Edison Best New Product Awards™

2023 Winners

We are proud to announce the winners for the 2023 Edison Awards™. The Gold, Silver and Bronze Winners are chosen as the “best of the best” within their respective categories by some of the world’s top senior business executives, designers, academics and innovation leaders.

Being recognized with an Edison Award™ is one of the highest accolades a company can receive in the name of innovation and business success. The Edison Awards honor excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centered design and innovation. We congratulate all of our winners for their accomplishment!

Air Mobility
  • productphotoVision Jet by Cirrus Aircraft

    The Vision Jet features the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS) and Safe Return Autoland by Garmin. CAPS is a first-of-its-kind whole airframe parachute system and Safe Return Autoland transforms the aircraft into an autonomous vehicle to safely land the aircraft in the event of an emergency. These safety systems are designed to save lives.

  • productphotoLilium Jet by Lilium

    Lilium is creating a sustainable and accessible mode of high speed, regional transportation for people and goods. Using the Lilium Jet, an all-electric vertical take-off and landing jet offering leading capacity, low noise, and high performance with zero operating emissions, Lilium is accelerating the decarbonization of air travel.

  • productphotoXTURISMO by AERWINS Technologies Inc.

    "Designed for aerodynamics suitability and lightweight, corrosion-resistant airframe components to reduce the weight and optimal flight. Co-developed internal combustion engine with Kawasaki Motors specifically for the vehicle with the control unit powered by an edge computing unit that coordinates system control and cloud computing linkage."

High-Performance Design
  • productphotoE-Jet® by Twelve

    E-Jet® is carbon-neutral jet fuel made from CO2 via Twelve’s carbon transformation process which transforms CO2, water and renewable energy into chemicals traditionally made from petroleum. E-Jet is drop-in ready and made to ASTM D7566 specifications, with the same quality and performance as fossil based jet fuel, and 90% lower lifecycle emissions.

  • productphotoKevlar® 1 mil N636 paper by DuPont

    DuPont's new ultra-light Kevlar® 1 mil N636 paper enables 20-30% lighter weight core panels than the next best competitive solution. This weight reduction enables reduced CO2 emissions during flight from reduced fuel consumption which accounts for most of the carbon footprint of the aircraft.

  • productphoto4D (3D+Dissimilar) Printed of Solid State Process by Metal Industries Research & Development Centre(MIRDC)

    This technology can combine additive design of dissimilar metals through friction stir welding, and form various 3D structural dissimilar aluminum alloy parts through additive manufacturing method of solid state process. This technology can maintain the characteristics of the raw materials and complement the characteristics of dissimilar metals.

Military Tech
  • productphotoCounter Unmanned Aerial Systems (CUAS) by SAIC®

    SAIC Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (CUAS) safeguard against threats drones pose to defense and civilian organizations using protective CUAS architectures comprising sensors and effectors within scalable, platform-agnostic, command-and-control capabilities.

  • productphotoLeonidas Pod by Epirus, Inc.

    Leonidas Pod leverages Epirus’ solid-state, software-defined high-power microwave (HPM) technology to enable unmatched counter-electronics effects in a radically smaller form factor. Weighing under 50 pounds and roughly the size of a backpack, Leonidas Pod can be man-carried or drone-mounted, offering a far more compact and mobile solution.

Quantum Solutions
  • productphotoFrontier by Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Frontier is the world’s first supercomputer to break the exascale speed barrier, capable of processing over one billion-billion calculations per second. It is a historic leap in computing, and will help solve some of the world’s toughest problems, including drug discovery, cancer diagnosis, clean energy, and weather forecasting/climate modeling.

  • productphotoQuantum Origin by Quantinuum

    Quantum Origin is a cryptographic key-generation platform that harnesses the unpredictable nature of quantum mechanics, to generate non-deterministic cryptographic keys. The solution uses a fully verifiable process to create the world’s strongest cryptographic keys that protect customers’ sensitive data against current and future cyber threats.

  • productphotoQSIMpro™ by QSIMPLUS™

    Quantum Communication (QC) systems that create 100% hacker-proof, ultra-secure communications are time consuming and extremely expensive to create. Our product cuts these time and costs by removing the need for typically necessary hardware. Multiple trial and error is no longer needed and even QC non-experts are able to use our product.

Safety and Security Solutions
  • productphotoSelf-Test Series of Detectors by Honeywell

    Self-test technology enables smoke and heat detectors to be tested remotely using an innovative compact module that fits inside the footprint of existing detectors. The module generates smoke and heat locally to periodically test the detector’s performance, reducing the labour required to test and inspect commercial fire alarm systems.

  • productphotoAuténID by ANDOPEN Co., Ltd.

    Building-security access solution that combines facial recognition with secured ID cards but does not store biometric information on any device or server. In addition, existing card-based systems can quickly and inexpensively be upgraded to ours.

  • productphoto75F® HyperStat™ by 75F

    The 75F® HyperStat™ is a commercial thermostat bringing sustainability, IAQM, analytics, and digital twin integration to buildings in an accessible format. It has 8 onboard sensors — a first in the industry — and has top control sequences for energy efficiency. A connected device, it delivers clean and tagged data to the cloud every minute.

Sustainable Design
  • productphotoEssency EXR Water Heater by Essency

    With the EXR on-demand tank water heater, Essency revolutionizes the residential hot water industry. The EXR delivers unprecedented performance, reliability and durability. Using the tank-stored water as a thermal battery source to heat incoming tap water on demand to household users, the EXR is the industry's all-around best water heater choice.

  • productphotothe Harvest Pod by Harvest Thermal™

    Harvest Pods transition homes to the cleanest heating, hot water and cooling, comfortably and safely, while saving money and supporting clean, resilient electric grids. The Pod operates a third-party heat pump when electricity is cleanest and cheapest, stores the energy in a thermal battery and delivers it as heating and hot water whenever needed.

  • productphotoRheem® ProTerra® Plug-in Heat Pump Water Heater by Rheem® Manufacturing Company

    Rheem created an innovative solution to reduce carbon emissions and energy use on a scale like LED lightbulbs, with the groundbreaking solution, ProTerra® Plug-in. The units are Energy Star® certified, compliant with regulations and remove the need/cost to upgrade electrical panels for 240V hardwired service (i.e., minimal to no electrical work).

Grid Optimization
  • productphotoVirtual Grid by Ivy Energy

    Virtual Grid by Ivy helps pave the way for building owners to provide their tenants with an equitable and grid-supportive solar energy experience. Owners can generate $500-$1200 per unit in annual net operating income (NOI) on the Virtual Grid Platform, while tenants see savings of 10-15% on their monthly energy bill.

  • productphotoSynchroGuard by Zaphiro Technologies

    SynchroGuard offers an attractive cost/benefit tradeoff for Distribution Utilities to gain full visibility of the power flows in their network. Thanks to patented state estimation and fault location algorithms, the utility benefits from high-performance grid monitoring while saving costs through the use of an easy-to-install, all-in-one solution.

