Hardcore technology is now driving the beauty industry with Wayne Liu of Perfect Corp | Episode 5

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Wayne Liu, SVP of Perfect Corp.

Wayne Liu, SVP of Perfect Corp, joins Justin Starbird to discuss how a hardcore technology company applies their innovation to the beauty industry.

Yes, to their roots, Perfect Corp incorporates R&D, engineering and innovation to all of their projects. According to Wayne, “…More than two-thirds of our employees are really technically driven. However, it’s not only technology. The spirit of the Edison Awards is really how to apply the technology into the real world and commercialize it, and then create benefit for the majority of the people. That’s really something we are looking at. We use our technology to create a product, and then we find a place where it can be useful and can benefit all the people. Then we commercialize, and get the business successes.”

That business model is confirmed by winning the Edison Award. Wayne adds that, “we recognize that we are having an impact on the market which we are choosing, which is the beauty industry. We are really mainstream now.”

Listen as Wayne shares how Perfect Corp is getting set to celebrate their first 5 years!

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