The Edison Best New Product Awards™ are among the most prestigious accolades honoring excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centered design and innovation. An Edison Award represents significant value to the winner. Non-finalist nominees receive sizable benefits as well. It is a competitive awards program that highlights the strong marketing value of an unbiased 3rd-party validation.

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Why should you enter the Edison Awards?

Recognition and Visibility

Edison Awards takes every opportunity to publicly acknowledge and promote nominees and finalists to a wide variety of business press and media outlets. Admissible nominations are showcased on the Edison Awards website and social media from October through April to maximize their exposure to our audience. Nominees are encouraged to promote their nomination on their own publicity and marketing campaigns.

Finalists may attend the annual black-tie gala awards ceremony, either individually, or with their team, to celebrate their win and meet other innovators. The annual event draws hundreds of fellow innovators into a nexus of powerful networking opportunities. They may attend the Meet the Innovators Forum or reserve booth space at the Innovators' Showcase, both held during the day of the annual gala. Short presentations or participation in panel discussions at the Forum can further increase a company's visibility. The event is covered by the press and Edison Awards records the entire program, posting the videos on its website for global viewing.

Seal Group

Review and Validation

By touching over 7,000 companies from all over the world during each nomination season, Edison Awards is on the forefront of identifying emerging trends and market developments. Nominations receive an unbiased, high-powered, focus group review by the Edison Awards Steering Committee comprised of hand-picked industry experts from a spectrum of disciplines. This distinction is recognized by the industry and serves as an unbiased 3rd-party validation for the innovations advancing to Finalist status. The status delivers an affirmation of superior quality—a confirmation that can reach customers in a way that marketing and advertising cannot.

Award winners may contribute to a licensing program giving them the right to use the "Edison Award Winner" seal (including the Gold, Silver and Bronze designation associated with their award) in their own publicity, marketing campaigns and packaging. The seal amplifies consumer awareness and communicates that the product or service was awarded the prestigious Edison Award for innovation. The seal enables winning products or services to stand out prominently, separating it from the competition.

Support, Influence and Impact

Edison Award nominees represent active contributors to the cause and purpose of innovation in the world. A percentage of every nomination fee, seal licensing fee, and gala ticket is a tax deductible contribution used to help tell the broader story of innovation, advance the values and principles of Thomas A. Edison and other accomplished innovators, to fund programs and conferences dedicated to innovation and education, and to fund the development of new innovation curricula.

Award winners are given a unique opportunity to share their stories to a variety of audiences. These include business audiences, higher education institutions, K-12 education systems and museums focused on science, industry, innovation, etc. Whether through direct connections that the Edison Awards facilitates to these audiences, or as a part of educational assets developed by Edison Universe, award winners are encouraged to give back to current and future innovators through storytelling, mentorship programs, direct teaching and communication in a variety of media.

At a Glance

Significant Value to the Winners

  • Gain broad international recognition and significant market visibility
  • Distinguish your team, your company, and your innovation
  • Attend the annual black-tie gala awards ceremony and meet other innovators
  • Command an active and visible role in the annual Meet the Innovators Forum and Innovators' Showcase
  • Expose your award-winning innovation to the business media
  • Value of an unbiased 3rd-party review
  • Align your business with one of the most widely known and respected innovators in history, Thomas A. Edison
  • Promote your innovation in the marketplace by using the Edison Award Winner seal
  • Visibly and meaningfully contribute to the cause of innovation and education in the world
  • Help to encourage, foster and mentor promising young innovators
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Value to the Non-Finalists

Organizations who do not proceed to the final ballot still receive the following value for their nomination investment:
  • Opportunity to hone your marketing message
  • Use of the Edison Award Nominee Seal until May 1, 2019.
  • Market exposure through the Edison Awards marketing reach
  • Admissible nominations are promoted on Edison Awards website and social media throughout the nomination process
  • A high-powered focus group review of your nomination by a network of industry experts, business executives and academics
  • Feedback for organizations that request such information