Creating an Innovation Culture Inside Your Organization

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Innovation is critical for business. It keeps a company on the forefront of new developments and allows them to implement new tactics and procedure in new and evolving markets. Innovation enables organizations to stay one step ahead of the competition and gain a more significant market share.

Innovation also creates opportunities for higher efficiency and a more productive workforce with the right type of corporate culture. By creating a culture where all ideas are evaluated; the good, the bad, even the ridiculous ideas are supported, and employees begin to feel empowered.  If employees feel free to dream without rejection, they are more likely to express views which may become the most significant catalyst for innovation.

When building such a culture, it is essential to develop open lines of communication between employees are upper tiers of management. Many companies begin holding company-wide retreats also known as brainstorming sessions which allow employees to think outside of the box and participate in more of an untraditional manner.

In a recent incentive, Cisco Systems has worked to develop a more employee-friendly innovation culture by creating “Cisco Co-Innovation Disruption” which connects employees with each other across all functions with 100s of startups, customers, and partners to co-create digital solutions globally. These Co-innovation interactions have yielded more than 60 valuable customer outcomes and instilled a startup culture Cisco-wide.

For Cisco, innovation isn’t just a showcase or one-time event. Its co-innovation disruption continuously meets growing demand for digital breakthroughs with monumental–not incremental–value. External co-innovation centers and employee ventures often work hand-in-hand to generate such monetizable results.

Cisco has recognized employees must be empowered all allowed to think creatively for new ideas to form. By developing these innovation labs, current Cisco employees are encourage to work with smaller start-ups to develop the ideas that will transform tomorrow. Cisco embodies the idea of an innovative culture and is continuing to show that empowered employees are creative leaders looking to help build an already strong company portfolio.

Building an innovation culture within an organization can feel like a daunting task, as changing the way people approach situations can always lead to some turmoil. However, when innovation is at the forefront the results can speak for themselves.

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