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Edison Universe Celebrates Student Innovators

Edison Universe is committed to inspiring educational institutions and supporting the business world. Motivated by Edison’s unique vision, unbridled optimism, and insatiable curiosity, Edison Universe is focused on nourishing the possibilities, opportunities and foundations of success to empower the imaginations and vision of tomorrow’s inventors and innovators.

This past month Edison Universe sponsored a contest that allowed students of the CAPS program to showcase their student innovations for an opportunity to win one of the multiple scholarships. A variety of students submitted their innovations, and in the end, three winners were selected.

Nova Personal UV SensorKali Watkins, Connor French & Brooke Mitchell
Park City, Utah

Nova Personal UV Sensor
The NOVA device has the potential to help prevent skin cancer and develop healthy sun-exposure habits among the masses. The product also fills a necessary role in the medical market. The concept for the product was derived from a series of experiments completed by the CAPS client. After decided on the concept of the product, a sketch was drawn outlining the necessary components and a detailed vision for the product.

IntonationHannah Chen & Seth Mazza
Peoria, Arizona

The Intonation is a portable piano keyboard that can be broken down into designated segments. This allows for easier storage and transport, so aspiring piano players are no longer inhibited when traveling or when there is limited space. The design process was incredibly important to the lifespan of the product, and the original design was altered several times in order to provide an affordable, competitive product.

IKOS ToysAlexander Whitty, Sky Martin, Joshua Lansky, & Kelly Murad
Park City, Utah

IKOS are a modular spherical construction toy for inventors of all ages. With one shape, users can create everything from a full sphere to abstract curved creations. When you want to enhance your creation, snap pieces together vertically to create anything you wish. You can design anything you can dream up by adding other items or painting the sphere to create a unique and customizable 3D puzzle.

These student innovators brought to life Edison’s values by providing innovative solutions to problems displayed within their communities. With the addition of the Edison scholarship, these passionate inventors will continue to move innovation forward at the college of their choice.

If you would like to assist student innovators through Edison Universe, please visit our Edison Universe Page, or contact Mindy Manes for more details.