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S4 | E2 – The Lattice ORAN™ Solution Stack by Lattice Semiconductor

There’s a shift happening now as network providers push for more flexibility…it’s called ORAN, open radio access network. ORAN enables service providers to mix and match equipment from different vendors. But, there’s a growing security threat in this open environment. That’s why Lattice Semiconductor created a software tool called the Lattice ORAN Solution Stack.

This ready-to-use software protects communication between board components through encryption and authentication across channels; effectively “securing the wire” in the inherently open ORAN functionality.

Chief strategy and marketing officer for Lattice Semiconductor, Esam Elashmawi joins us on Inspiring Minds. He’s going to help us understand how this innovation creates not only improved security, but also the long-term impact of reliability and power efficiency throughout the telecommunications market.

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