotive battery with Farasis, bringing 25% more performance than anything on the market.

  • productphotoMulti-functional Sorbent Technology (MUST) by National Energy Technology Laboratory

    NETL’s Multi-functional Sorbent Technology (MUST) offers an affordable, green approach to recover critical minerals like aluminum, cobalt and rare earth elements while removing lead and other heavy metals that contaminate American water supplies, reducing a threat that jeopardizes the health of millions of people, wildlife and our ecosystems.

Performance Based Design
  • productphotoDow Rubberless Unitsole Technology for Lightweight Athletic Shoes by Dow/Under Armour

    Dow and Under Armour’s rubberless unitsole technology enables the performance for lightweight basketball and running shoes with enhanced cushioning, traction, and rebound. This innovative unitsole technology simplifies the midsole assembly process with increased manufacturing efficiency and reduced chemical usage.

  • productphotoNanolayer LGRIN Lenses by Peak Nano Optics

    Peak Nano Optics' nanolayer film technology provides LGRIN lenses for military, medical, and commercial applications. LGRIN lenses are 10X thinner and 80% lighter than glass and provide a wider field-of-view while enhancing resolution and color. Production facilities are in place, and customer programs are underway for commercialization.

  • productphotoCoatings for High Resolution Images by Axalta Coating Systems

    Axalta’s breakthrough automotive quality coating technology for high resolution images enables rapid deposition of intricate graphics onto vehicle exteriors. Aligning with the industry trend for customization; complex designs, images as well as accent colors are all possible for in-line personalization of vehicles.

  • productphotoBETATECH™ Thermal Interface Material by DuPont

    BETATECH™ thermal interface material is a novel solution that helps control heat in EV batteries. High thermal conductivity allows for efficient thermal management, helping maintain optimal battery temperatures during both charging and operation, extending vehicle range and enhancing vehicle safety due to decreased chance of thermal runaway.

  • productphotoFire Resistant Thermoplastic EV Battery Cover by SABIC

    This solution delivers enhanced fire protection for a pHEV battery pack cover. This is a global automotive first, addressing a key industry challenge . The performance meets China’s fire safety requirements (GB 18384-202), among the world's most stringent. Additional benefits are weight and cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

  • productphotoLNP™ THERMOCOMP™ Compounds for ADAS Radar Cover by SABIC

    To help meet the need for high-performance materials that can optimize the capabilities of today’s higher-frequency (>75 GHz), millimeter-wave (mmWave) radar for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), SABIC launch LNP™ THERMOCOMP™ WFC06I and WFC06IXP compounds for the front and back covers (respectively) of these next-generation radar units.

Transparent Coatings
  • productphotoE-NANO FTHR-001 Resin by Nano and Advanced Materials Institute, Chung Yin New Materials (H.K.) Company Limited

    nCoating is a transparent cover-layer, a fusion of glass-like hardness and plastic-like flexibility, for foldable screen with super hard (9H) surface, pen drop resistance (up to 15cm) and robust bending durability (up to 500k cycles). nCoating endows the anti-scratch performance to plastics and folding durability, pen drop resistance to glass.

  • productphotoSYL-OFF SL 184 Coating by Dow Chemical

    Dow’s patented solventless SYL-OFFTM SL 184 Coating, a technological advancement that solved the long-standing misting issue, enabled extreme speed production of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive labels with excellent coating performance. This innovative breakthrough improved productivity and opened a new horizon in the $93.2 billion/year PSA market.

  • productphotoAGILITY™ 1500 Performance LDPE by Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics

    AGILITY™ 1500 Performance LDPE allows the widest, thinnest, most consistent clear films with gains of >40% in processability (speed, reliability) and >20% in properties (optics, strength, shrink) for stellar performance. Downgauging, reduced waste, recyclable films, and incorporation of recycled PE enabled by AGILITY™ 1500 advances sustainability.

AI Powered Platforms
  • productphotoMashgin Touchless Self-Checkout System by Mashgin

    Mashgin's Touchless Checkout System is an instantaneous self-checkout experience that uses computer vision to identify items from virtually any angle with 99.9% accuracy -- without the need for barcodes,RFIDs, perfectly consistent packaging, etc. Consumers simply place their items on the Mashgin kiosk tray, pay and go — in 10 seconds or less.