  • productphotoEnerWise™ Site Optimization by CPower

    CPower’s EnerWise Site Optimization engine helps monetize Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) across multiple grid services and utility programs simultaneously to ensure facilities can achieve on-bill savings and market revenue while supporting the grid’s reliability and sustainability objectives.

Intelligent Modeling
  • productphotoLooq Infrastructure Intelligence Platform by Looq

    Looq redefines the creation of accurate 3D models at industrial-scale. Our hand-held camera and integrated cloud platform make it easy to create geometrically accurate, geo-referenced models. Looq makes asset intelligence possible, rendering undocumented infrastructure a thing of the past.

  • productphotoCritical Infrastructure Trees by Intelfuse

    Intelfuse has reimagined and digitized the critical infrastructure and vegetation space with its world-leading 4-dimensional technology. Our solution involves the 3D mapping, plus change, of every item of vegetation, relative to critical infrastructure & assigning its carbon & risk value.

  • productphotoEdge-AI Powered Multi-Sensor Aerial Inspector for Tunnel Surface by Civil Engineering and Development Department, HKSAR Government, Hyder-Meinhardt Joint Venture and Hong Kong Productivity Council

    It is an intelligent multi-payload drone system for tunnel lining surface inspection using edge-AI technology which can provide AI evaluation to on-site operators in the tunnel, a place without GPS and mobile network signals. The invention has digitalised the traditional tunnel lining inspection process and greatly increased inspection efficiency.

VR for Skill Building
  • productphotoDreamscape Learn by Arizona State University

    Dreamscape Learn (DSL), merges unrivaled Virtual Reality (VR) technologies with the cinematic power of Hollywood storytelling, to transform the learning experience and improve student engagement and learning outcomes. When implemented at Arizona State University (ASU), there were immediate increases in student engagement and academic performance.

  • productphotoAmerican Red Cross Lifeguard VR by American Red Cross

    In this first-of-its-kind product, lifeguard trainees must identify the drowning victim as quickly as possible across a collection of real-world environments. Performance scores are captured in each immersive scenario to track progress and encourage competition, providing an engaging training experience tailored to the young lifeguard demographic.

  • productphotoREAL® y-Series by Penumbra, Inc.

    Penumbra’s REAL y-Series is the first & only hands-free, full body virtual reality (VR) platform for rehabilitation. With upper & lower body sensors to track full patient movement & progress in real time, REAL is designed to fuel intrinsic motivation, allowing therapists to challenge & engage patients in new ways in pursuit of their goals.

Commercial Technology
  • productphotoAmberSemi's Silicon Chip by Amber Semiconductor

    AmberSemi’s mission is to transform electrical product power management architecture globally from outdated, 1950’s-era technologies to smaller, safer, and smarter silicon chips – its a second electrical revolution of silicon-based, arc-free electricity management and sensing that is more reliable silicon architecture with embedded intelligence.

  • productphotoRheem® Renaissance™ 15-25 Ton by Rheem® Manufacturing Company

    The products are the first in the industry to feature indoor/outdoor interlaced MicroChannel coils, adding to the durability and reduction of refrigerant charge needed. Units are easy to service/install. The PlusOne® ServiceSmart package includes a Qwik-Clean drain pan, the Qwik-Slide indoor blower, a removable Qwik-Slide Velocifin™ Heat Exchanger.

  • productphotoNexlim magnetic component by LG Innotek Co., Ltd.

    "Nexlim's Magnetic components are not only the thinnest(7mm), but they also contain the highest-capacity components used in any power supply units in the world.With the ultra-dense coil and ultra-low loss magnetic material technology, it is astonishingly lightweight, sleeker and more practical, which allows for a high power-conversion capacity.

Enhanced Automation
  • productphotoBastian Solutions SmartPick™ by Bastian Solutions a Toyota Advanced Logistics Company

    The robotic bin picking solution combines cutting-edge AI powered vision technology, industrial robotics & goods to person technologies to create goods to robot solutions capable of picking the most complex assortment of products with 99.9% accuracy, gaining knowledge from previous picks to better handle various product shapes, sizes, and surfaces.

  • productphotoRecycleOS by EverestLabs

    RecycleOS is the only full-stack enterprise AI & robotics solution for materials recovery facilities (MRFs), packaging manufacturers, and CPG companies to achieve decarbonization. It automates and optimizes MRFs to recover more at lower costs, provides auditable and actionable data on package recapture, and empowers CPG sustainability initiatives.

  • productphotoA Novel Packaging System and Method for Diversified Shape and Pack-size of Products in Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry by Wai Yuen Tong Medicine Co Ltd and Hong Kong Productivity Council

    This full GMP-compliant 11-step packaging system is a breakthrough solution, integrating 3 industrial robots and 9 vision systems, which can accommodate 8 products for precise, high-speed and stable insertion of tiny vials into corresponding tin boxes and succeed the traditional labour-intensive process.

  • productphotoEXALT™ Model B Single-Use Bronchoscope by Boston Scientific

    This bronchoscope has evolved the standard of care within bronchoscopy. The working channel was designed to enhance suction capabilities over its reusable counterpart, while providing high-quality imaging through a tablet to provide a full system platform with ease of mobility. All of this while eliminating the risk of cross-contamination.

  • productphotoInvitrogen Attune CytPix Flow Cytometer by Thermo Fisher Scientific

    With a high-speed brightfield camera that records images of individual events as they pass through the flow cell, Attune CytPix helps to ensure the events are single cells. This is useful in almost any flow cytometry experiment to help researchers understand the morphology of each cell population and crucial in cell and gene therapy research.

  • productphotoSmart Elderly Care Solution for Nursing Homes by UBTECH Robotics Corp Ltd.

    Robots, smart devices, sensors, and artificial intelligence are integrated in a solution to help seniors, nurses, and caregivers at nursing homes. The system is automated planned and coordinated to perform functions of delivering items, transporting people, walking assistance, physical rehabilitation, psychological care, operations assistance, etc.

AI Optimized Insights
  • productphotoCargill’s Galleon™ Microbiome Intelligence Tool by Cargill

    "Galleon, an innovative analysis tool, leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), allowing poultry farmers to determine gut microbiome health of their flocks and also understand its correlation to their management practices.Galleon provides insights/actions to help improve flock health and positively influence profitability/performance."

  • productphoto2.0_Automated AI food scanner by Nuvilab

    Using AI volume estimating scanning (deep learning (CNN) image recognition technology and 3D vision technology), AI Food Scanner detects the types of food on a plate. In restaurants or company cafeterias, our AI food scanner analyzes the amounts of over-prepped food and leftovers to provide data on user satisfaction and demand forecasting services.

  • productphotofarmsplan® by Animal Industry Data Korea

    farmsplan® provides a customized veterinary diagnosis system by detecting abnormal behaviors of livestock 24/7. farmsplan® uses AI, Bio, and Veterinary Science to provide optimized solutions to the farm. The service helped to increase productivity by minimizing the usage of antibiotics and drugs to create a sustainable livestock industry.

