Edison Best New Product Awards™

2024 Winners

We are proud to announce the winners for the 2024 Edison Awards™. The Gold, Silver and Bronze Winners are chosen as the “best of the best” within their respective categories by some of the world’s top senior business executives, designers, academics and innovation leaders.

Being recognized with an Edison Award™ is one of the highest accolades a company can receive in the name of innovation and business success. The Edison Awards honor excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centered design and innovation. We congratulate all of our winners for their accomplishment!

Aerospace Technologies
  • productphotoLeica BLK2FLY by Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon

    The BLK2FLY is an autonomous flying laser scanning sensor that performs reality capture in the air. Airborne scanning provides value for multiple industries in need of accurate data of inaccessible or hard-to-reach areas (e.g., façade projections, rooftops, large interior spaces), ensuring complete capture of a structure's features and dimensions.

  • productphotoSCHOTT Lightweight Microelectronic Packages by SCHOTT

    SCHOTT’s lightweight microelectronic packages can be used as microwave / RF packages, DC/DC converter packages, and hermetic sensor packages, especially in aircraft and satellite applications. Made of aluminum, the new packaging is designed to protect against the harsh conditions of aviation and space.

  • productphotoMicro Complex Internal Pipe Coating System Technology by Metal Industries Research & Development Centre(MIRDC)

    The world’s first coating system for long, thin, and curved pipes with inner diameters of 4mm, providing highly uniform and precise nano-coatings, even on sharp edges and high depth-to-width ratios. This can be applied the inner surface of pipes in satellite propulsion systems that require both high fuel compatibility and high corrosion resistance.

Flight Training & Safety
  • productphotoTerrain Sector Analysis by Hilton Software

    Hilton Software’s new Terrain Sector Analysis technology was developed in collaboration with the Federal Aviation Administration to be an integral part of the FAA Instrument Procedure design to ensure safe operations near airports in relation to surrounding terrain and obstructions. This technology makes aviation safer for millions of people daily.

  • productphotoCAE e-Series MR Visual System by CAE

    It's CAE’s best-of-breed image generator and synthetic environment solutions combined with leading-edge Commercial-Off-The-Shelf projection technology and an innovative rear-projection display system. The exceptional realism is unprecedented and creates visual immersion that permits the training of complex procedures in a safe virtual environment.

  • productphotoAtlasNEST by ATLAS

    AtlasNEST is a UAV docking station that enables automatic takeoff and landing, battery swapping, and battery charging throughout the mission cycle. A pilot can be located anywhere in the world and remotely operate the drone, he needs only an Internet connection and a power source. This level of control saves valuable time and resources.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) & Technologies
  • productphotoDronut by Cleo Robotics

    The Dronut is a next generation UAV inspired by science fiction and space technology that fits in the palm of your hand and can safely operate indoors, in confined spaces and around people. The first to commercialize ducted fan technology - long thought not feasible by industry experts - the Dronut can operate where no other robot or human can.

  • productphotoEnforceAir2 by D-Fend Solutions

    EnforceAir2 delivers advanced C-UAS capabilities to overcome drone threats across complex environments. Its non-jamming, non-kinetic cyber approach avoids collateral damage, interference & operational disruptions. EnforceAir2 provides end-to-end detection & mitigation for situational awareness, operational continuity, and safe, controlled outcomes.

  • productphotoUpNet - Smart Mission-Based Swarming Technology by Kraus Hamdani Aerospace, Inc.

    "We’re building AI and unmanned aerial systems that save lives. Our autonomous platforms behave like swarms of insects or flocks of birds in nature and have the ability to problem solve autonomously. They provide coverage by building self-healing communication networks & gather intelligence using disparate sensors to enable better & faster decisions."

Energy & Storage Technologies
  • productphotoMicron® 6500 ION Data Center SSD by Micron Technology, Inc.

    Sustainable AI starts in an unexpected place: on the servers that store AI’s massive data lakes. By delivering more performance while consuming 20-50% less power than previous 30 terabyte drives on the market, the Micron 6500 ION solves the world’s hidden power problem: scaling AI in the data center.

  • productphotoLiGas® by South 8 Technologies

    LiGas directly addresses major limitations of conventional lithium-ion batteries: fire risk and depleted energy at low temperatures. South 8 solves these "fire and ice"(TM) problems. LiGas works with graphite and silicon anodes. It works with a variety of cathode chemistries. It enables fast charging due to better kinetics of gas over liquid.

  • productphotoMulti-Purpose Hydrogen Refueling Station by BTE Inc.

    The Multi-Purpose Hydrogen Refueling Station charges hydrogen-powered mobility devices such as UGVs, drones, cars, forklifts, tractors, and bicycles in a compact size. It accommodates 2-4 hydrogen containers simultaneously, with safety features and both production and charging capacities, offering a comprehensive, eco-friendly energy solution.

Engineering & Manufacturing Tools
  • productphotoTI-VIEW by Korea Deep Learning Inc.

    TI-VIEW is an advanced 3D modeling platform that lets users effortlessly create intricate 3D assets from text or images. TI-VIEW accelerates reconstruction through ray-sampling, generating 3D models in 90% less time. Used in film, gaming, and metaverse it has the potential to revolutionize medical care, architecture, and environmental simulations.

  • productphoto3DMakerpro Seal by 3DMakerpro Limited

    With its shorter wavelength (400 to 500 nano), it projects refined structured light, achieving 0.01mm accuracy. This advanced technology captures even the tiniest dents, textures, and edges, providing unparalleled detail in high-resolution 3D models.

  • productphotoB-RAD XTREME by RAD Torque Systems®

    The B-RAD XTREME is the world's most powerful cordless torque wrench, raising the bar for torque range capacity, maxing out at 11,000 ft. lbs./15,000 Nm. Using RAD Torque’s patented and world-renowned gearbox technology, it captures attention with its sleek new white design and rubber grip, a new high-performance motor, and two-hand safety feature.

Home & Retail Technology Solutions
  • productphotoElectron by Intellihot Inc.

    Electron is the world's 1st heat pump water heater with no storage tank. The on-demand design saves space, CapEx & OpEx. It helps businesses electrify their properties easily with instant, guaranteed, online sizing, and a modular design for easy maintenance & more redundancy. Includes smart features like Bluetooth cascading and building automation.

  • productphotoUltra-thin optical telephoto zoom camera module for mobile devices by LG Innotek Co.,Ltd.

    The zoom camera module is an ultra-small product that, for the first time, applies the optical zoom technology previously used in professional cameras to mobile devices. This allows for continuous optical zoom within a focal length range of 85-125mm, ensuring no loss in image quality even when enlarging an image after a photo has been taken.

