Innovation Needed for Healthcare Costs

One of the most exciting aspects of working at the Edison Awards is being on the forefront as new innovations hit the marketplace and observing the emergence of new categories.  One field that is ripe for an influx of innovative, game-changing products and services is the area of patients’ access to immediate, accurate information on healthcare costs—from one shot to a total hip replacement.

Elisabeth Rosenthal NY Times Sr. Writer
Elisabeth Rosenthal
NY Times Sr. Writer

At Mayo Clinic’s Transform2014 conference, New York Times senior writer Elisabeth Rosenthal shone a spotlight on this issue, relaying the stories of average Americans and the sticker shock they experience at the high price tag of ordinary services—experiences of people such as Michael Shopenn who ended up turning to a private hospital in Belgium for his hip replacement, and Renée Martin’s as she attempted to determine the American cost of having a baby.

As the nation’s #1 hospital, Mayo Clinic is on the forefront of empowering patients in their own healthcare.  In 2013 Mayo Clinic won a Gold Edison Award for its Patient App which gives patients mobile access to records, and a Silver Edison Award for their Asthma Connected Care App  that enables teens to manage their asthma.

Mayo Clinic Patient App
Mayo Clinic Patient App

Ms. Rosenthal, a New York Times senior writer who trained as a medical doctor, has been working on an 18-month series on health care costs and pricing of the regular, ordinary procedures that average people have — Paying Till it Hurts. Holding an M.D. degree from Harvard Medical School, Ms. Rosenthal trained at New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center (now New York-Presbyterian Medical Center) in internal medicine, working in the emergency department before becoming a full-time journalist.


Mayo Clinic Transform2014
Mayo Clinic Transform2014



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