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Edison Universe, a 501(c)(3) organization, is committed to inspiring educational institutions and supporting the business world. Motivated by Edison's unique vision, unbridled optimism and insatiable curiosity, Edison Universe is focused on nourishing the possibilities, opportunities and foundations of success to empower the imaginations and vision of tomorrow's inventors and innovators.

CAPS: An "Edison's Menlo Park" for Students

Known worldwide for his famous inventions, Thomas Edison is less well-known for his most far-reaching contribution to business: his systemization of the R&D process. His Menlo Park research lab created a process where ideas could become realities with commercial potential.

The CAPS (Center for Advanced Professional Studies) create a modern-day Menlo Park environment at the high school level by integrating businesses directly into the educational curriculum. Bringing Edison’s values to life at an unprecedented level in the education world, CAPS now has locations throughout the country. Edison Universe is sponsoring contests to showcase these students’ innovations and the impact that businesses can have in these students’ lives.

Tesla/SpaceX: Connecting Students & Business

When he became a 2014 Edison Achievement Award Winner, Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, SpaceX and PayPal, gifted tours of his Tesla and SpaceX factories to Edison Universe for fifty students. Partnering with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Edison Universe arranged tours for the students who had won ASME engineering contests. Tesla and SpaceX considered the event to be a powerful recruiting opportunity that connected them with top engineering students for their internship programs, so the program will be continued.

Past Examples of Edison Universe in Action

RadMatter: Congress of Innovators

Edison Universe partnered with RadMatter, a game-based talent development platform, to bridge college students to industry. Edison Award Innovation community members provided challenges/missions for innovation students to solve. This program showcased students' skills, developed future talent, and provided the students with valuable feedback about their ideas.

scienceFIST: Empowering Youth

To address at-risk middle school students, Edison Universe partnered with the scienceFIST foundation. The 12-week after school science clubs provided innovation studies, mentoring, and hands-on student innovation. Edison Award Innovation community members provided show & tell style presentations about their innovative companies and many personally mentored (remotely) five students on a weekly basis.