  • productphotoLenovo Retail Solutions by Lenovo

    Modern retailers face challenges like inflation, labor shortages, and changing customer expectations. The Lenovo AI-powered Retail Solutions help retailers operate efficiently, personalize customer experiences, enhance the service quality, and explore new revenue streams, with a hassle-free service model.

Materials Protection & Imaging Technology
  • productphotoV-glass by Vault Creation Co., Ltd.

    Most lens covers can cause image distortion or moisture due to water droplets. V-glass is designed with micrometer patterns, which resolve these issues without need for power. This pattern provides a clear view for camera imaging and block external interference, ensuring safety for future technologies like self- driving cars, drones, UAM, UAV.

  • productphotoCorrosion-Resistant, Surface Hardening System Equipment for Austenite Stainless Steel (CRSH) by Metal Industries Research & Development Centre (MIRDC)

    CRSH provides a continuous low-temperature smart processing for corrosion-resistant and surface hardening of austenitic stainless steel. It enables objects to have both high hardness and high corrosion resistance while also offering mass production processing to reduce costs, providing an innovative solution for the stainless steel industry.

  • productphotoIDLive® Doc by ID R&D

    Document-based IDV is a crucial, highly-regulated process within digital account opening. However, regulators and identity verifiers often overlook document liveness attacks, which substitute authentic IDs with altered or non-original copies. IDLive Doc covers >97% of real-world presentation attacks, like digital "replays" and document photocopies.

Environmental & Industrial Solutions

    The resin developed is a wholly new material solution for this application from SABIC’s TRUCIRCLE™ portfolio. Transforming ocean bound plastic waste into a new resin for consumer electronics, without compromise on functionality and meeting the same performance as the incumbent solution. A first in the chemical and consumer electronics industries.

  • productphotoAxalta Irus Mix by Axalta Coating Systems

    Axalta Irus Mix is the first fully automated, completely hands-free paint mixing machine providing an efficient process to measure color, find a color match and mix the required paint This fast, efficient system delivers highly accurate color maximizing efficiency and uses innovative packaging, providing sustainability benefits to customers.

  • productphotoECOSURF™ AEL-6880 Surfactant by Dow

    Better detergency, easy formulation, less energy and less water consumption in cleaning, safe materials - ECOSURF™ AEL-6880 surfactant achieves all these desires as a new surfactant that, for the first time, can be used in convenient highly concentrated detergent pods for cold and low water laundry.

Products for Home Use
  • productphotoAutomist 13D by Plumis

    We have reimagined the fire sprinkler to better serve the insurer, the installer and the homeowner. Automist 13D provides rapid activation for enhanced life protection and uses less water to safeguard your possessions. It blends seamlessly into the smart home with its modern wall-mounted design, whilst eliminating large tanks and leak concerns.

  • productphotoThe Flex Seal Family of Flood Protection Products by Flex Seal Family of Products

    The Flex Seal Family of Flood Protection products are an innovation in flood protection specifically designed to help protect homes and businesses from damaging floodwaters. These UL-verified products provide consumers with a lightweight, removable flood protection option that can help slow or even stop flooding from entering a property.

  • productphotoBrewbird by Brewbird

    Coffee is one the most consumed beverages on planet Earth. Each year over 24 billion cups of single-serve coffee are consumed, delivered with compromised flavor pre-ground in non-recyclable plastic coffee pods that become trash. Brewbird's platform brews fresh-roasted whole beans with precision, leaving behind only a fully compostable paper pod.

Critical Human Infrastructure
  • productphotoWavelogix REBEL™ Concrete Strength Sensing System by Purdue University

    With this sensing system, concrete pavement won't need to be repaired as often and roads could open sooner after a fresh pour. The sensors are tossed into a concrete pour and plugged into a handheld device that logs concrete strength data. An app shows the concrete's strength levels in real time to convey when pavement is strong enough for traffic.

  • productphotoTranscend Design Generator by Transcend

    Transcend Design Generator automatically generates unique, optimized designs of electrical substation facilities by combining project specific inputs with AI-led decision making. Engineering firms, utilities, and equipment vendors can reduce engineering costs, win more work, and become more profitable.

  • productphotoELECPURE™ Technology for Electronic Processing by Dow Industrial Solutions

    Advanced electronics are not possible without ultrapure materials. ELECPURE™ is a new, patented, purification technology that removes >30 metal ion types to parts per TRILLION levels with >90% less energy. ELECPURE™ can be used in photoresists, color resists, or cleaners. ELECPURE™ improves yields, device performance and enables next gen devices.

Advanced Educational Technology Solutions
  • productphotoAI LAB by RobotLAB by RobotLAB Inc.

    "Our AI Labs are designed to ensure that students will learn a variety of skills, stay enthusiastic about learning, and cultivate team work and collaboration. RobotLAB offers a variety of robots for each station that crosses multiple subjects including coding & Engineering. It is ideal for any learning stage, from elementary through higher-education"

  • productphotoCodepresso by Codepresso

    Codepresso revolutionizes IT skill development by combining education, assessment, and management. Our platform's unique 'learning-by-doing' and 'evaluating-by-doing' methodologies equip learners with practical skills and assess real-world proficiency, transforming the approach to IT talent acquisition while saving time and reducing costs.

  • productphotoBreakout Learning by Breakout Learning

    Breakout Learning's platform delivers immersive educational content to students in online breakout rooms and then prompts highly engaging small-group discussions which are moderated and graded by AI. The output gives instructors valuable insights into student preparation and commentary, leading to engaging and powerful classroom discussions.

Advanced Technologies
  • productphotothe Tatum T1 by Tatum Robotics

    DeafBlind people use tactile signing to communicate, as a result, they are fully isolated unless another signer is immediately nearby. Giving them first-time independent access to books, news, email, and more, our customizable, anthropomorphic robot will translate written text into tactile signs so they can access media whenever they want.

  • productphotoHigh Resolution Full-Color Micro LED Display by Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)

    ITRI’s High Resolution Full-Color Micro LED Display outperforms alternatives by offering exceptional brightness, seamless splicing, superior clarity, and low-power consumption, even in outdoor scenarios. Target markets include signage, transparent displays, augmented reality/mixed reality (AR/MR), wearable devices, and automotive dashboards.

  • productphotoElectrochemical Machining System for Intelligent Electrode with Three-Dimensional Variable Curvature (EMS) by Metal Industries Research & Development Centre(MIRDC)

    The EMS integrates the multi-axis processing module and working electrodes to perform 3D or variable curvature complex structure processing for difficult-to-machine metal materials, which greatly increases the production efficiency and decreases the costs, to provide metal components manufacturers with innovative solutions.

