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Rochelle Graham-Campbell

Rochelle Alikay Graham-Campbell is CEO and Founder of Alikay Naturals, a beauty & lifestyle brand. The company’s mission is to be a leader in providing quality products and services that promotes education and healthy beauty practices, raise awareness of natural ingredients and support underserved communities. Ms. Graham-Campbell’s Story Long before founders Rochelle Alikay Graham-Campbell and … Continue reading Rochelle Graham-Campbell

Keenan Beasley

Keenan Beasley is the founder of Venture Noire. This non-profit mentors and develops underprivileged diverse entrepreneurs and provides them with access to capital. Mr. Beasley’s Story Today, only around 1% of venture capital dollars goes to entrepreneurs of color. Coupled with discriminatory lending practices and institutional bias, America has undercut over 1 million minority-owned businesses … Continue reading Keenan Beasley

Chelsea Newton

Chelsea Newton is Assistant Lab Manager at Purafil, Inc.. Purafil engineers and manufactures gas-phase air filtration media, modules, equipment and air monitoring instrumentation. Their focus is to create the world’s best air purification products to make your life and business better. Ms. Newton’s Story: What is my innovation story? When I first looked at this … Continue reading Chelsea Newton

Marcus Curry

Marcus Curry is a college student and developer of WraPicK, a sustainability education catalyst whose goal is to reduce environmental footprint, enhance organic waste diversion, and provide compostable dining solutions. Mr. Curry’s Story: Sustainability Works, When We Work Together! In 2018, I was granted the opportunity to complete an internship as a Director of Operations … Continue reading Marcus Curry

Ron Billups

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Ron Billups is Senior Process Engineer at Porex. Porex implements groundbreaking technologies and a depth of expertise to engineer the porous plastic solutions that help bring their customers’ products to life. Mr. Billups’ Story: I can truly say that I have always had a thirst for knowledge both professionally and personally. I strive to learn … Continue reading Ron Billups

Chris Motley

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Chris Motley is Founder & CEO of Mentor Spaces. The organization helps high-performing, Black students and young professionals navigate the road to success through mentorship with experienced and influential leaders. Mr. Motley’s Story: I recognized that mentorship is the most transformation experience one can have. For underrepresented talent entering the workforce – one of the … Continue reading Chris Motley

Sean Wynn

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Sean Wynn is Co-founder of Cure Crate, a unique wellness experience through best-in-class CBD products delivered monthly. Cure Crate donates a portion of their proceeds to The Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to cannabis criminal justice reform.   Mr. Wynn’s Story: Tell us your innovation story: I created a way to effect change in … Continue reading Sean Wynn

Irewole Akande

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Irewole Akande is Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of City Health Tech. Through user centered design, first class technology, and community engagement, City Health Tech is committed to promoting disease prevention in cities around the world. Their device, OPAL, is their first step to standardize community health education, promote healthy handwashing habits, and collect data … Continue reading Irewole Akande

Patrick Pennie

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Patrick Pennie is Founder, President & CEO of EmCyte Corporation. After more than 20 years of innovation and development, EmCyte Corporation is widely recognized as the standard bearer of Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma and Progenitor Stem Cell Biologics, with a product portfolio that meets the highest achievable performance outcomes in point of care regenerative medicine. … Continue reading Patrick Pennie