Expert Reviewers

The Edison Awards Steering Committee works diligently to review the many nominations which are received each year. Assisting in this peer-review process is a global group of volunteer Expert Reviewers.

Expert Reviewers are a vital piece of the Edison Awards judging process by helping to determine the most innovative products and services and providing valuable feedback to our nominees. We are always looking to identify new industry experts and leaders to review nominations.

From October-December, reviewers  review nominees in their categories of expertise to help determine our finalists. In the new year, Expert Reviewers  participate in a second round of judging to review the finalists in all categories to help determine the award levels of our honorees.

If you are interested in being an expert reviewer for the 2024 Edison Awards, please let us know by applying here. If you are chosen to be a reviewer, we will contact you with more information.

Become an Edison Awards Expert Reviewer

Give back to the innovation community by using your experience and credentials to give your review of the Edison Award nominees submissions. Apply now!