Cutting-edge Tools
  • productphotoHoloXmed by National Taiwan University Hospital

    Elevate medicine with our system that turns 2D CT scans into 3D holograms quickly. Seamlessly paired with HoloLens 2®, it deepens insights into patient anatomy, refining diagnosis and medical education. Renowned for speed and clarity, our solution transforms medical imaging, enhancing doctor-patient connection and surgical planning.

  • productphotoAC Direct DC Enabler by Amber Semiconductor

    AmberSemi’s AC Direct DC Enabler is a breakthrough for electrical product companies to upgrade their power to smaller, safer solid-state semiconductors. This breakthrough represents a once-in-a-generation architectural transformation creating new electric product design possibilities & intelligence capabilities for a wide range of global markets.

  • productphotoUltra lightweight 3D printed cutting tool using KENionic™ technology by Kennametal Inc.

    Kennametal developed the tool for precision machining of transportation components with multiple large diameters and chamfers (up to 350 mm) in one operation. It features bionic-inspired lightweight structures enabled by additive manufacturing and advanced design techniques, improved tool handling, and increased productivity.

Innovative Robotics Solutions
  • productphotoECO-BOT by ECOPEACE

    Excessive green algae in water bodies deteriorate water quality, harm wildlife, and pose health risks to humans. Manual removal is risky and slow, while eco-friendly alternatives are ineffective. AI ECO ROBOT swiftly and safely removes algae, forecasting and preventing potential disasters, and ensuring cleaner and safer water.

  • productphotoInspecSpider by Hong Kong Productivity Council, Green Light Multiplex Co. Ltd.

    InspecSpider is a robust robotic system that can climb masts of up to 35 metres high to inspect lamp poles and record the rust status of high masts using cameras. The robot helps relieve the pain points during conducting mandatory inspection by eliminating the need for crane machines, reducing labour and minimising the need for road closure.

  • productphoto3-in-1 Intelligent Yard Care Robot by Shenzhen Hanyang Technology Co.ltd

    Yarbo, a game-changer in transforming traditional, labor-intensive yard care into an efficient process. Designed with inclusivity in mind, Yarbo caters to all ages and abilities, providing fast and reliable solutions for snow removal and lawn mowing. Yarbo pioneers in redefining yard maintenance by reducing costs and amplifying user experience.

Innovative Entertainment & Design Technologies
  • productphotoHologram Technology by Axiom Holographics

    The world had many different “technology revolutions,” like cars, computers, phones, or Edison’s lightbulb. Holograms are the next one. Normally holograms cost millions of dollars and are only used by top universities and science centers. We have found a new way to make holograms for around 5% of the cost, with a much higher quality.

  • productphotoD-ID Creative Reality Studio and Mobile App by D-ID

    D-ID Creative Reality Studio revolutionizes digital content creation. Via desktop and mobile, users breathe life into static photos, easily transforming faces into talking AI animation. Whether portraying historical figures, fictional characters, or oneself, the platform offers a creative, imaginative storytelling tool for content creators.

  • productphotoStudio XAM™ by SOULX Co., Ltd.

    Studio XAM’s 3D virtual space real-time XR content creation solution makes XR content creation accessible for everyone! Our spatial computing and artificial intelligence technologies allow non-professionals and amateurs alike to create high-quality XR content using 3D assets as easily as playing games.

  • productphotoShrimpbox by Atarraya, Inc.

    Atarraya's Shrimpbox revolutionizes aquaculture with AI & biotechnology in a modular system. This innovative solution yields fresh shrimp globally, cuts costs, and triples shelf life. It's scalable, adaptable, and promises top-quality shrimp without chemicals, epitomizing eco-friendly shrimp farming.

  • productphotoStrive FREEMILK by Strive

    Strive FREEMILK is a first-of-its-kind Animal-Free Dairy Milk created using Whey Protein made through Precision Fermentation. It is nutritious and truly sustainable, without compromising on taste, flavor, and texture.

  • productphotoSpiraBlue by Spira

    Spira Blue is a temperature and acid stable natural blue pigment that can be used as a dye in everything from sports drinks to blue jeans. This means that it is a direct replacement for harmful petrochemical dyes that lead to carcinogenic effects.

  • productphotoReconfigurable and Durable Housing based on Steel-Lightweight Concrete Modular Construction by Nano and Advanced Materials Institute

    Modular construction revolutionizes housing, minimizing labor and time via offsite fabrication. Modules with rockwool in steel frames lack durability and concrete-like living experience. NAMI's developed high-strength, lightweight concrete transforms modules to be durable, energy-efficient, enabling an authentic concrete-like living experience.

  • productphotoECOGROUND™ AS-818 Emulsion by Dow Construction Chemicals

    ECOGROUND™ AS-818 Emulsion improves the acoustic performance of flooring by using recycled materials in a water-borne, easy-to-apply formulation that addresses all of the drawbacks of conventional prefabricated solutions.

  • productphotoWater N 3 by SMT Co., Ltd.

    Water N 3 is the first self-powered water purifier that uses hydroelectric power from its own running water. Our powerful IoT capabilities also allow us to be the first to offer real-time water quality updates and accurate filter replacement alerts - ensuring you avoid wasteful underuse of filters and potential health risks from overused ones.

Sustainable Beauty, Wearable Tech, and Health Management
  • productphotoHealth Care Circuit Fabric: pumping energy to the second heart by Taiwan Textile Research Institute

    Health Care Circuit Fabric is a piece of soft circuit fabric transformed from a hard circuit board. Through special knitting addition engineering, bendable, foldable, machine washable. There is a power-on function, but no wires are visible. The shape and texture structure, also the route of the line can be customized to fit the body curves.

  • productphotoFunction Health by Function Health

    Function is a proactive health management platform changing the way we understand and take control of our bodies. Function offers radical access to 100+ lab tests with results delivered alongside actionable insights from doctors. Function tracks this data over time via its member app so users can take action & watch their health transform.

  • productphotoBotaniDesign™ 105 by Cargill®

    "BotaniDesign™ 105 stands to change petroleum jelly product use. It’s a plant-based alternative and can be used as a 1:1 replacement for petroleum jelly across various health/beauty products. Since it’s readily biodegradable, it’s safer for consumers/environment. Plus, it boasts myriad options for use in beauty applications due to its high moisturization."

Cardiovascular & Ophthalmic Innovations
  • productphotoNovel Dual-Targeted Therapy for Glaucoma by Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)

    Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness. Revolutionary glaucoma drug ITRI-E-(S)4046, administered in eye drops, lowers intraocular pressure three times more than current medication by targeting two enzymes simultaneously. Unlike conventional drugs, this treatment requires just one application per day, reducing side effects.

  • productphotoViz Pulmonary Embolism Solution by Viz.ai®

    Viz PE with RV/LV ratio is the first FDA-cleared, fully-automated solution that detects suspected PE and right heart strain. The HIPAA-compliant communication tool streamlines the workflow across the healthcare system, empowering healthcare providers to deliver faster and optimal care for patients with PE.

