2024 Edison Awards Recap

April 17-19, 2024 | Fort Myers, FL

The 2024 Edison Awards highlighted prominent innovators and cutting-edge products from across the globe. The ceremony took place at the Caloosa Sound Convention Center in the Fort Myers River District. Standout moments of the event included the unveiling of the gold, silver, and bronze winners in new product and service innovation categories as well as the honoring of Dr. Laurie Leshin and Gwynne Shotwell with the 2024 Edison Achievement Awards.

Gwynne Shotwell and Leland Melvin

Meet the Innovators Forum

Gwynne Shotwell

2024 Edison Achievement Award Honoree

Dr. Laurie Leshin

2024 Edison Achievement Award Honoree

Portrayals of Edison and Latimer
Welcome Reception

Edison & Ford Winter Estates

Lewis Latimer Fellowship

Visit the Edison Awards Photos site to view and download event photos.