Rochelle Graham-Campbell

Rochelle Graham-Campbell

Rochelle Alikay Graham-Campbell is CEO and Founder of Alikay Naturals, a beauty & lifestyle brand. The company’s mission is to be a leader in providing quality products and services that promotes education and healthy beauty practices, raise awareness of natural ingredients and support underserved communities.

Ms. Graham-Campbell’s Story

Long before founders Rochelle Alikay Graham-Campbell and Demond Campbell were young college students producing formulas and business strategies for Alikay Naturals™ in their kitchen, they were Black hair care consumers.

Using the knowledge of the benefits of natural ingredients that Rochelle learned from her herbalist YaYa in the Caribbean, Rochelle began to formulate products that addressed the needs of her tightly coiled hair as well as her skin care needs.

Containing no petroleum, mineral oil, alcohol, parabens, sulfate or silicone, Alikay Naturals™ products use the healing properties found in natural & organic ingredients to nourish and replenish moisture from inside out.

Describe the most significant influence that led you to your line of work:
At the start of Rochelle’s natural hair journey, she cut her damaged hair and began the search for natural products. During her search, she learned that most of the products on the market contained harsh chemicals. The natural products were expensive and the affordable products were harmful. Also, Rochelle didn’t see anything that catered specifically to women with kinky hair, only textures with looser curls. So she decided to create her own products to achieve healthy hair goals, which were inspired by her Jamaican roots.

Their first product was the Essential 17 Hair Growth Oil. Rochelle created the product for herself, but her followers noticed a healthy change and growth in her hair and immediately wanted to buy Essential 17. They began by making only a few batches, and the demand grew, thus starting the Alikay Naturals brand.

What do your family, friends and colleagues say about your accomplishments?:
Proud! What were doing is more than just creating hair products. Black Onyx World LLC produces a lifestyle for the mind, body, and soul. Rochelle was coined a pioneer in the industry because she founded a solution for people who were once considered an afterthought.

The multicultural woman has always come second in the hair care industry. But at Alikay Naturals, we love and respect the multicultural woman. We’re here to serve her and we believe that she too deserves herbalistic authentic beauty! Her needs are a priority and she deserves quality. We’ve changed what people consider beautiful and we’ve helped to introduce our culture to the world. Those closest to us consider that very impactful.
.Tell us about something that made you grow the most as a leader:
Chapter 5 of Rochelle ‘s book, 90 Days to C.E.O: A Guide To Avoid Business Pitfalls And Unlock The Secrets Of Entrepreneurship talks about the importance of self-care, especially for entrepreneurs. “Self-love and believing in myself has become so important to me,” she said. “In order for the world to love and accept you, you have to love yourself first. You have to know how amazing you are and not accept anything less than what you truly deserve.”

Share your ideas for mentoring the professional development of young entrepreneurs.
Always trust your gut. A lot of new entrepreneurs enter spaces and second guess their own judgment. “I have found that trusting your gut will take you far,” said Rochelle. “Also, I challenge you to always continue to expand your mind and learn something new. In my book, “90 Days to CEO” I talk about the importance of leadership growth. An organization can only continue to grow if its leader continues to grow as an individual and as a CEO.


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