  • productphotoObsidio Conformable Embolic by Boston Scientific

    Obsidio Conformable Embolic is a novel biomaterial for transcatheter intravascular embolization to treat hypervascular tumors and hemorrhaging. This shear-thinning hydrogel is directly injected to the vessel and forms a solid cast to immediately halt blood flow without relying on precipitation, polymerization, or the patient’s ability to clot.

Diagnostic Technologies
  • productphotoAlinity i TBI lab test by Abbott

    Abbott’s Alinity i TBI lab test is the first commercially available laboratory blood test for concussions. This test objectively measures two biomarkers in the blood that, in elevated numbers, tightly correlate to brain injury. It also rules out the need for a CT scan and will increase access to reliable TBI testing.

  • productphotoEarliPoint™️ Evaluation by EarliTec Diagnostics

    EarliPoint Evaluation is a first-of-its-kind advancement – an FDA-authorized tool to aid clinicians in diagnosing and assessing autism for children ages 16 to 30 months of age. EarliPoint Evaluation enables earlier identification and diagnosis of autism and removes many of the barriers that delay diagnosis today.

  • productphotoGalen™ Breast HER2 by Ibex Medical Analytics

    Many breast cancer patients have low levels of HER2 expression and can benefit from newly developed therapies, however accurately identifying these patients is a challenge. Galen™ Breast HER2 augments the pathologist’s diagnosis and supports treatment decisions with AI-powered insights providing precise, rapid, reproducible biomarker scoring.

Genomic & Stem Cell Innovations
  • productphotoDNBSEQ-T20×2 by MGI Tech

    "DNBSEQ-T20×2's launch becomes an important force driving the development and expansion of the global genetic industry, accelerates the progress of the human genome understanding and medical applications, and fundamentally reshapes the biotech industry ecology."

  • productphotoKey Functional Cell Identity (KFCI) by Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)

    KFCI is a new technology that identifies potent therapeutic cells, creating a stem-cell bank for developing cell therapy products to treat more than 40 medical conditions, including diabetes and myocardial infarction. This platform accelerates cell therapy development and production by filtering out ineffective samples, reducing costs by 90%.

  • productphotoNanoSwab - Bio-inspired Microstructure for Human Papillomavirus DNA Detection in Male by Nano and Advanced Materials Institute; Neo-Health (HK) Limited

    NAMI’s NanoSwab is a biomimetic sampler tailored for male genital cell collection. Inspired by natural microstructure like setae, uniform micropillars on NanoSwab harness friction to collect and trap adequate cells in a single step for subsequent HPV DNA detection in men without any discomfort; it fills a critical gap in male-centric HPV screening.

Orthopedic & Musculoskeletal Solutions
  • productphotoSurgicalAR® by Medivis

    Medivis leverages AR, AI and computer vision to bring accuracy and precision to surgeries. Our SurgicalAR technology translates complex 2D medical imaging such as MRIs and CTs into 3D holographic visualizations to enhance surgical accuracy and patient outcomes, reducing operational risks, and ultimately, elevating the standard of care globally.

  • productphotoSutureLoc™ Implant by Arthrex, Inc.

    SutureLoc is the first knotless, retensionable soft anchor designed specifically for arthroscopic meniscal root repair. The all-suture soft anchor is designed for retrograde insertion directly under the repair subcortically, improving fixation strength and stiffness by eliminating suture fixation devices in the anterior tibia.

  • productphotoELEVIDYS (delandistrogene moxeparvovec-rokl) by Sarepta Therapeutics

    ELEVIDYS is the first FDA-approved gene therapy for Duchenne and the first gene therapy to address the root cause of the muscle-wasting disease. Sarepta developed a way to replace the broken dystrophin gene with a working version that protects muscles, thereby slowing disease progression. It offers hope to those living with the fatal disease.

Point-of-Care & Therapeutic Solutions
  • productphotoPrism for PTSD by GrayMatters Health

    Prism for PTSD, a neuroscience-based, FDA-cleared software device, digitizes brain activity associated with PTSD. It features the world's first digital biomarker of brain area specific activity, developed by applying advanced statistical models to register fMRI amygdala data with EEG.

  • productphotoQuantra Hemostasis System with QStat Cartridge by HemoSonics

    The Quantra System is the only point-of-care viscoelastic solution that uses ultrasound technology to deliver highly accurate and precise measurements when seconds matter. Blood is a precious resource. Hemosonics helps preserve it while improving patient care.

  • productphotoAITA™ Smart System by Ethicon Surgical Technologies

    The Solution consists of configurable hardware designs (Kiosk, Smart Shelf, and Mobile Hub) coupled with a cloud-based software application that powers the AITA Insights Engine. Because AITA is fully modular and brand agnostic, it can be implemented in hospitals and clinics of any size and layout.

Robotic & Interventional Technologies
  • productphotoEdison® Histotripsy System by HistoSonics®

    Edison enables liver specialists to target and destroy liver tumors in minutes with precision and immediate confirmation of treatment success. The company believes that the novel mechanism of action may provide significant advantages to patients, including quick treatment site recovery, avoidance of complications and costs of traditional therapies.

  • productphotoEyeCane by CELLiCO

    EyeCane is the world’s only solution that empowers those suffering with AMD to rediscover their lost vision. Revolutionary smart glasses use a 4K camera and mobile app to capture video, process it, and display it back to the user in real-time. Clear, live images are moved from their impaired area to their viewable peripheral area, enabling sight.

  • productphotoStimsite™ by Northgate Technologies Inc

    Invented by a surgeon himself, Dr. Albert Huang was often challenged during pelvic operations to verify ureter pathway and quick cystoscopies. StimSite's technology is the first of its kind that can verify ureter placement and pathway, as well as drastically reduce the risk of injury and expedite pelvic laparoscopic procedures.

Surgical Innovations
  • productphotoMIS FiberTak®Achilles SpeedBridge™ Repair Implant System with Knotless Rip-Stop by Arthrex, Inc.

    The MIS FiberTak Achilles SpeedBridge implant system uses innovative technology in a minimally invasive technique of removing the insertional Achilles tendon pathology and repairing it percutaneously, using a knotless rip-stop and 1.7 mm collagen coated FiberTapes in an hourglass pattern of opposition and compression to the bone.

  • productphotoMOLLI 2® by MOLLI Surgical

    MOLLI 2® is a wire-free soft tissue localization technology that precisely marks the location of a lesion for removal during surgery. It’s designed for ease of use, reliability, and a more efficient workflow. It utilizes distance and 3D guidance to provide surgeons a direct path to the lesion with millimeter precision, improving patient outcomes.

