An Edison Award represents an enormous achievement and is public recognition that your work is truly innovative with impressive impact in the world.

Consistent with Thomas Edison's values and principles, we believe that success carries with it enormous responsibility. We encourage Edison Award winners to participate, fund, or merely support in whatever way possible, some effort that advances the cause of innovation.

Ways to Get Involved

Through the notoriety you will receive as an Edison Award winner or as a part of our ongoing efforts to promote the Awards and our Award winners, we we hope that you will be willing to give back in some meaningful way. Contact Mary Odom at for more information on getting involved.

Edison Awards

  • Submit nominations for the yearly awards competition
  • Act as a judge for future Edison Award competitions
  • Become a speaker at the annual Meet the Innovators Forum.
  • Reserve space to show off your winning product at the annual Innovators' Showcase
  • Become a Sponsor. You'll get outstanding visibility, recognition and value. For more information, visit our sponsorship page

Edison Universe

  • Share your experience, innovation process and product with middle school students through our mentoring program.
  • Host a field-trip
  • Sponsor an internship
  • Organize educational programs and conferences
  • Assist in the development of new innovation curriculums

Social Media

  • "Like" and "Share" our social media promotions with your community
  • Promote your Edison Award wins on your channels