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New Category for 2018: Space Innovation

For decades, our future in Space has captivated the imagination of millions and inspired many to dream of exploring strange new worlds and securing humanity’s future as a multi-planetary species.

That future is here today. Space is rapidly becoming an everyday reality for a growing number of people around the world. A confluence of reduced launch costs and new technologies are bringing space within the grasp of many innovators and entrepreneurs.

This budding commercial space industry offers solutions for a resource strapped planet and future colonization of other worlds. Opportunities for new innovations span a broad range of applications developed to solve problems here on Earth and that can be scaled to solve key problems in space.

In celebrating over thirty years of recognizing and awarding innovation, The Edison Awards now expands into Space Innovation in partnership with NewSpace Chicago.

Topics sought for nomination cover diverse fields including space vehicles, propulsion systems, communications and sensors, habitats, sustainable ecologies, recycling and waste management, agriculture, biological and health sciences, nanotechnology, smart materials, alternative energy, resource extraction, manufacturing and construction, and more.

Someday we will harness the rise and fall of the tides and imprison the rays of the sun. – Thomas Edison

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