  • productphotoARVIS® by Enovis™

    The use of AR in medical devices has the potential to transform healthcare by eliminating multi-tasking and guesswork from the current surgical landscape. ARVIS® delivers real-time, hands-free guidance for hip and knee procedures and is designed to generate measurably better patient outcomes in a streamlined, cost-effective manner.

Wearable & Implantable Medical Devices
  • productphotoCionic Neural Sleeve™ by CIONIC

    The Cionic Neural Sleeve is a first-of-its-kind healthcare product at the intersection of design, data, and the human body. The FDA-cleared, AI-powered bionic clothing senses, analyzes, and augments muscle movement, improving mobility with every step. Beautifully designed and app-controlled, the garment enables freer, more independent movement.

  • productphotoAVEIR™ Dual Chamber (DR) Leadless Pacemaker System by Abbott

    Nearly 80% of people who need a pacemaker require a dual chamber option to pace both chambers of the heart. As the world's first dual chamber leadless pacemaker system, AVEIR DR expands access to leadless pacing. With its i2i (implant-to-implant) technology, AVEIR DR is an engineering marvel, providing synchronized pacing based on clinical needs.

  • productphotoMovement And Compressions (MAC) System by Recovery Force Health

    The Movement And Compressions (MAC) System is an FDA class II wearable medical device and the only mechanical compression device on the market with a 510(k) clearance for cordless/tubeless DVT prevention with the added benefit of monitoring patient orientation and movement.

Advanced Technologies for Autonomous Systems
  • productphotoPlusDrive Level 2++ Highly Automated Driving Software by Plus

    PlusDrive, a driver-in, Highly Automated Driving (HAD) solution, bridges the gap between basic ADAS and fully self-driving systems. It’s already being used by Amazon to deliver commercial freight nationwide today. Industry leaders such as Bosch, DSV, Iveco, Luminar, and Nikola have embraced PlusDrive to unlock the immense value of this HAD system.

  • productphotoAdobe Liquid Mode by Adobe

    Liquid Mode is a revolutionary mobile reading experience. Powered by Adobe artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology, Liquid Mode automatically adjusts PDF layouts and adds user-adjustable controls – enabling anyone to easily read documents on smartphones and tablets.

  • productphotoFingerprints by Prezent™

    Prezent's 'Fingerprint' is an innovative tool within the Communication Success Platform, personalizing enterprise team presentations. It elevates message resonance and consistency, transforming every user into a communication powerhouse, and differentiates by merging AI personalization with strategic learning to amplify productivity and engagement.

AI Powered Solutions for Personal & Enterprise Security
  • productphotoNorton Genie by Gen ™

    Norton Genie is an AI-powered, free application that offers people scam detection at their fingertips. People can simply copy and paste or upload a screenshot of a text, social media post, or email. Genie then assesses for scam potential and tells users if the content is a scam, what makes it suspicious and what to do next.

  • productphotoThe Private Network for Identity Validation by Identiq

    Identiq has developed a network where members can leverage the collective knowledge of other companies, breaking down the silos, to ensure that people are who they say they are. This collaboration is possible thanks to a patented cryptographic protocol technology where the data always remains private and is never shared, not even with Identiq.

  • productphotoAI Content Detector by Copyleaks

    Utilizing machine learning in real-time, the AI Content Detector has evolved since its initial release to address the evolution of additional AI models. It can detect AI content in over 15 languages, with more currently in the works, AI-generated source code, paraphrased AI content, and AI text interspersed with human-written.

Digital Transformation & Data Governance
  • productphotoDOW PU Predictive Intelligence by The Dow Chemical Company

    PI is a unified global data platform with an intuitive user interface that allows Dow scientists to instantly visualize, analyze, and model thousands of ingredients and properties. It has reduced the polyurethane (PU) R&D development process from months to weeks, enhancing customer experience and setting new standards for business growth.

  • productphotovHive Digital Twin Platform by vHive

    A fully automated solution for data capture, analysis and modeling of field assets at scale, vHive's Digital Twin solution provides enterprises with a comprehensive and unified understanding of their asset equipment, performance and potential value to identify faults, improve performance, avoid failures and maximize returns.

  • productphotoMY FOOD by Dubai Municipality

    “My Food” initiative is the first government based initiative, digitalizing its major service, which include Food permit management system, training management and certification, and Food Transportation vehicle safety management system to create a fully traceable 100% paper less transaction and service, reducing the customer journey and painpoints.

Construction Technologies
  • productphotoMobile Micro-Factory (MMF)™ for Last-Mile Construction by Cuby Technologies, Inc.

    Cuby develops proprietary hardware and software to commercialize a distributed network of hundreds of mobile micro-factories™ (factory-in-a-box) quickly erected on or near construction sites, enabling incumbents to build more homes with less labor while also drastically reducing costs. Each MMF is a standalone, turnkey solution.

  • productphotoJupiter Building Dynamics for the Population-Wide Delivery of Sustainable, Disaster-Resilient, Affordable Housing by Jupiter Building Dynamics Inc.

    The world’s only standardized development-to-delivery system to mass produce and install housing on a population-wide scale, using an AI-enabled platform that integrates development, financing, regulations, production, and delivery enabling the rapid deployment of operational factories and the production of our pre-approved housing and schools.

  • productphotoWallMaster by BZI

    The WallMaster™ has revolutionized the installation of floor panels to walls, bringing a more efficient and safer process for construction and steel workers. Used on some of the most significant and complicated megaprojects in the world, the WallMaster™ has provided a significant positive impact to help advance construction technology.

Advanced Materials
  • productphotoLNP™ ELCRES™ SLX1271SR Resin Enabling Paint Free Design & Reducing Carbon Emission for Automotive Industry by SABIC

    The New LNP™ ELCRES™ SLX1271SR resin is a molded-in-color plastic solution for automotive industry to replace painted plastics. It offers high glossy surface, good mar resistance and weatherability. It helps the industry on paint free exteriors with more design flexibility, higher efficiency, lower cost, and lower VOC & carbon emission.

  • productphotoLNP™ THERMOCOMP™ Compounds by SABIC

    LNP™ THERMOCOMP™ Compounds are pioneering thermoplastic solution for next-gen. satellite navigation & comm. antenna by offering extremely stable & customized dielectric property in broad range. They enable flexible design with high demand for signal capture, miniaturization & narrow frequency band, advancing self-driving & satellite internet tech.

  • productphotoSABIC BiAx PE and PP Pipe Technology by SABIC

    Biaxial orientation of a pipe results in a tremendous boost of (almost) all of its properties, enabling weight savings of 30 % and possibly more. Unlike the already available oriented pipes based on the amorphous polyvinylchloride, till today no one succeeded in developing oriented pipes based on semi-crystalline resins such as PE and PP.

