Meeting the demands of healthcare communication in an ever changing environment | Episode 10

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Vocera has always worked under the philosophy of following the customer and developing solutions centered around human-centered design techniques. Meaning that in order to design your product to be effective and to support the workflow in the business, you need to be immersed in the business and understand what happens from a workflow perspective.

As Kathy English, the Chief Marketing Officer of Vocera told Justin on this episode of Inspiring Minds, “The thing about healthcare is it’s always changing. A nurse’s day never goes smoothly or as it was intended. As the day goes on, they may have patients crashing, you have doctors coming in and wanting to talk to the nurse at any given time. You have new orders, you have new patient arrivals. It’s this dynamic environment and the only way to design a product that’s going to solve for that is to be immersed in it.”

Kathy explained how the product managers actually go onsite, follow the clinicians, and understand what happens on any given day and the way that workflow might need to change. The team at Vocera is inspiring folks each day to solve communication problems in healthcare.

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