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Being recognized with an Edison Award™ is one of the highest accolades a company can receive in the name of innovation and business success. The Edison Awards honor excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centered design and innovation. These Gold, Silver and Bronze Winners were chosen as the "best of the best" by the world's top senior business executives, academics, and innovation professionals. We congratulate all of our winners for their accomplishment!

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Technology Systems
  • Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft by SpaceX

    SpaceX designed, manufactured and launched the Falcon rocket and Dragon spacecraft, the first ever private spacecraft successfully recovered from Earth orbit, all for a fraction of traditional costs. Next year, SpaceX will make history once again as the first private company to visit the International Space Station.

  • WaveJet Propulsion System by Boomerboard LLC

    WaveJet is a patented personal water propulsion system designed for use in a range of personal watercraft. WaveJet is capable of 20 pounds of thrust with a continuous run-time of up to 39 minutes. WaveJet is an innovative technology with applications for beginner, experienced watermen and lifesaving organizations.

  • Blink Level 2 charger by ECOtality

    ECOtality's Blink Level 2 charger is the first truly smart EV charger. The Blink charger delivers a full charge in four to six hours. Its advanced communications capabilities ease integration of EVs onto the grid, and allows charging stations to communicate with one another as well as utilities and drivers.

  • OnStar For My Vehicle (FMV) by OnStar

    The power of OnStar is now available for most vehicles on the road through a new aftermarket product called OnStar FMV (For My Vehicle). OnStar FMV provides drivers with a range of safety, security and connectivity features that are unparalleled in the automotive space.

  • Back-up Collision Intervention by Nissan Motor Company

    Back-up Collision Intervention (BCI) System from Nissan Motors helps prevent a common accident by using side sensors to detect potential obstacles behind the vehicle. When an obstacle is detected while backing, the system gives visual and audible warnings, then applies the brakes to avoid backing over the obstacle.

  • Keyless Information Security System by HeistProof®

    Keyless Information Security System (K.I.S.S.) is an online M2M technology allowing reconfiguration of vehicle access remotely, from anywhere in the world, thereby changing those people authorized to start and operate a vehicle. This provides absolute security, GPS tracking, maintenance, and anti-theft protection.

Electric Vehicles
  • 2012 Ford Focus Electric by Ford Motor Company

    The all-new Focus Electric is Ford's first zero-CO2-emissions, gasoline-free, all-electric passenger car. The vehicle combines cutting-edge battery-electric and green technologies with recycled and renewable materials and an innovative manufacturing process, making it eco-friendly from bumper to bumper and more advanced than any other vehicle of its kind on the market.

  • Fisker Karma EVer™ by Fisker Automotive

    The first world-class luxury car to combine the power and efficiency of electric drive with the freedom and range of traditionally-powered vehicles.

    The Fisker Karma gives luxury car buyers their first environmentally conscious choice, without charging a premium for its award-winning design and advanced technology powertrain. While the Karma has 400 horsepower it is one of the most efficient and cleanest operating production vehicles available.

  • The Tyrano™ by Vision Motor Corp.

    Vision provides cost effective, zero emission, vehicle solutions to help short-haul freight carriers meet local, state and federal air emission standards and also provide a vehicle that delivers a lower cost of operation.

  • Zero-Emission Class 8 Hydrogen Truck by Total Transportation Services, Inc.

    TTSI has purchased and implement the use of a Class 8 (Heavy-duty)hydrogen truck to transport freight. This Zero Emission truck is having a positive impact on the environment in Southern California.

  • Independence Package® by Energy Xtreme

    The Independence Package is a smart power management system that power's a vehicle's full electrical load, completely eliminating the need for a vehicle to idle its engine. This of course substantially lowers fuel consumption and saves significant fuel costs while eliminating emissions.

  • Electric Motor System by KLD Energy Technologies Inc.

    More than just refining traditional electric propulsion and power generation, KLD Energy Technologies is supplanting it with new, breakthrough technology that improves the performance of motorcycles, scooters and other common products, while considerably reducing their environmental impact. The system cost-effectively creates higher power, speed and torque with much less energy.

Building Materials
  • DOW POWERHOUSE™ Solar Shingles by The Dow Chemical Company

    POWERHOUSE Solar Shingle is a revolutionary new roofing product that combines the performance and protection of a conventional asphalt roof with an integrated photovoltaic solar system that powers the home. It is a complete solar solution and the roof reinvented.