Energy Solutions
  • productphotoSABIC’s Specialties Business LNP™ STAT-KON™ High Electrically Conductive Compounds by SABIC

    "STAT-KON compounds are melt-processable thermoplastics that can be extruded into sheets. They balance high conductivity/processability/chemical resistance/ductility of electrodes used in energy storage batteries. Battery manufacturers achieve up to 70% weight/40% cost reductions and improve energy efficiency using it vs. metal electrode batteries."

  • productphotoDOWSIL™ TC-6032 Thermally Conductive Encapsulant by Dow Chemical

    DOWSIL™ TC-6032 Thermally Conductive Encapsulant is an innovative product for EV applications satisfying the latest market trend and requirements. By using patented filler treatment, unique ceramic filler combination and novel crosslink structures in a proprietary silicone matrix, it provides excellent thermal transfer and high flowability.

  • productphotoDOWSIL™ TC-5860 Thermally Conductive Compound by The Dow Chemical Company

    DOWSIL™ TC-5860 is a cutting-edge solvent-free and electrically isolating thermal interface material (TIM). It is designed for high-voltage/high-power electronics with demanding thermal management requirements. DOWSIL™ TC-5860 has enabled the new-generation high-power photovoltaic (PV) inverters, ultimately boosting the adoption of clean energy.

Resource Recovery & Environmental Conservation
  • productphotoCorning® ATG™ by Corning Incorporated

    Corning® ATG™ can be inserted in the middle of a traditional double pane window cavity, turning it into a thin triple pane window with up to 30% better insulating performance in the footprint of a standard double pane window along with significant acoustic performance improvements. ATG also improves optics, storm protection, and home security.

  • productphotoPARALOID Additives to upcycle polyvinyl butyral recovered from recycled car windshield. by Dow Plastics Additives

    Adhesive in nature, PVB tends to adhere to many surfaces making it difficult to recycle. Modification with PARALOID™ Additives both prevents the PVB recovered from car windshields from sticking AND enhances the PVB’s poor rigidity and indentation properties to support its upcycling in applications including vinyl flooring and carpet backing.

  • productphotoFilmTec™ LiNE-XD Nanofiltration Membrane by DuPont

    Lithium brine purification is critical to producing batteries needed for a transformation to a sustainable world, but membranes don't play a major role due to low recovery and poor durability. FilmTec™ LiNE-XD can withstand harsh conditions while also yielding high recovery of both lithium and water requiring less energy than other methods.

Assistive Technologies
  • productphotoGlide by Glidance

    Glide is an advanced mobility aid that empowers sight impaired users to regain their independence by enabling them to safely steer to their destination, avoiding obstacles, and providing situational feedback. Unlike a white cane or guide dog that take years of practice, with Glide you will be on the go in an afternoon.

  • productphotoSignia Integrated Xperience (IX) Hearing Aid Platform by Signia

    Signia IX leverages insights into the changing positions of speakers to ensure uninterrupted engagement in the most noisy, immersive environments – providing unprecedented sound clarity and definition for wearers. Supported by Signia’s Pure and Silk Charge&Go IX aids, IX works in real time to adapt to the dynamic flow of multi-party conversations.

  • productphotoRoger™ On by Phonak

    Roger On™ is like a third ear to hearing aid wearers who still struggle to hear in noise and over distance. The elegant remote zooms in on speech and streams it directly to the wearer in stereo. It has a pointing mode, lapel mode, and table mode, where it recognizes the direction of speech and automatically selects the person who is talking.

Communication & Sensory Platforms
  • productphotoEmerge Wave-1 by Emerge ®

    Emerge Wave-1, is a patented consumer device that emits ultrasound force fields, allowing users to physically feel virtual interactions without the need for gloves or controllers. This means feeling a loved one's hand, transmit a caress, and feel closer with friends and families across distance.

  • productphotoTourBox Elite by TourBox Tech Inc.

    "Keyboards focus on typing; other controllers often require users to look down, disrupting the creative flow. TourBox Elite, with just 11 buttons and 3 knobs, seamlessly blends hardware and software for hundreds of commands, enabling one-handed, eyes-free control. It redefines workflows for professionals like editors, photographers, and artists."

  • productphotoClomental by DolbomDream Co., Ltd.

    Clomantic is a vest-based IoT platform developed for the care of the elderly. It collects and analyzes the wearer's biometric information through a contactless BCG sensor, allowing the guardian to monitor the physical and mental health of the elderly and gives the wearer a feeling of hugging by inflating air into the vest when they feel anxious.

Smart Technologies
  • productphotoCelestron Origin by Celestron

    Celestron Origin is an intelligent home observatory that blends stargazing and astrophotography into a single, user-friendly experience. Packed with cutting-edge technologies—AI-assisted imaging, automated alignment, autonomous sky recognition, and an observatory-class optical design—Origin brings celestial objects to life on your phone or tablet.

  • productphotoAN-1: Ultra-Stable 400Wh/kg and 900Wh/L 5Ah Lithium Metal Battery (LMB) with 3D Nano-scaffold Anode by Nano and Advanced Materials Institute; Amperex Technology Limited

    NAMI's AN-1 5Ah LMB is the world's first long-cycle lithium metal battery with a flexible 3D nano-scaffold anode, offering >400Wh/kg and >900Wh/L energy density, 40% more than the latest lithium-ion batteries. It maintains stable cycling for >500 cycles under 1C and passes the 145°C hot box safety test, making it ideal for portable electronics.

  • productphotoOBSBOT Tiny 2 by REMO TECH Co., Ltd.

    OBSBOT Tiny 2, the AI-powered 4K PTZ webcam that takes video quality to the next level. With features like AI auto tracking and gesture control, and a 1/1.5'' CMOS, OBSBOT Tiny 2 delivers exceptional video performance. Say goodbye to "good enough" video quality and hello to the future of webcams.

Battery Technologies
  • productphotoLithium Solid Ionic Composite (LISIC) by Natrion Inc.

    LISIC is a solid-state material which replaces the flammable liquid-state electrolyte inside of rechargeable lithium batteries to realize immense safety and performance improvements. Most importantly, LISIC is a drop-in solution -- it integrates into existing battery gigafactories at high volume and zero cost of implementation.

  • productphotoZ5 13-90 Nickel-Zinc Battery by ZincFive

    The ultra-high-rate Z5 13-90 nickel-zinc battery generates a remarkable 50% increase in current over ZincFives current 13-80 NiZn battery, delivering best-in-class power density as well as superior safety and sustainability for mission critical backup like data centers, generator starting, peak shaving for EV charging and pulse power applications.