Botanical Solution
  • productphotoSpacemilk™ Cell-Based Protein Supplement by Spacemilk™

    Spacemilk cell-based protein powder is safe for every body on Earth. Naturally complete, and profoundly more sustainable than any animal- or plant-based protein, it means we finally don’t have to choose between nutrition, safety and ethics. By also addressing our impending food crisis AND innovating spacefaring, it’s unlike anything in the world.

  • productphotoSimPure™ RF 92260 by Cargill

    SimPure RF is a breakthrough soluble rice flour (SRF) and 1:1 alternative to maltodextrin for a broad array of foods. SimPure RF offers high solubility and neutral flavor while enhancing creaminess and body. An easily understood ingredient by consumers when reading labels, it boasts higher net perception rates amongst consumers vs. maltodextrin.

  • productphotoEverSweet® + ClearFlo™ (EC1) by Cargill

    EverSweet+ClearFlo (EC1), a game-changing product, combines EverSweet, Reb M-based stevia sweetener (best-tasting part of stevia plant) with ClearFlo natural flavor, marking first-ever solution of its kind. EC1 improves flavors, mouthfeel, dissolution and solubility. Allows for expanded stevia uses. ECI reduces sugar across myriad food/beverages.

Soil and Crop
  • productphotoBlue Urea by SABIC Agri-Nutrients

    Urea is one of the widely used nitrogen fertilizers in agriculture. Urea production is linked to production of its precursor ammonia, which is linked to considerable CO2 emissions. Our innovation is mainly focused about offering Blue or Low carbon Urea that is produced utilizing third party certified (TÜV-R) Blue Ammonia with zero Carbon Footprint.

  • productphotoPhycoTerra® ST by Heliae® Agriculture

    PhycoTerra® ST, our award-winning microalgal seed treatment, feeds the beneficial microbes in the spermosphere – your seed’s first interaction with the soil. By coating the seed with a high-quality carbon source, PhycoTerra® ST improves soil quality and structure, supporting crop germination, establishment, and vigor – leading to optimized yield.

  • productphotoNext Generation Fertilizer by SABIC Agri-Nutrients

    "unique Multinutrient foliar fertilizer developed with crop yield building & protecting components in a single formulation, to provide a wholesome nutrition & stress protection to plants. Studies on developed formulation showed 17.8% improvement in yield & 12-40% improvements in growth parameters on Marigold crop, with 25% reduced fertilizer use"

  • productphotoPillBot™ by Endiatx

    PillBot™ is a swimming robot pill that forms a virtual endoscope in the human stomach. This allows a gastroenterologist to conduct a basic upper endoscopy screening over a zoom call, with the patient in the comfort of their own home!

Advanced Drug Delivery
  • productphotoModerna's bivalent COVID-19 booster vaccine (mRNA-1273.222) by Moderna

    Moderna’s BA.4/BA.5 Omicron-targeting bivalent COVID-19 booster (mRNA-1273.22) targets the original strain of SARS-CoV-2 and BA.4/BA.5 Omicron subvariants. It was developed per U.S. FDA guidance to protect against COVID-19 variants for fall and winter 2022. mRNA-1273.222 is authorized in the U.S., UK, EU and other countries.

  • productphotoCoordinated Supramolecular Complex (CSC) for Posterior Eye Delivery by Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)

    This innovation uses coordinated supramolecular complex (CSC) technology to develop an eye drop formulation for treating wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD). CSC for posterior eye delivery addresses the shortcomings of current treatments, providing a non-invasive and self-administrable alternative for patients.

  • productphotoBioDrone® platform by MDimune Inc.

    BioDrone™ is a next-generation drug delivery platform that relies on cell-derived vesicles obtained from MDimune’s proprietary extrusion technology that converts virtually any human cells into nanovesicles. BioDrone™ is safe and highly effective in the targeted delivery of various drugs, thereby reducing side effects and maximizing efficacy.

Advanced Therapeutics
  • productphotoVivistim® Paired VNS™ System by MicroTransponder, Inc.

    The FDA-approved Vivistim® Paired VNS™ System is a first-of-its-kind breakthrough technology that uses vagus nerve stimulation in conjunction with in-clinic rehabilitation therapy to help generate 2-3 times more hand and arm function for ischemic stroke survivors than rehabilitation therapy alone.

  • productphotoNose It All™️ by Product Motif, Inc.

    Nose It All™️is a medical-grade oral device that stops nosebleeds at the arterial source, up to 3x faster than any traditional method. Inserted under the top lip, pressure is directed upwards toward the anterior artery using the patented bite tab, stopping nosebleeds in as little as 3 minutes, hands-free, without tissues, sponges, or chemicals.

  • productphotoeXciteOSA® by Signifier Medical Technologies

    eXciteOSA is the first FDA-authorized, non-invasive daytime therapy that targets a root cause of OSA and snoring by improving the endurance of the tongue muscle. It's clinically proven to reduce OSA and snoring in 6 weeks. The therapy combines a digital platform to foster patient adherence, a device, and the expertise of a Sleep Advocate team.

AI Assisted Medicine
  • productphotoViz Aneurysm Software by Viz.ai

    Viz Aneurysm, the first fully-automated AI algorithm to receive FDA-clearance, detects suspected cerebral aneurysms, which can potentially rupture if not actively monitored. Mobile, HIPAA-compliant communication tools ensure that the aneurysm workflow across the entire health system is standardized, so more patients get neurovascular follow-up.

  • productphotoSTIMVIEW™ XT by Boston Scientific

    Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) is designed to bring symptom relief to those suffering from movement disorders (e.g. Parkinson’s) by delivering targeted electrical stimulation to an area in the brain the size of an apple seed. Image software STIMVIEW XT uses a 3D patient-specific anatomy to enable clinicians to see, shape, and steer DBS therapy.

  • productphotoMammography Quality Evaluation (MQE) by Institute for Information Industry

    Mammography Quality Evaluation (MQE) uses 11 criteria of mammography quality that enhance radiographers' skills and mammography process. Radiographers can adjust operations referring to MQE's quality warnings and visual information. MQE helps hospitals to acquire quality mammograms and minimizes the chance of patient recall for retaking mammograms.

Digital Transformation
  • productphotoSynthace by Synthace

    Synthace’s cloud-based digital experiment platform allows scientists to design and plan experiments, computationally simulate them, schedule experiments on their automation equipment, and aggregate experimental data in one place. Allowing reproducibility, and accelerated innovation, gathering critical data - all without the need to write code.

  • productphotoRecursion OS by Recursion Pharmaceuticals

    The Recursion OS harnesses multiple breakthrough technologies, including machine learning, to create, organize and study vast amounts of biological data to build Maps of Biology that can predict trillions of relationships across biology and chemistry to discover novel insights.

Intelligent Diagnostics
  • productphotoAuria by Namida Lab, Inc.