  • productphotoPublic Warning Center by Everbridge, Inc.

    The Public Warning Center combines the speed of Cell Broadcast with the precision, filtering, and control of Location-Based SMS, choosing the best communication method to reach people at a country-wide scale automatically and dynamically. The PWC patent covers functionality around efficient and optimized sending of mass notifications to the public.

  • productphotoCCC® Estimate - STP by CCC Intelligent Solutions

    CCC® Estimate – STP is the insurance industry’s first touchless claims estimating solution with line-level detail. The product applies a powerful combination of advanced AI, data integrations, and network connections to create a detailed estimate for select auto repairs without human intervention in seconds.

  • productphotoDarkBlue (Dark Web Analytic Tool Suite) by CACI

    DarkBlue is an unclassified, SaaS, OSINT analytic tool suite providing a safe/secure environment to search/analyze the Dark Web. 24x7 data scraping including forums/chats, an analyst interface developed by-the-analyst for-the-analyst to leverage Dark Web for crisis/nation state activity monitoring, drug/weapons/other criminal investigations.

  • productphotoReveal(x) 360 Strategic Decryption by ExtraHop

    Cyberattackers use encrypted protocols to perpetrate advanced attacks like ‘living-off-the-land’ and Golden Ticket attacks in 60% of the most exploited vulnerabilities––rendering defenders blind to attacks like ransomware. Reveal(x) 360 is the first and only platform that decrypts these protocols to expose and stop advanced threats 84% faster.

  • productphotoGRAYPATH - Next Generation VPN by Intelligent Waves LLC

    GRAYPATH is Next-Gen Quantum-Resistant VPN ensuring performance, resiliency, and security of sensitive data. Through its patented IP-Spread Spectrum technology, it uses the cloud to randomize and distribute message packets through the simultaneous use of multiple transport paths and encrypted channels, lowering risk of detection and interception.

  • productphotoCanva Video Suite by Canva

    Canva Video Suite is an end-to-end video creation platform that makes video creation accessible to all. It offers an intuitive UI, thousands of customizable video templates, animations, market-leading collaboration features, an extensive media library of visuals and audio, and comes free on the web, desktop, iOS, and Android.

  • productphotoThe telliBot_AI by Intellihot

    The telliBot_Ai creates transformative technology solutions to reimagine the built environment, providing customers with increased efficiency, reliability, and sustainability by monitoring energy, water usage, and other metrics that reduce costs and help the environment.

  • productphotoFreehand by InVision

    One of InVision’s main pillars is to reduce friction among teams, people, and the tools they use. Freehand, our digital whiteboard product, exemplifies this. It is more than a whiteboard. It’s a visual collaboration tool that’s essential to design, digital product development, and overall team collaboration.

Productivity Solutions
  • productphotoBlokable at Phoenix Rising by Blokable

    Blokable at Phoenix Rising is an all-electric, permanent low-income housing community for renters earning 30-50% the Seattle area’s median income. Built for less than 50% the region’s average cost per door and costing 60% less to heat/cool, it offers a scalable, zero-energy-ready solution for expanding housing access, affordability, and resilience.

  • productphotoCode4Good by American Red Cross

    American Red Cross Code4Good Project is a first-of-its-kind volunteer workforce that gives technical leaders and individual contributors an opportunity to support the Red Cross Mission by contributing their talents to the development of Red Cross IT platforms.

  • productphotoElite EXTRA by Applied Data Consultants, Inc.

    This new innovation of our Elite EXTRA software allows clients to use crowdsourced drivers as third party delivery drivers when a business is short of drivers, or have no drivers to make deliveries. It provides a "network" of drivers for businesses to call in drivers, discover availability, see ETAs, and compare pricing.

Safety & Sanitation
  • productphotoIggy™ by 3Oe Scientific

    Iggy™ is a first in class hand hygiene product that promotes human health. A combination of vortex-oscillation spray and aqueous ozone, a natural disinfectant, safely and effectively removes bacteria, fungi, and viruses (including the COVID-19 virus) in 7 seconds. Iggy™ is fast, safe, free of chemicals, sustainable, and AI-enabled to promote use.

