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Edison Awards sponsorships are a marketing partnership. We work with sponsors to co-design and strategically develop a program that mutually benefits both organizations. Utilizing our mutual marketing avenues, we showcase both companies’ services to a targeted audience of senior innovation leaders and consumers.

Develop a deeper partnership with the
global innovation community

Your company is driven by new ideas, and innovation is at the heart of your strategic platform. Utilizing our targeted marketing platform, The Edison Awards will showcase your brand to the most influential audience of global innovation leadership across all industries and business sectors. 

“Sponsorship is viewed favorably because it is seen as a form of marketing that gives something back, that benefits someone else in addition to the marketer. It implies a degree of altruism absent from more commercial types of marketing.”
Source: American Marketing Association

Align your business with one of the most widely known and respected innovators in history–Thomas A. Edison

Thomas Edison’s extraordinary product development methods and innovations in electric light and power, recorded sound, and battery storage transformed our world. His pioneering of the first industrial research laboratory served as a prototype for today’s corporate research and development centers and launched the concept of a collaborative environment. This revolutionary model allowed for a synergy of minds and funding, opening the door to the world of creativity and new developments.

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Contact Frank Bonafilia at fbonafilia@edisonawards.com to discuss sponsorship opportunities available for the April 2024 Edison Awards event in Fort Myers, FL, where we will host hundreds of influential innovators, marketers and corporate executives. Get outstanding visibility, recognition and value.