    Through tears, the Auria at-home breast health test determines if proteins are elevated due to any breast abnormality, providing a score and classification to assist in the timing of when to schedule a mammogram. The test kit includes all components to collect and return your tear sample and a consultation with a breast health specialist.

  • productphotoGalleri® by GRAIL

    "The Galleri test detects a shared cancer signal across 50+ types of cancer with a single blood draw.This groundbreaking technology finds more cancers at earlier stages—even before symptoms appear and when treatment is more likely to be successful. This could help prevent ~39% of cancer deaths that would otherwise occur in the next 5 years."

  • productphotoIntelligent Diagnostics: Pharmacogenomic Testing by GeneIQ

    Our tests identify genetic factors that contribute to the efficacy, safety, and tolerability of commonly prescribed medicines. We help clinicians optimize drug treatment by determining the patient's expected outcome, in turn reducing failed drug trials and adverse drug reactions, thereby decreasing time to achieving optimal therapeutic response.

Minimally Invasive Medicine
  • productphotoRetroPerc Nephrostomy Puncture Wire Set by RetroPerc, Inc.

    Prior to RetroPerc, 99.9% of renal punctures were created by advancing a needle from 'outside to inside' direction. RetroPerc allows urologists to advance a needle from the 'inside to outside' direction, thus improving the safety of the kidney puncture for PCNL.

  • productphotoContinuous Tracking Surgical Assistance System (CTSAS) by Metal Industries Research & Development Centre(MIRDC)

    CTSAS is the first surgical navigation system using the dodecahedral tracker which provides maximum viewing angles with a greatly reduced size. Combined with real-time visualization and navigation corrections of patient’s anatomy, the system can track each vertebra with improved accuracy, especially in the procedure of multilevel spinal surgeries.

  • productphotoIntelligent Radio Frequency Ablation (iRFA) by Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)

    The system adopts real-time ultrasound imaging navigation, human-machine interface techniques, and closed-loop algorithms to optimize the RFA process. It reduces the size of wound on patients, operation duration, and recovery time. iRFA’s precision tumor targeting and ablation completion are comparable to clinical requirements.

Novel Application
  • productphotoCoronary Intravascular Lithotripsy (IVL) by Shockwave Medical, Inc.

    Shockwave’s first-of-its-kind Coronary Intravascular Lithotripsy (IVL) treats patients with severely calcified coronary artery disease (CAD) by cracking calcium in the heart to restore blood flow. The technology is a novel application of kidney stone lithotripsy that has been reverse-engineered to make it safe and effective for use in the heart.

  • productphotoDermaSensor by DermaSensor, Inc.

    The world's first point-and-click skin cancer detection device for Primary Care Providers. We equip America's most common provider to detect the most common cancer. Our CE-marked, FDA Breakthrough product is a handheld device that employs patented optical spectroscopy and machine learning technologies to effectively detect all common skin cancers.

  • productphotoAnura™ by NuraLogix™

    NuraLogix created the world’s first, most comprehensive, contactless blood pressure and wellness monitoring solution. It is powered by the company’s patented Transdermal Optical Imaging (TOI™) technology, which extracts facial blood flow patterns and combines info with powerful AI data models developed from more than 40,000 patients with multiple health conditions.

Operating Room Integration
  • productphotoMetaSCOPE by MediThinQ

    Loupes- small magnifiers mounted on glasses used by surgeons and dentists - have to be manually adjusted and also cause back/neck problems from constantly bending over patients. MetaSCOPE displays video in front of the eyes and work can be performed in natural, comfortable positions. Operations can be watched in real time through connected monitor.

  • productphotoiotaSOFT™ Insertion System by iotaMotion, Inc.

    The iotaSOFT Insertion System is the world's first robotic-assisted insertion technology aiding surgeons in controlling the insertion of a cochlear implant electrode array. iotaSOFT provides speed control beyond human capability, with speeds as low as 0.1 mm/s resulting in reduced insertion force variation and max insertion forces in the cochlea.

  • productphotoNEBULAE® SRS by Northgate Technologies Inc

    The NEBULAE® Smoke Removal System (SRS) is a closed-loop laparoscopic smoke removal device that can maintain pressure while removing surgical smoke from the patient. The SRS reduces CO2 gas usage, lessens surgical time and improves the hospital's carbon footprint, while minimalizing exposure to surgical smoke hazards.

Treatment Optimization
  • productphoton-Lorem Foundation by n-Lorem Foundation

    n-Lorem Foundation is revolutionizing the treatment of nano-rare diseases. Founder/CEO Dr. Stanley Crooke is using the antisense oligonucleotide (ASO) technology he developed as his life’s work to treat patients who would otherwise have no other options and would likely die without intervention—for life and for free.

  • productphotoVYVGART® by argenx

    VYVGARTⓇ (efgartigimod alfa-fcab) is a pioneering medicine filling an urgent unmet need for adults with generalized myasthenia gravis (gMG) who are AChR antibody positive. It’s the only approved FcRn blocker, establishing a new class of drugs, and the first approved therapy designed to reduce pathogenic IgGs, the driver of 100+ autoimmune diseases.

  • productphotoCell-Cultured Human Milk by BIOMILQ

    A whole-human milk product that bridges the nutritional gap between infant formula and breast milk. Used as a new alternative infant feeding option or as supplemental nutrition, BIOMILQ's whole-human milk brings many of the benefits of breastmilk with the practicality of formula.

5G Advancements
  • productphotoAthena Orchestrator—O-RAN SMO & RIC by Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)

    Athena Orchestrator is the world’s first energy-saving 5G O-RAN private network solution. This network management system is adaptable to any private networks, fields, and brands of base stations. Its one-click deployment feature can accelerate a one-year deployment into two months.

  • productphotoThe Lattice ORAN™ Solution Stack by Lattice Semiconductor

    The Lattice ORAN™ solution stack helps customers in the Communications segment deploy 5G ORAN solutions with robust security, tight synchronization, and low power hardware acceleration with high reliability by addressing the growing security threats that Software Defined Networking (SDN) and disaggregation expose.

AI Optimized Productivity
  • productphotoSmart Search for Dow powered by CAS by Dow and CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society

    Each of the 100+ million known chemicals has unique properties, safety, and utility, making it a monumental task to search materials for specific structure, feature, performance, and environmental impact. Smart Search for Dow powered by CAS enables instant search of global data with multi-variate optimization to identify ideal candidates.

  • productphotoSmart Routing AI by SLZ

    We help contractors upgrade equipment and reroute the thousands of connecting pipes in semiconductor chip factories. What took 30 days is reduced to just 1 hour - our software immediately calculates the optimal solution, and contractors can view, navigate, and modify right on site with AR glasses, saving up to $500 million in a month.

  • productphotoMoveworks Employee Experience Insights by Moveworks

    Employee Experience Insights (EXI) is an analytics and insights solution that uses breakthrough techniques in Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and machine learning (ML) to uncover the issues slowing employees down the most. It gives CIOs an actionable to-do list based on which initiatives will maximize productivity and ROI.

