The Edison Awards is a competitive awards program that highlights the strong marketing value of an unbiased 3rd-party review. By touching over 7,000 companies during each nomination season, Edison Awards is on the forefront of identifying emerging trends and market developments.

Our vision is continually guided by the legacy and vision of Thomas Edison and his Menlo Park team that successfully brought an unprecedented number of innovations to the market. The Edison Awards nomination process begins on August 1st and winners are announced in the Spring of the following year. Winners are encouraged to promote their award the remainder of the year and actively participate in the Edison Awards community.

  • Companies submit nominations for an Edison Award.
    August 1 - Late November

    BENEFIT: Nominees are required to summarize their innovation in terms of the four award criteria - concept, value, delivery and impact. "The process of filling out the nomination form turned out to be a valuable marketing tool as it required us to reflect upon our business and fine-tune and strengthen our message." - Past Nominee

  • Admissible nominations are showcased on the Edison Awards website and social media.
    September - April

    BENEFIT: Nominees receive notable market exposure through the Edison Awards marketing reach. Nominees are encourage to submit their entries early in the season to maximize their visibility to our audience as well as promote their nomination on their own publicity and marketing campaigns.

  • Selection of Semi-finalists & Finalists
    September - Early February

    BENEFIT: Nominations first receive a high-powered focus group review by the Edison Awards Steering Committee comprised of hand-picked industry experts from a spectrum of disciplines. The semi-finalist entries are then sent to 3,000+ industry experts, business executives and academics who comprise the Panel of Judges to select the award level for each finalist.

  • Finalists announced in honor of Thomas Edison’s birthday
    Second week in February

    BENEFIT: The distinctive nominations review process serves as an unbiased 3rd-party validation for the innovations advancing to Finalists status. The status delivers an affirmation of superior quality — a confirmation that can reach customers in a way that marketing and advertising cannot. Non-finalists and can request feedback on how to make their marketing message or innovation stronger.

  • Winners announced

    BENEFIT: Being recognized with an Edison Award™ is one of the highest accolades a company can receive in the name of innovation and business success.

  • Winners may license the "Edison Award Winner" seal to promote their win

    BENEFIT: Award winners may contribute to a licensing program giving them the right to use the "Edison Award Winner" seal (including the Gold, Silver and Bronze designation associated with their award) in their own publicity, marketing campaigns and packaging. The seal enables winning products or services to stand out prominently, separating it from the competition.