Get to Know Fort Myers, FL

The Edison Awards are celebrated annually in Fort Myers, Fl. Hosted by a community that ranks as one of the top places in the world to do business the Edison Awards showcase some of the world’s top innovation leaders and new products from around the globe at the Luminary Hotel and Caloosa Sound Convention Center.

Thriving Business.
Innovative Living.
World-Class Tourism

With four designated historic districts and nearly 20 designated historic landmarks, Fort Myers has a rich past. Revitalization of the historic downtown district has lead to the development of one of the most exciting areas in the US. Situated on the Caloosahatchee River, the area has no shortages of amenities for residents or attractions for tourists.

Lee County, Florida

Covering more than 800 square miles, Lee County has more than a dozen diverse cities and communities filled with endless things to do. The county includes six main municipalities – Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Estero, Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel. Enjoy miles of white-sand beaches at the the Gulf of Mexico, kayaking around the barrier islands or up nearby rivers. Venture inland to visit numerous historic sites or a stroll on a wetland boardwalk.

Area Features

Edison and Ford Winter Estates

Fort Myers is home to the Thomas Edison and Henry Ford Winter Estate and lab. This historic property dates back to 1885 when Edison purchased the land on his very first visit to Fort Myers. Edison and his family wintered at the estate for the next six decades. In 1928, Edison, Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone partnered and built a lab on the property to study alternative sources for rubber. Visitors can browse through the historic homes, acres of botanic gardens, museum, laboratory.

Babcock Ranch

Praised as America’s First Solar Powered Town, Babcock Ranch is designed as a research and development hub for clean energy methods. Vibrant, engaging, and interactive community places, gathering spaces, nature trails, roadways, and waterways create memorable experiences. Visit Woodlea Hall Discovery Center in Founder’s Square to learn more about the Babcock Ranch vision and the core initiatives that shaped the town’s development, from environment and health to technology and transportation.

Downtown Fort Myers

The city of Fort Myers has the largest concentration of historic structures still standing in all of Southwest Florida. Continued development of the downtown area has led to it being a hub of economic, social and cultural activity. Find eclectic boutiques, art galleries, live theater, award-winning restaurants, tourist attractions and fantastic venues lining the streets and beyond throughout the River District. Take a walking tour through this vibrant area, then stop for a cool drink while overlooking the Caloosahatchee River.