Efficiency Through AI
  • productphotoSmartRenewal by DrFirst

    It can be worrisome to wait for a prescription to be renewed. SmartRenewal speeds the process and makes it safer by reducing the manual keystrokes required to import medication details into the electronic health record. This reduces the risk of errors, improves the renewal workflow, and gets a prescription into the patient’s hands sooner.

  • productphotoAudio Design Desk v1.10 by Audio Design Desk, Inc

    A software suite combined with a huge sound and music library, using AI to assist editors in creating sound for video. ADD stands alone or integrates into Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Resolve, Pro Tools and others, enabling the ability to perform sound design, foley, and music in real-time, turning hours of tedious work into minutes of inspired fun.

  • productphotoSpeech To Video (S.T.V) V.2 by WAYNEHILLS BRYANT A.I. CO., LTD.

    A.I. (Artificial Intelligent) Software that automatically converts text and audio data into digital video content.A.I. (Artificial Intelligent) Software that automatically converts text and audio data into digital video content.

Cyber Threat Advancements
  • productphotoLenovo NetFilter by Lenovo

    Using advanced AI, Lenovo NetFilter provides real-time analysis of online content that is often missed by other filtering products. It also stands out with customized filtering, allowing IT to block access for specific groups or users based on lists of URLs, keywords, etc. Additionally, filtering categorization is available in over 40 languages.

  • productphotoForest Druid by Semperis

    Forest Druid is a first-of-its-kind Tier 0 attack path discovery tool for AD environments. The solution takes an inside-out approach to attack path management, saving time and resources by prioritizing the most sensitive assets. Forest Druid discovers vulnerable Tier 0 assets that otherwise go unseen/unprotected, allowing for speedy remediation.

  • productphotoManaged Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) by Deloitte by Deloitte and Touche, LLP

    MXDR is a cloud native, SaaS delivered composable & modular security service for threat prevention, detection, containment, & remediation. This enables cost effective, fast time to value 7x24x365 Managed Detect & Respond (MDR) services for clients; while removing cost & complexity of having to build, maintain & staff infrastructure on their own.

Manufacturing Process Optimization
  • productphotoDigifab by Taiwan Textile Research Institute

    Digifab is an AI-powered Fabric Development Process. By digitizing fabric characteristics to minimize the difference between virtual fabric sample and in the reality. For manufacturers, DigiFab rebuilds the fabric manufacturing process, accelerate product innovations; for design team, through Digifab can download 3D sample for collaborative design.

  • productphotoManufacturing Optimisation in the Industrial Metaverse by Hong Kong Productivity Council

    A fully immersive Industrial Metaverse for various manufacturing industries. It is a low-cost & quick-win solution that visualises real-time optimisation. Through Head-Mounted Devices & VR Treadmills, production parameters are analysed by data analytics technology without the need for other physical equipment and geographical limitations.

  • productphotoDataProphet PRESCRIBE by DataProphet Operations (Pty) Ltd

    DataProphet’s manufacturing process optimization solution, PRESCRIBE, harnesses AI applied as prescriptive analytics. It pre-emptively ensures a plant sustainably operates in its most optimal region. Using data they own, PRESCRIBE empowers manufacturers globally with significant impact on the factory floor, reducing the cost of non-quality by 40%.

User-centered Design
  • productphotoWheely-X by Kangsters

    Exercise is essential for a healthy lifestyle, especially for someone who is seated all day long. For wheelchair users, exercise and cardio-fitness is a cumbersome, inconvenient process that’s often hard to access. Wheely-X makes it easy for users to enjoy their favorite fitness activities and cardio workouts conveniently in their own wheelchair.

  • productphotoWatchmile by VEStellalab Inc.

    Watchmile is a indoor parking navigation system that helps drivers find empty parking spaces without the need for GPS. Watchmile guides drivers using the parking lot's CCTV cameras, the driver's smartphone sensors, and our Vision AI and IoT sensors. Once parked, Watchmile provides the exact location of the vehicle and duration of time parked.

  • productphotoEstateExec™: Online software for Estate Executors by EstateExec™

    By law, EVERY person who dies must have his/her estate settled by an executor, usually an unexperienced family member. EstateExec is revolutionizing/ democratizing this process--largely unchanged for hundreds of years--through its innovative product that provides automated guidance/integrated accounting/online sharing/other novel, related services.

Resilience in Design
  • productphotoBabcock Ranch by Kitson & Partners

    Put to the ultimate test by Hurricane Ian, Babcock Ranch is making the case for more resilient design and construction to withstand the forces of nature. Babcock Ranch is built upon core values, with Storm Safety protocols and best practices proven successful once again by Hurricane Ian.

  • productphotoVantem builds affordable, energy-efficient, climate-resilient homes at scale. by Vantem Global Inc

    Vantem's innovative construction makes it possible to deliver affordable, energy-efficient, climate-resilient homes globally and on a large scale. Vantem homes are an average of 20% less expensive, up to 70% more energy efficient, and have up to 90% less embodied carbon than traditional homes.

  • productphotoMicrohaus by Haus.me, Inc.

    Microhaus is a sustainable portable living space with a comfort level of a luxury house, developed by a team from the aerospace industry, energy-efficiency principles of PassivHaus Standards, self-sustainability, and scalable manufacturing 4.0.

Healthcare Solutions
  • productphotoOrgan TeamLink™ by MediGO, Inc.

    MediGO’s latest software solution, known as Organ TeamLink (OTL), is the first product on the market to focus on increasing the supply of transplantable organs through efficient procurement. With OTL, organ procurement organizations (OPOs) can optimize their response to organ donor referrals to increase equity and access to transplants.

  • productphotoQuest by QMed Innovations, Inc.

    The Quest autoclave safe asset management device provides autonomous surgical kit tracking and monitoring. Managing these kits for Surgery Centers is crucial for accommodating the migration of cases to same-day outpatient surgical facilities that do not have the storage and sterilization processing bandwidth for the influx of elective procedures.

  • productphotoAmerican Red Cross Blood Drive Insights by American Red Cross

    Specific blood products must be collected to meet fluctuating demand with as little inconvenience to volunteer blood donors as possible. This app ensures more than 5K staff can all make the best decisions for efficiency, customer service, donor safety, and blood availability in a highly repeatable manner at nearly 400 blood drives each day.

Coatings and Surfaces
  • productphotoAxalta’s Self-Priming Enamel Kitchen Cabinet Coating by Axalta Coating Systems

    This innovation consolidates a conventional three coat finishing system into a single self-Priming coating without sacrificing performance or aesthetics. The coating thus increases productivity and supports sustainability, while delivering industry leading performance exceeding the requirements of the Kitchen Cabinet market.

  • productphotoDURATRACK™ R-100 and AEH-100 Polymer Emulsions for Green Bike Lanes by The Dow Chemical Company

    DURATRACK R-100 and AEH-100 emulsions are for two-component waterborne coatings for green bike lanes with excellent durability, no odor, low volatile organic compound and easy handling. Different from other technologies, its fast and low cost installation method makes it an affordable solution for municipalities and a safe process for contractors.