  • productphotoLi-juvenator by Mocuratec

    Li-juvenator boosts EV battery life by 4x using our proprietary pulse charging technology. This reduces impedance, eliminating dendrites and harmful direct current impedance. This means longer EV travel, a significant reduction in battery waste, and safer, sustainable batteries by preventing overcharge explosions.

Circular Economy in Materials
  • productphotoDriving circularity in Mobility with SPECFLEX(TM) CIR by The Dow Chemical Company

    The automotive industry seeks urgently sustainable solutions to reduce carbon emissions and become more circular. Dow Polyurethanes MobilityScience has developed innovative circular closed loop solutions using advanced chemical recycling. SPECFLEX CIR is a circular feedstock sourced from waste of the mobility sector that replaces virgin fossil

  • productphotoRENUVA™ Mattress Recycling Program by The Dow Chemical Company

    Consumers can now see their discarded mattresses achieve multiple lives via the RENUVA™ Mattress Recycling Program. Key partnerships have been established to create the world’s first industrial scale reactor for end-of-life polyurethane foam recycling, producing a circular material having exceptional end-use performance.

  • productphotoRecycled Leather by Gen Phoenix by Gen Phoenix

    In 2023, Gen Phoenix developed a new recycled leather material with the highest level of recycled content to date (77%) in a partnership with Coachtopia, a Coach sub-brand with a mission to accelerate the adoption of a more circular economy. In under a year, Gen Phoenix developed, launched and scaled this material across the full Coachtopia line.

Coatings & Manufacturing
  • productphotoINVISU™ 7007 Emulsion by Dow - Packaging and Specialty Plastics and HERMA GmbH

    The Water-Borne INVISU™ 7007 Emulsion is a formulated, high solids wash off label dispersion designed to enhance the recyclability of primary containers. It helps improve mechanical recycling yield and quality without compromising on filmic label adhesion expectations. It has been granted recognition by the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR).

  • productphotoVoltatex® 7345 A ECO Wire Enamel by Axalta Coating Systems

    Axalta has developed an eco-friendly and low hazard insulating varnish for magnet wires in motors, transformers and generators. It enables efficient electrical devices and drives electrification in many areas of daily life. The high-performance material is easy to process, reduces risk to workers and contributes to an improved carbon footprint.

  • productphotoAxalta’s Low Carbon Footprint Sustainable Coating System with Hyperdur® primer and Chromadyne® colorcoat by Axalta Coating Systems

    Axalta’s innovative coating system reduces energy consumption by 21% and reduces CO2 emissions by 5% or 17 Kg per unit produced. The novel sustainable coating technology provides manufacturing flexibility while maintaining superior appearance. This emissions reduction is equivalent to eliminating 15,000-20,000 vehicles just from roads in the US.

Monitoring Solutions
  • productphotoVELAR - Real-time Wildfire Early Warning System by Sentry Systems Inc.

    Detecting a wildfire in its initial few minutes is critical. We can’t prevent wildfires, but can help prevent them from becoming costly mega-scale fires and significantly reduce the risk of casualty, property damage, and carbon pollution. VELAR can detect fires in their infancy within a few seconds and produces an actionable alert in real-time.

  • productphotoSAR Satellite "StriX", its data and analytics solutions by Synspective Inc.

    We develop and operate SAR satellites for Earth observation in all-weather conditions, day or night. We also offer specialized SAR data analysis and AI solutions to mitigate global challenges, from mapping and monitoring weather-related disasters to bolstering national security and enabling greater global transparency.

  • productphotoGHGSat-C10 by GHGSat

    GHGSat’s patented high-resolution technology can detect industrial CO2 emissions from space helping operators of steel mills, refineries, power plants and petrochemical complexes access to independent, accurate and globally standardized emissions monitoring data for the first time.

Packaging & Construction Technologies
  • productphotoTerafab™ by Terabase Energy

    Terabase Energy's Terafab™ is the world’s first automated, robotics-assisted, digital field factory for PV module and tracker assembly, designed to accelerate the construction and deployment of large-scale solar power plants to meet the Terawatt scale demands of the future.

  • productphotoRHOBARR™ 135 Emulsion by The Dow Chemical Company

    RHOBARR™ 135 Emulsion is a waterborne acrylic barrier coating for paper-based food packaging. This product is globally food contact compliant, microwave and oven-safe, and combines strong oil and grease resistance with anti-block performance to enable double-sided coating for recyclable single-use food packaging without the use of fluorocarbons.

  • productphotoEcoSense™ 2470 Surfactant by Dow Consumer Solution

    EcoSense™ 2470 surfactant is made using a novel platform that leverages biology to capture and convert carbon emissions into sustainable raw materials, that do not compromise on performance. The product displaces virgin fossil resources and does not impact biodiversity or land use.

Sustainable Energy
  • productphotoSmart Thermal Battery by Harvest Thermal

    Harvest Thermal redesigns home heating and hot water for a livable planet. Its smart thermal battery decarbonizes homes by slashing carbon emissions from the biggest user of energy inside the home. It scales by reducing monthly heating costs and makes the grid more resilient by utilizing the cleanest, cheapest off-peak electricity.

  • productphotoAircore EC by Infinitum

    Using light materials and modular design, Aircore EC generates power in half the weight and size, at a fraction of the carbon footprint and noise of traditional motors. With no iron and 66% less copper, Aircore EC sustainably powers commercial and industrial applications with less energy and waste to reduce emissions and help decarbonize the world.

  • productphotosCO2 based long duration energy storage by EarthEn Energy Inc.

    EarthEn makes novel thermo-mechanical flexible energy storage solutions that use sCO2 in a closed loop to store 4-100+ hours of energy at a low cost & highly scalable manner.

Water Treatment & Testing
  • productphotoWaterScanner by PiQuant

    A portable spectrometer redefining water testing by delivering rapid, on-site analysis, replacing costly lab tests. Combining precision, portability, and affordability, it empowers users worldwide to safeguard water quality. WaterScanner is a game-changer, democratizing water assessment for healthier communities and efficient resource management.

  • productphotoPureTex Sustainable Decolorization Solution by Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)

    Existing textile decolorizations mainly use organic solvents that generate volatile organic compounds (VOC) and other consumables. ITRI's decolorization technology generates zero VOC. The operation temperature is approximately 90°C with over 95% dye removal efficiency. Without the need for facility updates, it’s conducive to large-scale deployment.

  • productphotoZwitterionic Superfiltration Membrane Technology by ZwitterCo

    ZwitterCo's superfiltration technology solves a longstanding barrier in industrial wastewater reuse — membrane fouling, which has restricted commercially viable water reuse. It is the first membrane that is immune to irreversible fouling from fats, oils, and proteins and cleans without harsh chemicals, revolutionizing water treatment.