  • FORTECO™ Lightweight Composite Framing by Lightweight Structures, LLC

    The FORTECO Lightweight Composite Framing system replaces heavy concrete framing with an innovative combination light gauge steel, insulation and concrete resulting in super-insulated walls and floors that simplify, lessen cost and reduce time of construction of commercial and residential buildings.

  • Indow® Windows by Indow® Windows

    Indow Windows® Thermal window inserts that simply press into the inside of your window frames to give you money-saving, double-pane window performance, but at a fraction of the cost.

Power Generation/Utilization
  • Lithium-Air and Lithium-Water Batteries by PolyPlus Battery Company

    Ultra-lightweight and environmentally friendly batteries based on water-stable lithium electrodes patented by PolyPlus that enable a new generation of advanced power sources for land and sea.

  • nPower® PEG (Personal Energy Generator) by Tremont Electric

    The nPower® PEG (Personal Energy Generator) is the world's first passive kinetic energy recharging device for hand-held electronics, using no fuel other than motion, generating no emissions, providing consumers with electricity off the grid.

  • Carbon Engineering™ by Kiverdi

    Converts waste carbon into oil cheaply, enabling the production of sustainable oils for everyday products, including consumer goods - such as shampoo, detergent and deodorants - biopolymers, and fuels. With Kiverdi's Carbon Engineering technology, chemical manufacturers will be able to convert their waste into products, increasing plant productivity and margins.

Smart Systems
  • Nest Learning Thermostat by Nest

    The Nest Learning Thermostat learns about you and your home to automatically turn itself down when you're away, guide you to energy-efficient temperatures when you're home, and free you from programming hassles by creating a customized temperature schedule. The Nest Mobile app allows you to control Nest remotely.

  • SWITCH75 by SWITCH Lighting™

    Crafted with an industrial aesthetic, powered by a unique driver, and fitted with the most technically advanced cooling system, the SWITCH75 is the only LED light bulb that makes no compromise for energy efficient, affordable lighting. The bulb uses resources responsibly to make a positive impact on the planet.

  • The Panoptix™ solution by Johnson Controls

    The Panoptix building efficiency solution addresses the growing need to improve the performance of building systems to save energy, cost and enhance comfort. The most significant innovation in the building industry in 30 years, Panoptix combines cloud-based computing, data management and other technologies with Johnson Controls' 125 years of expertise.

Analytic Systems
  • Corus® CAD Gene Expression Test by CardioDx

    The only clinically validated blood-based test for obstructive coronary artery disease. The test, which involves a routine blood draw, is a decision-making tool that helps clinicians rule out obstructive coronary artery disease as the cause of symptoms. It does not expose patients to risks of radiation or imaging agent intolerance.

  • Aerobic Procedure for Lactic Acid Bacteria with 3M™ Petrifilm™ Aerobic Count Plates by 3M Food Safety

    Lactic Acid Bacteria, which can influence the flavor, color and shelf life of food and drinks, can now be easily counted following aerobic incubation in a sample-ready format. 3M's lactic acid testing procedure enables colony-associated acid production and gas production to be visualized.

  • Tissue-based compound screening by InvivoSciences™

    From InvivoSciences, LLC, tissue-based compound screening is used to analyze products or samples that will be consumed, applied, or expose to human or animal, such as pharmaceuticals and viruses, based on their effects on physiological properties of mass-produced micro-scale engineered tissue constructs that mimic their native functions in human and animal to predict their efficacy and safety issues.

Apps/Online Tools
  • Telcare Blood Glucose Monitoring System by Telcare

    Introducing the world's first cellular-enabled glucose meter for the world's 100 million people with diabetes. Every test is seamlessly sent to Telcare's cloud server and the user receives immediate clinical feedback and coaching. Telcare connects people with diabetes to a network of care, comprised of physicians, nurses, and loved ones.

  • ZocDoc by ZocDoc

    The ZocDoc mobile app for iPhone and Android is a free service that allows people to find nearby doctors who accept their insurance, see open appointment times, and simply click to book an appointment. Managing your health has never been easier.

  • Clinical Message™ co-developed by by QRS and the CICC

    QRS and the the Centre for Innovation in Complex Care (CICC) are transforming how clinicians communicate through the Clinical Messaging project. The purpose is to improve the safety and quality of care provided by reducing interruptions, improving efficiency with care coordination, and ensuring clinicians have access to the right information when it's needed.

Assistive Devices
  • