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A new year brings new innovation, and 2018 should be no different. Chief Innovation Officers are working around the clock with their teams to keep up with the ever-changing sphere of innovation and disruptive technology, as they look for a way to incorporate new and emerging trends into their specific organizational domains during the next 12 months.

Here, we take a brief look at what trends CIOs and their teams will look towards and manage in 2018.

Internet of Things

Looking back the Internet of Things (IoT) has been transforming the way we live, work and play; however, in 2018 the focus will turn to strategy. Top industries such as manufacturing and logistics will need to create detailed plans to harness the growing potential of IoT solutions. While growing revenue conditions and increasing a competitive advantage is always a top priority, IoT projects will now be driven by strategy and more profound consumer insights as many companies look to harness the potential of this ever-growing trend.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has been on many radars for over that past few years, and with the overwhelming amount of growth this trend has seen, it is sure to be on top of trend lists for many years to come. 2018 will bring an approach change to AI as innovation teams make significant investments in AI- enhanced systems which will help with decision making, ecosystems and overall improve to the end user experience (i.e., the consumer experience). Innovation teams will look to data scientists and engineers as they invest in the tools to grow this evolving technology.


As a foundation for disruptive digital business for both small and large organizations alike, blockchain, a decentralized ledger of transactions, has moved from the worlds of financial institutions to other industries such as healthcare and logistics. While the technology is still growing, and to many is still considered in its infancy, many look to blockchains in 2018 to be the next breakout star.

Rockstars Wanted

As companies continue to grow and new technologies and solutions come forward, many CIOs are looking within their organizations for the next rising star. Many leaders consider expanding their innovation teams a top priority in the new year and are looking for those in specific niches to develop areas currently untouched by their companies. While strategic workforce planning can help executives find and select the best recruits, many are looking within the company walls for the next big idea/star.

While many organizations look to depart from the traditional customer-centric strategies in favor of high efficiencyand change-driving strategies; 2018 will bring a year of change as companies look inwards to find new talent and solutions to age-old problems that have been holding their teams back. Many organizational leaders will be looking towards 2018 to foster innovation and build critical innovative partnerships. From aligning business and developmental teams to distinguishing internal processes, 2018 is sure to bring an innovation revolution from within.

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