  • productphotoBETASEAL™ APEX Primerless-to-glass Adhesive Systems by DuPont

    DuPont™ BETASEAL™ APEX urethane adhesive is a primerless-to-glass adhesive system that enables simplified installation, consistent quality, fast, 30-minute drive away time and ADAS sensor compatibility. By removing a step in the current installation process, it significantly reduces the environmental impact from the use of solvent-based primers.

Enhanced Performance
  • productphotoPeak Nano Capacitor Films by Peak Nano Films

    "Through Peak's nanolayer process, tunable film capacitors are provided with superior thermal & electrical properties. By combining high electrical breakdown AND high temperature resistance, Peak 4125-12 allows capacitor producers to change the game. These films will improve capacitors for EV, aircraft, high voltage, and renewable energy markets."

  • productphotoVORATRON™ MA 8200 series by The Dow Chemical Company

    The Breakthrough VORATRON™ MA 8200 series polyurethane adhesive provides superior durability enhancement (>100% than requirement), mechanical properties (>20% improvement), excellent reliability and processing properties for EV battery assembly. Innovative detachable solutions also help sustainable battery recycling and environment friendly goal.

  • productphotoNORYL™ NHP8000VT3 Resin by SABIC

    SABIC’s NORYL™ NHP8000VT3 resin features superior flame retardancy and excellent tracking resistance, which is currently the most well-suited material for insulation film used in electric vehicle (EV) battery module and charging system. The NORYL resin helps to meet the stringent flame retardancy standards and demands of higher-voltage batteries.

Next Generation Manufacturing
  • productphotoSABIC’S EXTEM™ RH1016UCL Resin by SABIC

    "EXTEM™ resin is the first transparent solution for custom-molded lenses required to withstand 260◦C for lead-free soldering of optical connectors onto printed circuit boards (PCBs).Offers manufacturers the capability to mount optical connectors onto PCBs along with other components, simplifying assembly processes and facilitating mass production."

  • productphotoDOWSIL™ TC-3035 S Thermal Gel by Dow Performance Silicones

    DOWSIL™ TC-3035 S thermal gel allow high density chipset architecture designs to power the ultra-slim 5G smartphone with high thermal conductivity and ultra-soft conformability. The excellent dispensability and unique cure feature significantly improve the manufacturing efficiency and enable chipset recycling to address the Si chip supply shortage.

  • productphotoLam Next-Generation Selective Etch Portfolio – Argos®, Prevos® and Selis® by Lam Research Corporation

    Collaborating closely with its customers, Lam Research developed an innovative suite of selective etch products – Argos®, Prevos® and Selis®. This product portfolio applies breakthrough wafer fabrication techniques and novel chemistries to support chipmakers in the creation of advanced logic and memory solutions for a smarter, more connected world.

  • productphotoSILASTIC™ MS-5002 Moldable Silicone by Dow

    SILASTIC™ MS-5002 is the first optical grade liquid silicone rubber that greatly reduces mold fouling and cycle time during injection molding. This decreases maintenance while increasing quality and throughput of optically clear components used in automotive adaptive driving beam lenses to enable vehicle light weighting and improve safety.

  • productphotoFilmTec™ Fortilife™ CR200 Reverse Osmosis Element by DuPont

    Reverse Osmosis membranes traditionally struggle in wastewater reuse applications due to fouling - buildup of contaminants on the membrane surface that reduce flow. Our innovation is a new high-productivity membrane and an ultra-low pressure drop module that maximizes operational efficiency and solute rejection in challenging waters.

  • productphotoPhormanto™ a sustainable PE rich technology for thermoforming packaging by Dow Chemical Company (Dow)

    PHORMANTO™ is a vacuum thermoformed polyethylene packaging, resulting in increased shelf life of refrigerated chicken. This unique technology is leak-proof, allowing for cleaner shelves and a more hygienic environment at the store, home, or during transit. Phormanto™ is also recyclable with reduced cost and food waste across the value chain.

Augmented Reality
  • productphotoArges by CELLiCO

    Arges are smart glasses for people with AMD, the #1 cause of vision loss. Images are captured and processed in real-time, then displayed back to the user with an AR display in Full-HD. This process moves the user's damaged central vision to their peripheral field of view, allowing them to recover their lost vision and regain independence.

  • productphotoOPPO Air Glass by Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp.,Ltd.

    OPPO Air Glass is the world’s first detachable monocle aR glass. Weighing just 30g, it can be easily attached to a custom frame with optical lenses, providing users with convenient access to the information they through notification, navigation, teleprompter, and translation features accessible through four methods of interaction.

  • productphotoPerfect Corp. AgileHand™ Solutions by Perfect Corp.

    Perfect Corp.’s AgileHandTM innovation is a patented breakthrough technology powered by AI, AR, and 3D hand-mapping that provides interactive, personalized virtual try-on solutions for watches, rings, bracelets, and nail color, across all consumer touchpoints with proven results boosting ROI.

Health and Wellness
  • productphotoLoona Female Urinal by Boom Home Medical

    Loona was created by a Doctor and patient to address the need for a well designed solution at the bedside that allows women to safely and comfortably relieve themselves with confidence. It's a beautiful, premium feeling accessory that provides dignity and confidence to thousands of women suffering from nighttime nocturia or recovering from surgery.

  • productphotoOral-B iO by Oral-B

    Oral-B iO is the most revolutionary brushing technology to-date, elevating user expectations in experience, technology, design and performance like never before. The new Oral-B iO4 and iO5 brushes provide users with the same great iO technology and clinical results at a lower price point, enabling more people to get better oral health results.

  • productphotoageLOC LumiSpa iO by Nu Skin

    The ageLOC LumiSpa iO features proprietary micropulse oscillation technology, a unique counter-rotating action that cleanses without irritating skin. As the latest innovation in Nu Skin's device family, the LumiSpa iO system can pair with the Vera app, to create and save customized facial treatments that target key areas.

Quality Enhancements
  • productphotoWater N by SMT

    Water N is a smart, sustainable shower filter that measures water quality and removes dangerous metals, chemicals, and impurities. It’s powered by the water running through it, meaning no electricity is required to operate. Users can check water quality, temperature, usage history, and more via our connected mobile app.

  • productphotoOBSBOT Me by REMO TECH Co., Ltd.

    OBSBOT Me is an AI-powered selfie mount with flexible tripod stand for selfies, vlogging, streaming and so on without another App. It provide powerful pro-level Auto-tracking while maintain ease of use with simple gesture controls, and always keep stable and smooth tracking the person in the center of video frame.

  • productphotoHERO11 Black by GoPro

    HERO11 Black reimagines the versatility of GoPro cameras, with a new sensor to capture wide shots and tall vertical footage all at once for seamless transfer across all social platforms without losing any image quality. HERO11 also generates auto highlight videos in the companion Quik app upon charging, taking its social-first design even further.

