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Last week’s Edison Awards event was honored to feature Erik Lindbergh, grandson of famed aviator Charles Lindbergh, and President and Co-Founder of VerdeGo Aero as he spoke on  Bridging Past & Future Innovations.

Lindbergh spoke about Air Shepherd™, a program founded by the Lindbergh Foundation and now run exclusively by UAV & Drone Solutions, which won a 2018 Edison Silver Award in the Social Innovation-Surveillance category.  The anti-poaching program uses sophisticated drone operating teams in Africa that work with rangers on the ground to protect elephants and rhinos. Drones are flown over high-probability poaching areas, allowing rangers to intercept suspects before poaching incidents can take place.

As President of VerdeGo Aero, Lindbergh’s current goal is to create revolutionary short-range aircraft for fast, clean, quiet, and efficient urban transportation as shown in this video.  Its PAT200 personal air taxi is a hybrid-electric aircraft that features vertical takeoffs and landings and is optimized for quiet, efficient operation in urban environments. Lindbergh stated to the Edison Awards that VerdeGo Aero is building this aircraft right now with an estimated time to market of 5-10 years pending U.S. certification.

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Sixteen years ago Lindbergh retraced his grandfather’s historic 1927 New York-to-Paris flight.  He serves on the boards of the XPRIZE Foundation, the Lindbergh Foundation and Raisbeck Aviation High School.


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