Leading during a pandemic with Dan Harden of Whipsaw | Episode 8

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Dan Harden, CEO and Founder, Whipsaw

Dan Harden, CEO and Founder of Whipsaw joins Justin Starbird today to discuss leading a company through adversity. Dan and his team are a group of true pioneers and innovators in the product design space.

Dan shares that, “We bring that attitude to our clients, that optimistic like good old fashioned American, “let’s roll up our sleeves and solve this problem” attitude lives in those companies so strongly that it’s benefited us during this pandemic. Our clients feel that they’re really grateful to us for sticking with them and helping them through this difficult time.”

Listen as Dan talks about how his team works explaining that it’s really just about the celebration and the joy of creative problem solving.” Everything that we do stems from this belief and this purpose, that the world can be a better place. If you think openly and creatively, we live and breathe innovation. It is our way of expressing ourselves. It feels natural.

If you are not familiar with Whipsaw, they have had a lot of big hits ranging, from Google Chromecast, Nike FuelBand many products for Brita, Dell products. The list goes on and on. They’ve helped clients produce and ship well over a thousand products since Dan founded the company back in 1999.

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