Edison Awards works with Sponsors to co-design and strategically develop a program that mutually benefits both organizations. Utilizing our mutual marketing avenues, we showcase both companies' services to a targeted audience of senior innovation leaders.

Why Sponsor?

Each year, hundreds of companies submit a nomination to receive an Edison Award, known as the "Oscars of Innovation." Over fifty percent are C-level executives who recently launched a new product or service and are in need of support to globally expand their product line and sales. Sponsorship gives your company an opportunity to connect with an international community of innovation practitioners.

  • Gain a competitive advantage through international exposure in multiple industries spanning all sectors
  • Magnify public awareness and strengthen your brand impact
  • Connect with a targeted audience of senior leaders from the world's most innovative companies
  • Promote your product and services to key decision makers

Thomas Edison

Align your business with one of the most widely known
and respected innovators in history, Thomas A. Edison

Thomas Edison's extraordinary product development methods and patents made him a household name across the world. Edison's innovations in electric light and power, recorded sound, and battery storage transformed our world. His pioneering of the first industrial research laboratory served as a prototype for today's corporate research and development centers and launched the concept of a collaborative environment. This revolutionary model allowed for a synergy of minds and funding, opening the door to the world of creativity and new developments.