Smart Wearable
  • productphotoSmart Wearable Airbag for Professionals C3 by Safeware Inc.

    Designed to protect those working at heights, the airbag automatically inflates in an accident, protecting crucial body parts such as the head, neck, spine and chest area. Simultaneously, through a smart phone application an automatic alert is sent and an emergency call is dialed to emergency contacts to guarantee first aid and a timely rescue.

  • productphotoRate-Responsive Smart Bandage by Nano and Advanced Materials Institute; Young King Hi-Tech Company Limited

    NAMI's R2 smart bandage intelligently switches between elastic and non-elastic modes to ensure action dexterity in normal activities and prevent injuries in high-speed joints twisting. It also has the great protection on blunt force trauma.

  • productphotoGx Sweat Patch by Epicore Biosystems, Inc.

    Epicore Biosystems has developed a novel wearable biosensor, called Gx Sweat Patch, which analyzes your sweat. This device is soft, imperceptible on the skin during exercise and team sports. It contains a network of microfluidic channels that can capture and measure multiple sweat biomarkers and sweat dynamics in real-time.

Advanced EV Power Solutions
  • productphotoWireless In-Road Charging for Electric Vehicles by Electreon©

    The first of its kind, in-road wireless charging technology that powers electric vehicles (EVs) as they drive along roadways at any speed. Through a customer-first, customized approach, Electreon’s shared invisible platform charges EVs and reduces upfront costs to enable mass adoption by providing convenient and critical charging infrastructure.

  • productphotoSpectralX by Qnovo Inc.™

    Qnovo's SpectralX enhances the performance, health, safety, fast charging and predictive capabilities of Battery Management Systems in electric vehicles. Through software alone, it enables li-ion batteries to charge faster without compromising battery life, extends range through increased depth of discharge and provides all-weather safe charging.

  • productphotoNIO Battery as a Service by NIO, Inc.

    NIO's BaaS allows users to subscribe to battery packs of various capacities according to their needs and pay on a monthly subscription plan. Due to vehicle battery separation and subscription, users can always upgrade or swap their battery pack as needed. Today, well over half of NIO users choose BaaS over purchasing the battery.

Applied Chemistry
  • productphotoSILASTIC™ Self-sealing silicone by DOW

    Dow’s innovative SILASTIC™ self-sealing silicone provides outstanding sealing performance after tire puncture, allowing driving long distances without loss of pressure. The sealant can be applied in a mass-producible, efficient room temperature process and easily separated from the tire at end of life enabling recycling.

  • productphotoImpact Dissipating Bollard by Nano and Advanced Materials Institute

    NAMI’s high performance impact dissipating bollard (IDB) can stop the moving vehicles effectively and attains Class A of impact severity level, greatly improving safety of vehicle occupants and pedestrians upon vehicle crash. Besides, the shallow foundation of NAMI’s IDB makes it ideal for both road sections and urban regions.

  • productphotoAxalta AquaEC™ Flex by Axalta Coating Systems

    AquaEC™ Flex is a patented, groundbreaking, sustainable electrocoat (e-coat) primer that enables electric vehicle (EV) designs by utilizing innovative polymer chemistry. Curing over a broad range of temperatures is required by EV complex frame designs. This product also reduces emissions, eliminates hazardous materials, and enables water-recycling.

Autonomous Vehicle
  • productphotoAutonomous Work Vehicle by American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

    Honda AWV is a rugged off-road autonomous solution, especially where workforce constraints and safety concerns make other solutions impractical. The ability to operate autonomously, or via remote control and carry large loads, along with the potential to add attachments and tools, makes the Honda AWV a suitable platform for many work environments.

  • productphotoNuro by Nuro

    Nuro’s fully electric, zero-occupant autonomous vehicles are designed to deliver the things you need, from produce to prescriptions, right to your home. These vehicles can reduce the global carbon footprint by replacing a significant portion of personal vehicle trips, improving road safety and extending equitable access to essential goods.

EV Battery Enhancement
  • productphotoDESTEN 19Ah 10C Ultra-Fast Charging Lithium-Ion Cell by DESTEN Inc.

    "DESTEN's 19Ah 10C pouch cell is equivalent in terms of energy density to those in use in Electric Vehicles today, with an EV lifetime range of over 1.5 Million Miles for a 70kWh pack, capable of charging from 0% State of Charge (SOC) to 80% SOC in 4 minutes and 40 seconds. Charging a car in 5 minutes is not possible with batteries available today."

  • productphotoHIGH-POWER BIPOLAR SOLID-STATE BATTERY by General Motors

    The high-power bipolar solid-state battery is enabled by unique bipolar stacking and proprietary interfacial ionic booster, and offers excellent abuse tolerance, simplified configuration, cost reduction, and all-climate serviceability, promising a broad applicability for low-voltage start/stop, high-voltage pack, and non-automotive devices.

  • productphotoNCM9 Battery by SK On

    It is the world's first NCM battery with a nickel content of nearly 90%. The EV battery with high energy density boasts enhanced capacity, better safety, higher performance, and increased cost-effectiveness than other NCM batteries. The world's first mass-produced NCM9 batteries have been installed in Ford's first EV pickup truck, F-150 Lightning.

Improved Location Sensing
  • productphotoInnovizTwo by Innoviz Technologies

    InnovizTwo is VW’s LiDAR of choice. It enables safe Level 2+ autonomy, and Level 3 and Level 4 autonomy with a software update where the automaker takes over the responsibility of driving. It features an embedded perception software platform that enables automated vehicles to detect and classify objects on a road with a high level of accuracy.

  • productphotoHyster Reaction™ by Hyster Company

    Hyster Reaction helps support forklift safety best practices that limit risk of incidents like crashes or tip overs by enhancing operator and pedestrian situational awareness and reaction time. It automatically adjusts truck performance like speed or lift based on truck stability, facility rules and proximity to obstacles, people and other trucks.

  • productphotoTotal Perception™ by Actasys Inc.

    Vision sensor capabilities are bordering on superpowers. Yet, blockage by contamination, overheating by environmental and weather conditions, and shift in positioning can compromise safety. Actasys Total Perception™ is the first holistic sensor solution to detect function loss and automatically apply corrective measures to restore visibility.

Bridging the Gap
  • productphotoDigital Equity Bus by Black & Veatch

    Black & Veatch’s Digital Equity Bus delivers high-speed internet access, computer literacy classes, and workforce development skills to people in historically under-resourced communities. Black & Veatch is working to “Build a World of Difference” by ensuring everyone has access to communication technologies and the knowledge to properly use them.

  • productphotoEnergy Diamonds Sustainable Ambassadors by Newark Board of Education/Energy Diamonds

    We have created a program that encourage females to join the STEM workforce. The School District is doing a Major Energy savings project. The awarded vendors are tasked also to provide STEM education, internship, field trips and exposure to the females students in our Energy Diamonds Sustainable Ambassadors summer camps and afterschool programs.