  • productphotoS.A.G.E. UV Ruggedized Mobile UV Decon System by Violet Defense

    When COVID-19 hit, the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier learned how quickly this new virus could spread to over 1,200 sailors on board, impacting their mission readiness. Violet Defense's technology leveraged its UV technology to create a ruggedized mobile UV decon system that can withstand shipboard and mission-ready environments.

  • productphotoHighlight for Bleach Wipes by Kinnos

    Highlight, an innovative product to protect patients and healthcare providers, adds a blue color to the bleach wipes used for disinfection in order to visualize coverage. It reinforces training with each wipe in a way that transcends language barriers and confirms bleach concentration. Peer-reviewed studies show it quantifiably improves cleaning.

Automotive Technology
  • productphotoCoil Driver™ by Exro Technologies

    Exro’s Coil Driver is a dynamic, smart controller that replaces the standard controller of an electric motor. Designed to integrate with standard powertrains, Coil Driver™ enables intelligent, electronic gear switching in real time to expand EV output performance and increase range

  • productphotoJuiceBox 40 with JuiceEco by Enel X North America

    The JuiceBox 40 Level 2 smart home charging station with JuiceEco ensures that EV drivers charge with 100% clean energy. Enel X is the only home charging station provider to package its best-selling charger with a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) to match electricity consumption with 100% renewable energy through JuiceEco.

  • productphotoAutonomous Vehicle Tire Safety System by Banf Co., Ltd

    With self-driving vehicles looming on the horizon, faulty tires will overtake human error as the #1 cause of traffic accidents and fatalities. That’s why Banf has created a safety diagnostic system for tires. Our Tire system measures road conditions, vehicle weight, and tire thread thickness to assess potential dangers and reduce accidents.

  • productphoto3D Weaving by unspun

    This is the first pair of pants in the world made from 3D weaving. We invented a robotic 3D weaving machine that inputs yarn and outputs seamless 3D legs. These pants vary in shape throughout to custom-fit the consumer: pants in 10 minutes. An apparel invention like this hasn’t been realized since the sewing machine in the 1840s.

  • productphotoFactoroid by Gentle Energy Corporation

    90% of factories worldwide are out-dated and non-digitized. Factoroid transforms conventional factories into Industry 4.0 smart factories with our fully wireless, self-powered sensors that measure dozens of activities including vibration, heat, light, and voltage to save costs and improve efficiency.

  • productphotoFōM® with PolyRenew® by FloraCraft Corporation

    FōM is the first extruded polystyrene, or XPS, product for the craft and floral foam industry made with post-consumer plastic. It saves hard-to-recycle plastics from landfills by using recycled garment hangers from retailers nationwide. FōM is the first true innovation in this market in 70 years.

Supply Chain Solutions
  • productphotoRFID Yarn®:new method for data management and application by Taiwan Textile Research Institute

    TTRI has developed the world first Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) yarn, not tag but yarn. RFID Yarn® passes 5 major durability tests: anti-laundry, anti-acid, anti-alkali, anti-high temperature and anti-roller pressure. We initiate “RFID Yarn® Technology Industry Alliance”, to set up testing standard for newcomers.

  • productphotoLynx Digital Solution by Carrier

    The Lynx solution combines Carrier’s cold chain expertise with AWS’s digital experience & portfolio of services to help customers make faster, data-driven decisions to improve the efficiency & sustainability of their supply chains. With enhanced connectivity, it provides direct insights, allowing real-time decisions made during the cargo’s journey.

  • productphotoxDIM™ Mobile by 4DMobile

    xDIM Mobile is a box measurement system utilizing 3D camera technology on rugged tablets used by workers in warehousing and supply chain environments. The mobile, point-and-click solution is easy to use anywhere and by anyone—helping companies increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and optimize space in today’s ever-constrained supply chain.

