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Breakthrough Device Looks to Heal Organs

Researchers at Ohio State University have developed a nanotechnology applications that can switch cell function to rescue failing body functions with a single touch.

Tissue nano-transfection approach is simple non-viral technology, developed for direct cell conversion in-vivo. Using patient’s own tissue and specific combination of reprogramming factors, skin fibroblasts are successfully converted to cell type that can resolve conditions locally or distally upon harvesting.

The technology may correct loss of organ and tissue function with age, diseases or trauma. This is the first and only technology published to successfully reprogram tissue function within the live body. This provides a game changing advantage in regenerative medicine that otherwise relied on the concept of stem cells.

In a rare appearance Dr. Chandan Sen, Director, OSU Center for Regenerative Medicine & Cell-Based Therapies will explain how this breakthrough came about and how the technology is leading to other medical discoveries and how the principle can be used to generate any tissue out of skin or fat which is abundant in human body.

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