  • productphotoPCs for People ISP Solutions by PCs for People

    PCs for People, a national leader in digital equity, is furthering their work in bridging the digital divide by developing affordable and reliable high-speed internet service in low-income communities. By leveraging community partnerships and existing infrastructure, we have begun connecting thousands of households nationwide.

Circular Economy
  • productphotoELVALOY™ RET MF 1177 by The Dow Chemical Company

    ELVALOY™ RET MF 1177 upgrades roads by using recycled plastic for win-win sustainable, resilient roads. This innovative reactive elastomeric terpolymer acts as a compatibilizer between the recycled plastic and asphalt, while improving processing and performance of the asphalt under demanding conditions. Less plastic waste, better roads.

  • productphotoglass fiber composite recycling circular economy by Carbon Rivers

    Carbon Rivers takes wind blades, auto scrap, marine vessels, and building material and recovers the glass fiber and other high-value materials for an ESG circular economy. The rGF is made into composite intermediates to produce next-generation wind blades, cars, boats, etc. CR will have multiple global facilities for regional circular economies.

  • productphotoGreen Machine – using hydrothermal technology to separate and recycle polyester and cotton blend textiles by The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel Limited (HKRITA)

    Green Machine separate cotton-PET blended fibres with hydrothermal treatment. PET fibres are decoloured with crosslinked polystyrene beads and activated carbon particles for re-spinning. Cotton becomes cellulosic powders for applications including synthetic cellulosic yarn, PFC-free fabric finishing or superabsorbent polymer for cotton plantation.

Clean Energy
  • productphotoAircore EC by Infinitum

    Using lightweight materials and modular design, Infinitum’s Aircore EC motor generates power in half the weight and size, at a fraction of the carbon footprint and noise of traditional motors. With no iron and 66% less copper, Aircore EC can sustainably power commercial HVAC fans and pumps, as well as a variety of industrial equipment applications.

  • productphotoHydro-to-Cathode™ technology by Ascend Elements

    Ascend Elements is commercializing an innovative battery recycling technology that transforms used lithium-ion batteries and manufacturing scrap into new, sustainable precursor (pCAM) and cathode-active material (CAM) for electric vehicle batteries.

  • productphotoQnergy CAP3Nano by Qnergy

    Natural gas wellpads with no electricity access regulate pressure via pneumatic valves that cumulatively release >11 million tonnes of methane/year into the environment. Qnergy supplies utility grade electricity via a novel Stirling engine generator that runs on raw, unprocessed gas to create compressed air that totally eliminates methane venting.

Green Remediation
  • productphotoCertified Circular Ocean Bound Plastic by SABIC

    SABIC’s newest innovative offering, ocean bound plastic, is made from post-consumer plastic waste recovered from areas and rivers up to 50km inland. Together with Polivouga and the Nueva Pescanova Group we have developed the world’s first frozen food packaging solution using SABIC’s certified circular polyethylene from ocean bound plastic.

  • productphotoWuning Wastewater Treatment Project by Jiangxi JDL Environmental protection Co., Ltd.

    The Wuning project treats 20,000 m3/d of wastewater and serves 150,000 people, eliminating water pollution in a developing area. JDL adopts the concept of "Park above ground, facilities underground" to transform the wastewater treatment plant into a garden for the community.

  • productphotoecoĀINA by ecoSPEARS

    ecoĀINA is a mobile, modular ex-situ remediation system that extracts and eliminates persistent toxins – forever. ecoĀINA gives contaminated soil and sediments a second chance, so they can be returned or beneficially reused. ecoĀINA is an EPA-approved, sustainable, and cost-effective system, using less water, energy, and 95%+ less emissions.

Incentivizing Collaborative Conservation
  • productphotoCargill RegenConnect™ by Cargill

    "Cargill RegenConnect™ rewards farmers for adopting regenerative agriculture practices. Outcomes include building soil health and resiliency, improving water use, reducing emissions and sequestering carbon.Cargill RegenConnect offers farmers new, simple, flexible and transparent ways to be rewarded for their positive environmental outcomes."

  • productphotoIndigood® - The Freshwater Reduction Program in Denim Dyeing by Kontoor Brands

    Water consumption in the manufacturing of denim varies from region to region and supplier to supplier, but one thing is common: a lot of water is needed. The Indigood® program measures, validates, and improves the freshwater consumption by denim mills, conserving millions of liters and driving change across the industry.

  • productphotoGridPoint Intelligence Platform by GridPoint

    TimberRock’s carbon accounting reporting combined with GridPoint’s automated building controls helps businesses manage carbon emissions for a sustainable future. Businesses can automate building performance to energy cost savings, utility signals and now carbon emissions to reduce electricity demand when energy production is most carbon-intensive.

Post Consumer Recycled Material
  • productphotoMore sustainable post-consumer recycled-based collation shrink film by Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics

    This one-of-a-kind packaging solution using Dow's innovative technologies, with up to 40% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) content, is designed so that packages can be recycled multiple times enabling brand owners to produce packaging films with reduced thickness, using less energy and less plastic, and delivering up to 50% carbon reduction.

  • productphotoReWorx Hybrid Flooring by Shaw Industries

    ReWorxTM flooring is a revolutionary new platform constructed with 30% post-consumer recycled bottles, taking waste bottles and recycling them into a beautifully designed, highly durable flooring. This innovative, modular, 100% PET flooring product can be recycled into more ReWorx flooring at its end of use via Shaw's re[TURN]® Reclamation Program.

  • productphotoScotch™ Cushion Lock™ Protective Wrap by 3M

    "Scotch™ Cushion Lock™ is expanding paper wrap made with 100% recycled paper & offers proven protection while items are on the move. A 30-ft roll expands to replace 75-ft of plastic bubble*-stretch, wrap, and pack. With its design, you don’t need tape to secure or scissors to cut. Once delivered, just recycle *volume expansion vs 3/16"" plastic bubble"

Product Design
  • productphotoAxalta Abcite® 2060 by Axalta Coating Systems

    Abcite® 2060 is an innovative powder coating providing superior corrosion protection and can be applied in a unique flame spray application process on location. Current powder coatings today can only be applied in a manufacturing setting where ovens are available for cure. This technology provides field application and repair capability.

  • productphotoViracon Plus Smart Glass Powered by Halio by Halio, Inc.

    The world’s fastest & most advanced electrochromic technology to maximize daylight while optimizing energy savings, reducing solar heat gain, and minimizing glare. Powered by Halio™ technology is integrated into insulated glass units from third-party fabricators, including Viracon, with various glass coatings and configurations.

  • productphotoBio-Coll@gen™ by Modern Meadow

    Using molecular biology and fermentation processes, Modern Meadow engineers yeast strains to produce Bio-Coll@gen, which stimulates collagen type III production in skin cells. Growing these proteins, we bypass animal based extraction methods and provide the cosmetics industry with a more sustainable and efficacious building block for products.