Auditory Design
  • productphotoGN Hearing ReSound ONE™ Hearing Aids by GN Hearing

    First hearing aid with Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear (M&RIE) inside ear in behind-the-ear models. M&RIE’s additional microphone directly inside ear canal captures sound using natural ear acoustics, as nature intended. M&RIE provides benefits of full-featured hearing aids, including unprecedented natural sound experiences/improved sound localization.

  • productphotoLogitech: UE Fits by Herbst Produkt

    UE, the world's leader in professional custom-fit in-ear sound monitors have developed UE FITS with Lightform Technology which use UV light to catalyze our acoustic plasma. In under 2 minutes, from the comfort of your own home. FITS form your unique signature earprint to provide a bespoke tailored fit for your ears for comfort with a perfect seal.

  • productphotoEargo 5 by Eargo

    Eargo’s fifth generation device is a medical-grade, FDA Class II exempt hearing device, fully customizable to the user’s hearing preferences through all new Sound Match™ technology. Its rechargeable battery provides the highest energy density in the smallest space and is fully charged within four hours for up to 16 hours of continuous power.

Lifesaving & Life-Changing
  • productphotoPrometeo by Prometeo

    With help from Arrow Electronics and IBM, Barcelona startup Prometeo’s wireless wearable senses heat, smoke and toxins and sends data to the Cloud for AI analysis. It alerts commanders to firefighters’ immediate danger and chronic exposures. Prometeo incorporates firefighter feedback and field data to continuously improve the solution end-to-end.

  • productphotoAmerican Red Cross Life Ring Buoy by American Red Cross

    American Red Cross, Life™ Ring Buoy. Made from a patented, closed cell foam polyolefin, that is more buoyant, tear resistant, crack resistant, hydrophobic (repels body fluids), oil resistant, chemical and U.V. resistant and chlorine resistant. Has rescue grips molded into the design making it easier to grip, and easier to control and throw.

  • productphotoExplorer Mini by Permobil

    Explorer Mini is a first-of-its-kind powered mobility solution for toddlers with mobility impairments that facilitates self-initiated movement and exploration. Designed to support development, it is an ergonomic device that helps promote safe, stable upright postures while providing opportunities to improve strength, endurance and postural control.

  • productphotoImagio® Breast Imaging System by Seno Medical

    Breast biopsy procedures caused by false-positive diagnostic assessments in the US cost the healthcare system more than $2 billion per year. Imagio® could mitigate that by providing real-time information regarding suspicious breast masses and increased decision confidence regarding the need for invasive breast biopsies and additional exams.

  • productphotoi-STAT Alinity TBI Plasma Test by Abbott

    The i-STAT Alinity TBI Plasma Test is the first rapid, handheld blood test for concussions that uses brain-specific biomarkers to help physicians objectively evaluate the need for a head CT scan. Unnecessary CT scans for mild traumatic brain injuries may be reduced by up to 40%, which minimizes radiation exposure and shortens hospital wait times.

  • productphotoPortable Edge AI-DR by Industrial Technology Research Institute

    The Portable Edge AI-DR is the world’s first AI-assisted system to be integrated into a handheld fundus camera to detect diabetic retinopathy (DR). The system can accurately identify four main DR lesions and classify five severity levels, assisting physicians in early diagnosis of DR. This will benefit people who need diabetes care in remote areas.

Medical Implants
  • productphotoAccess Vascular hydrophilic catheters by Access Vascular

    Roughly 90% of all admitted hospital patients receive a venous access device, 30% of those will experience complications (including clots & infection). AVI’s groundbreaking hydrophilic catheters mimic the body’s chemistry to evade its natural defenses and nearly eliminate these common & costly complications for better medical and economic outcomes.

  • productphotoBioMS-Ti by Industrial Technology Research Institute

    BioMS-Ti is a hybrid bionic skeleton structure that allows integration of hard and soft tissue. The bio-active cannulated implant has a controllable porous structure design and can be combined with bio-ceramic or osteogenic materials, improving bone regeneration and tissue integration for personalized medical implants.

  • productphotoTria™ Ureteral Stents by Boston Scientific

    Urine calcium and magnesium salt deposits are contributing factors to stent complications such as encrustation. In vitro BEST method studies of the Tria™ stent demonstrate a reduction in the combined urine calcium and magnesium salt deposits, both in the presence and absence of bacteria.

