Edison Universe Celebrates 2018 Student Innovators

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Edison Universe is committed to inspiring educational institutions and supporting the business world. Motivated by Edison’s unique vision, unbridled optimism, and insatiable curiosity, Edison Universe is focused on nourishing the possibilities, opportunities and foundations of success to empower the imaginations and vision of tomorrow’s inventors and innovators.

This past month Edison Universe sponsored a contest that allowed students of the CAPS program to showcase their student innovations for an opportunity to win one of the multiple scholarships. A variety of students submitted their innovations, and in the end, three winners were selected.

Gold – Every Drop Counts
by John Levi Holtzman and Joseph Jedlicka
Nixa, MO

Providers who pull blood aren’t told about what’s redrawn. We made a notification in Mercy Hospital’s computer system to decrease mistakes. Redraws inhibit lab results, costing time, money, and impeding patient care. When providers see the issue they can take ownership of the problem to solve it.

Silver – Pointe Wick
Rachel Schirber and Brannoc Borowiak-Miller
Overland Park, KS

The Pointe Wick is a no show sock worn on the inside of your pointe shoe to prevent it’s break down. It is made out of a patent pending microfiber polester that wicks moisture away from your foot and into the sock, while keeping the moisture away from the pointe shoe itself as well.

Bronze – Secure Cycle
Eric Christman
Overland Park, KS

Secure Cycle brings sensor technology into bicycle security. The device provides cyclists with valuable movement data of parked bikes, presented in real time, to detect deliberate tampering. Once the device recognizes movement patterns resembling theft, it sends a notification to the user’s phone.

These student innovators brought to life Edison’s values by providing innovative solutions to problems displayed within their communities. With the addition of the Edison scholarship, these passionate inventors will continue to move innovation forward at the college of their choice.

If you would like to assist student innovators through Edison Universe or learn more about the program, please visit our Edison Universe page, or contact Mary Odom for more details.

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