Your Science Matters with David Rideout of Olympus | Episode 16

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Olympus, the large, global med-tech company, is celebrating being over 100 years old and still being recognized for innovation. With excellent objectives, planning, and strategy, Olympus has really broke barriers down in what many consider a ‘stayed technology’ in optics. With their Edison Award Win for X Line Objectives with ultra-thin convex and concave lenses they’ve taken it to a whole new level and are excited to be recognized for the hard work.

Olympus has developed a proprietary lens polishing technology to manufacture X Line Objectives with ultra-thin convex and concave lenses. The X Line Objectives break optical barriers and improve optical performance such as numerical aperture, image flatness, and chromatic correction.

David Rideout, Executive Director of Marketing for Life Science for Olympus Corporation of the Americas, joined Host Justin Starbird and explained that, “our focus is on clinicians, researchers, and pharmaceutical companies. That means that we’re bringing solutions that we pull for clinicians, we’re going to speed up diagnosis and accuracy of diagnosis, which we have researchers with new tools to deepen our understanding of the human body, and diseases that impact it, and help pharmaceutical companies bring new therapies to market faster. Obviously, all three of these have never been more important as we all weather this new storm in our lives.”

As the world has changed around us, Olympus has been set for long-term success because of a shift in mindset that occurred a few years ago with the mantra “Your Science Matters.” As David explains, “Everything we do is with that Your Science Matters mindset. “Working with people who are trying to cure Alzheimer’s, cure cancer and now, find a cure for COVID-19, for Olympus, it’s just natural to do everything we could to make sure the worker, our customers, and our users are doing continues as best as it can in this kind of time.”

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