Medical Treatment
  • productphotoCELLACON Platform by CellapeuticsBIO

    Cell reprogramming platform technology is an innovative cell therapy technology that converts cells into therapeutic cells within 15 days as a direct cell cross-differentiation (Cella X) technology based on low molecular weight compounds (drug cocktail composed of 5-10 drugs with low molecular weight, which is cheaper, like aspirin)

  • productphotoiTind™ by Olympus®

    The iTind™, a temporarily implanted nitinol device, is placed in the prostatic urethra in a folded configuration. The super-elastic nitinol struts exert ischemic pressure at the 12, 5, and 7 o'clock positions, reshaping the tissue to allow urine to flow. After 5 to 7 days, the device is completely removed, and patients experience immediate relief.

  • productphotoArthrex Minimally Invasive Bunionectomy (AMIB) by Arthrex, Inc.

    MIS (Minimally Invasive Surgery) Bunion correction has been clinically proven to achieve the same or better corrective results as traditional bunion surgery, but with major advantages, including a faster recovery, less pain, and less swelling. The AMIB assists surgeons in adopting MIS bunion correction by eliminating several challenges.

Outpatient Treatment
  • productphotoNaviFUS® Model 101 Neuronavigation-guided focused ultrasound system by NaviFUS

    NaviFUS® is a focused ultrasound technology platform that provides personalized and transformative solutions for brain diseases like glioblastoma and epilepsy. It can non-invasively open the blood-brain-barrier to allow large-molecular weight drug delivery to previously unreachable parts of the brain and suppress seizures in epilepsy patients.

  • productphotoNeuroSphere Virtual Clinic by Abbott

    Allows patients living with chronic pain and movement disorders to remotely receive stimulation setting adjustments from their physicians in real-time. This invention is significant as remote programming, which allows virtual visits and remote device changes, has never been available before in the U.S.

  • productphotoSparrow Therapy System by Spark Biomedical, Inc.

    Successfully managing withdrawal is the first and most important step to keeping your patient engaged in the recovery process. The Sparrow Therapy System is the only FDA-cleared, drug-free, non-addictive, non-invasive wearable treatment technology for the relief of opioid withdrawal symptoms.

Technology & Tools
  • productphotoFree Style Libre 3 System by Abbott

    FreeStyle Libre 3 is Abbott’s next-generation continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system, featuring the world’s smallest, thinnest glucose sensor that can be worn up to 14 days to deliver continuous, real-time glucose readings directly to smartphones with unsurpassed accuracy and helping people better manage and understand their diabetes numbers.

  • productphotoGibco™ CTS™ Rotea Counterflow Centrifugation System by Thermo Fisher Scientific + Scinogy

    The CTS Rotea system addresses challenges that stall patient access to potentially life-saving cell therapies by enabling researchers to scale from research to GMP clinical development and commercial manufacturing. The closed cell processing system offers exceptional cell recovery, flexible input and output volume capability and high throughput.

  • productphotoECHELON ENDOPATH™ Staple Line Reinforcement by Ethicon / Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies (JJMDC)

    ECHELON ENDOPATH™ Staple Line Reinforcement is a buttressing device used with ECHELON FLEX™ Powered Staplers to strengthen staple lines and help reduce internal bleeding or complications during and after surgery. The device is designed to significantly improve ease of use, performance, functionality and efficiency over existing buttressing options.

Data-Driven Connectors
  • productphotoDiligent ESG by Diligent Corporation

    Today, ESG sits at the forefront of many investment decisions. Organizations of all sizes have a responsibility to drive change and an opportunity to do good. Diligent ESG centralizes the data organizations need to set and surpass their environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals—and turn promises into measurable action.

  • productphotoTBHC Collaborate by Tampa Bay Healthcare Collaborative

    TBHC Collaborate blends the concepts of a dating app with LinkedIn- like networking for the health equity ecosystem to collaborate. Users can enter initiatives and notifications are sent to providers of complimentary services (ex. homelessness, maternal care, depression, etc.). The app will track zip codes/regional areas served.