Advanced Vehicle Technologies
  • productphotoGhiath © by Dubai Police

    Meet Ghiath: Dubai Police's tech-driven patrol marvel. It boasts real-time AI features, cutting-edge cameras, and seamless communication tools. Ghiath is not just a vehicle; it's the future of proactive policing in a city ahead of its time. Pioneering the future of human-centric policing, we're redefining law enforcement for a safer, happier Dubai.

  • productphotoZeroCruising by VEStellaLab Inc.

    Navigation services typically end their guidance with "You have arrived at your destination" before entering the parking lot. Without any information, the autonomous vehicles wander while searching for a single parking space. ‘ZeroCruising’ guides autonomous vehicles to the actual parking space, the true destination, using the shortest route.

  • productphotoAutonomous Electric Cart by PILOTCAR EV INC & CARTEAV & IMECAR

    We envision a world where autonomous low-speed vehicles are used everywhere: from managed areas to a variety of autonomous urban mobility deployments. We believe in disruption from below: we’re starting with golf carts in managed areas, such as resorts, retirement villages, airports, any type of campus, and last-mile applications in urban areas

Battery Solutions
  • productphotoAll Weather Mission Critical Battery for Next Generation Emergency Call (NG-eCall) Systems by Nano and Advanced Materials Institute; GP Technology & Innovation Limited

    A new battery is developed for NG-eCall system, enabling automatic post-accident calls. It allows >15-min voice calls over a wide temperature range (-40 to 85°C), with ~10 years of storage, >50°C without degradation, ensuring eCall system functions continuously throughout the vehicle's 5-year maintenance period, regardless of location or time.

  • productphotoVernay VoltaVent ® by Vernay Laboratories Inc.

    Vernay VoltaVent® is a battery ventilation device. Normally, the pressure inside a battery case will change due to various conditions. At a defined protection pressure, VoltaVent controls flow of fluids in / out of the battery pack. If the battery catches fire, hot gasses will quickly be vented to prevent explosion and then the device will reseal.

  • productphotoCobalt-Free Battery by SK On

    SK On achieved the development of a 'Cobalt-Free (Co-Free)' battery more than a year ahead of its target date. Leveraging SK On's proprietary technologies related to single-crystal cathodes and doping, the EV battery addresses the issue of lifespan deterioration caused by the structural instability of cobalt-free cathode material compositions.

Transportation Infrastructure
  • productphotoWindWings by Cargill® and BAR Technologies

    WindWings are rigid sails (like airplane wings) that use the power of wind to assist the propulsion of ships. The novel, morphing shape of WindWings is designed to make best use of wind across all conditions. This WAP system is optimized for use aboard large commercial cargo vessels and can reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by up to 30%.

  • productphotoVersiCharge XL by Siemens & Nexii

    The VersiCharge XL is unique solution that helps rapidly scale up EV infrastructure. It contains all necessary electrical infrastructure components to power EV chargers in an aboveground, enclosed, and durable structure. This eliminates the need to trench and gives you the ability to adapt your infrastructure in the fast-evolving EV industry.

  • productphotoACAT(Automated-driving Car Accident-analysis Tool) ™ ® © by CP6 Ltd

    ACAT makes data interpretation intuitive and accessible for everyone while minimizing the time and money spent on resolving disputes from an accident. Provides fast and accurate analysis for better decision-making. ACAT stands as a practical tool established accident investigation protocols shaping a safer future for autonomous driving.

Assistive Technologies for Accessibility
  • productphotoNAQI HUMAN-MACHINE INTERFACE: Naqi Neural Earbuds featuring Naqi's Invisible User Interface by Naqi Logix Inc.

    Naqi has pioneered a human-machine interface within neural earbuds, allowing an eye blink or head tilt to control digital devices, empowering the disabled. Naqi can control wheelchairs, smart homes, Internet & PCs in a way that makes everyone productive again without touch, voice, or screens. Our innovation is a safe alternative to brain implants.

  • productphotoM:NI by Music:Not Impossible (M:NI)

    We have haptic suits that provide enhance live events for the deaf and hearing alike. Each suit has 24 vibratory points that are individually addressable meaning, each point can be activated individually for a truly surround body experience. We also deliver all related technical services (haptics, audio, wireless).

  • productphotoZapvision Accessible QR Codes by Zappar

    AQR Codes incorporate a patent pending D3 (Dot-Dot-Dash) pattern around a QR code increasing scan distance by 7x to announce a product category & 4x for instructions, ingredients & promotions. AQR interacts with a smartphone’s accessibility features to show info in large text or via audio & only requires a simple print change to existing QR artwork

Environmental Solutions
  • productphoto1000 Farmers Endless Prosperity by Cargill Türkiye

    Cargill Türkiye launched the 1000FEP, which aims to help farmers increase their productivity and improve their livelihoods, and contribute to the protection of natural resources by using regenerative agricultural practices and digital agricultural tools. More than 5,000 farmers achieved yield increases of up to 20% each year.

  • productphotoKOBOT S by KOAI CO.,LTD

    "The equipment used today is a fixed equipment that uses 30-year-old lipophilic technology, and it cannot be moved. KOBOT S applies hydrophilic science and technology to make water movement to recover oil and microplastics at the same time, and it can be controlled by moving up to 1km alone or by 3~5 equipment."

  • productphotoHealth, Safety & Environment Program for Vineyard Wind 1 by Black & Veatch

    B&V has developed a revised HSE model combining the safety protocols for onshore construction with the uniqueness of the quayside environment that leads to efficiency in the work planned & matches project objectives w/ schedule, while maintaining transparency in safety & jobsite hazards.

Health & Wellness
  • productphotoA Customised Comfort Bra to Aid Recovery from Mastectomy by The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel

    Wearing unfit bra hinders recovery from after mastectomy but it is difficult for Asian patients to find well-fitting products as most are designed based on Western models. Our mastectomy bra is developed from anthropometric data and 3D pipeline modelling. The bra pad provides better thermal comfort and the asymmetric design reinforces body balance.

  • productphotoMultiParticulate Delivery System by Sympfiny®

    There is an unmet need for the delivery of pediatric medicine. Unlike traditional methods, Sympfiny provides accurate dosing with an extended shelf life, no refrigeration needs, and taste masking. The proprietary dispensing technology ensures consistency and accuracy, making MP's accessible for widespread use, especially in non-developed countries.

  • productphotoPure Spout On-Fountain Filter System by Kinetic Vision

    Pure Spout On-Fountain Filter System is an iconic, cost-effective, and user-friendly lead filtration solution that aims to protect school children who are most vulnerable to lead contamination. Unlike other expensive offerings on the market, Pure Spout is designed specifically for economically challenged public schools with aging infrastructure.