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S4 | E4 – CAP3Nano by Qnergy

Imagine a world where we can eliminate methane gas emissions that contribute to rising temperatures across the globe… We can do that using a generator that works 24/7. And it’s all based on a concept developed 200 years ago…the Stirling Engine.

Qnergy’s innovation, the PowerGen CAP3Nano system eliminates methane emissions from off-grid natural gas wellpads. The engine is designed to capture raw, unprocessed methane that would otherwise be vented or flared and convert it into useful electricity and heat. The engine is coupled with a compressed air system to create a solution that substitutes methane with air. The manufacturing results in a product that requires no scheduled maintenance for up to 8 years even in the harshest, most remote environments.

Qnergy CEO Ory Zik is with us today to talk about the impact.

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