  • productphotoFoundation and Company Screening by iWave

    iWave Foundation and Company Screening helps nonprofits stay resilient by enabling them to identify, prioritize, and secure grants and gifts from foundations—the fastest-growing charitable contribution source. iWave’s modeling platform uses billions of data points to predict which institutions are most aligned to support their unique mission.

Agricultural Innovations
  • productphotoAeroFarms and Nokia Bell Labs AI-Enabled Plant Vision Technology by AeroFarms

    AeroFarms and Nokia Bell Labs announced a groundbreaking partnership to integrate innovative artificial intelligence (AI) enabled mobile sensor technologies into AeroFarms vertical farms to elevate their imaging insights and enhance their fully-connected smart indoor farms in order to grow the highest quality, nutritious plants year round.

  • productphotoDecentralized fertilizer production by Safi Organics

    Most fertilizers today are produced in centralized facilities and then imported. Due to the long-distance logistics, rural smallholder farmers pay 2-5 times the world price for their fertilizers. We use patented technology to decentralize fertilizer production such that it can be implemented in rural villages using local labor and resources.

  • productphotoApeel's Advanced Imaging Technology by Apeel

    Apeel’s new advanced imaging technology helps suppliers “see” inside produce and collect data on nutrition, sustainability & freshness. By unlocking insights inside produce, suppliers know how long produce lasts and where it should be shipped, bringing food waste closer to zero.

Building Materials
  • productphotoLight Stone Material (LSM) by Mighty Buildings

    We are a construction tech company innovating the construction industry by creating beautiful, sustainable, and high-quality homes using 3D printing, advanced materials, and robotics automation. We are the 1st company to be certified by UL to incorporate 3D printing into residential units. All our units are pre-approved in the state of California.

  • productphotoLow GWP Froth-Pak™ Spray Foam by DuPont de Nemours, Inc.

    DuPont developed a low global warming potential (GWP) spray polyurethane foam that utilizes CO2 as a gaseous blowing agent. Using CO2 overcame substantial performance and stability challenges of the gaseous HFO-1234ze blowing agent. Formulation and nozzle technology innovations result in a high-performance spray foam with a 99% reduction in GWP.

  • productphotoBamCore Prime Wall Gen 3 Framing Solution by BamCore

    We utilize timber bamboo, industrialized construction techniques, and BIM technology to mitigate climate change, the housing crisis, and global rural poverty. Our patented, customizable prefabricated framing solution removes and reduces greenhouse gases, reduces waste, opens the labor pool, cuts construction time in half, and is stronger and safer.

Environmental Impact
  • productphotoConductive Copper ink by Copprint

    "Copprint conductive copper inks enable the additive manufacturing of electronic circuit boards and antennas. With Copprint, conductive traces can be simply printed directly on multiple substrates with high conductivity, low costs, and no toxic chemicals. This enables a new era of green manufacturing of electronics including compostable RFIDs."

  • productphotoEcossentials® Sleep Kit - Biossentials™ Memory Foam with NEW Sustainable Shift™ Packaging by SINOMAX USA, INC.

    Patent pending packaging with seeds, providing new opportunities to improve environmental impacts. We offer a variety of seeded options to compliment a USDA certified memory foam product. Instead of leftover product packaging tossed into land fill, each package can be converted into a uniquely designed planter & comes with a seeded, papered insert.

  • productphotoLNP™ THERMOCOMP™ DC0041PE-7M1D145W by SABIC

    LNP™ THERMOCOMP™ DC0041PE-7M1D145W is a bio-based, flame retardant, carbon fiber-reinforced compound used in the injection molding of housings for equipment and devices that require structural performance, flame resistance and maximum sustainability such as in the consumer electronics industry where devices are trending smaller and lighter.

Plastic Upcycling
  • productphotoREVOLOOP™ Polyethylene Resin by Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics

    REVOLOOP™ Resins create a second life for plastic waste that would otherwise end in landfills, incinerators, or litter in oceans and the environment. We set an unprecedented standard for recycled plastics in sustainable, up-cycled applications (clear packaging films, artificial turf, blow molded bottles, etc.) to stop the waste and close the loop.

  • productphotoMicrosoft Ocean Plastic Mouse by SABIC

    As part of a new effort to advance the use of recycled ocean plastic, SABIC, a global leader in the chemical industry, and Microsoft Corporation have collaborated to create Microsoft’s first consumer electronic product – The Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse – with an exterior shell containing 20% recycled ocean plastic (OP).

  • productphotoAuto Viscosity Adjust™ by iMFLUX, Inc.

    iMFLUX is transforming the future of plastic injection molding by improving quality and lowering cost, scrap and downtime. Auto Viscosity Adjust (AVA™) adapts to changing conditions including highly variable post consumer recycle/resin (PCR). AVA provides this sustainability solution at scale, which is unavailable in conventional molding.

Polymers and Emulsion
  • productphotoDuPont™ Delrin® Renewable Attributed acetal homopolymer by DuPont™

    "Delrin® RA acetal homopolymer enables sustainable design, high resource efficiency in converting, and a lower total carbon footprint. It is a stiff unreinforced material and is up to 98% renewable*, specified in automotive, consumer, healthcare, and industrial applications, Delrin® RA provides safety, durability, and less waste. * Confidential"

  • productphotoRHOBARR™ 214 by Dow

    RHOBARR™ 214 Emulsion is a food contact approved, waterborne, fluorocarbon-free, bio-carbon containing barrier coating solution for paper packaging for goods ranging from dry food to dryer sheets. It provides oil and grease resistance (OGR) with ~66% less material than incumbent extruded coatings and enables OGR packaging to finally be recyclable.

  • productphotoSpies Hecker® Full Waterborne Repair System by Axalta Coating Systems

    Axalta’s Spies Hecker® Full Waterborne Repair System is the first paint offering for the collision repair market where all coatings layers (from primer to clearcoat) are water-based. This sustainable solution is based on patented technology that provides best-in-class appearance and performance while reducing solvent emissions by more than 60%.

Power Generation and Recovery
  • productphotoSustainable End-of-Life Batteries Management by TES - Sustainable Technology Lifecycle Solutions

    Besides a daily capacity to recycle up to 14 tonnes of lithium batteries, we achieve a recovery rate in excess of 95% and a purity level yield of almost 99% and delivers a safe and low capital, low energy footprint which is partially powered by solar panels and a 1 MWh energy storage system.

  • productphotoAdaptive Hydro™ by GenH

    Adaptive Hydro™ is a first in class, rapidly deployable, and modular hydropower system designed to electrify NPDs/canal heads without construction or investment in fixed infrastructure. With rapid electrification, Adaptive Hydro™ opens new markets for hydroelectricity and benefits dam/canal owners by providing new no cost/impact revenue.

  • productphotoMaxEff Induction Electric Motor Generator by Adventech LLC

    Our secondary winding circuit regenerates what is typically wasted reactive energy into leading inductive energy. This leading power is utilized within the motor itself and/or allowing it to be called for use outside of the motor. This reduces the amount of power needed from the grid, reduces slip (higher RPM and Torque).

Water Conservation
  • productphotoWaterPanel by Infinite Cooling

    Cooling towers evaporate huge amounts of water to provide industrial cooling. We have an MIT-developed, patented technology that uses electric fields to charge water droplets in cooling tower plumes and attract them toward collection meshes. We capture virtually all the water in plumes and make clean desalinated water available for reuse.

  • productphotoDigital Tex®: Functional Ink instead of Functional Fabric by Taiwan Textile Research Institute

    Digital Tex®, a functional ink, contains two opposite major functions: water repellent and water wicking, especially vital for sweaty sport activities. This innovative ink is sustainable by reducing 30% chemical additives, lowing 80% water consumption and avoiding 60% carbon emissions compares to traditional methods of functional fabric producing.

  • productphotoEnvironmental Conservation Organization by Niagara

    Niagara is a leading manufacturer of water conservation products and technologies that has revolutionized the utility industry and has been recognized for its patented, vacuum-assist Stealth Technology® and superiority in reducing water waste by re-engineering the flush for a high-power, low-maintenance, no-waste toilet.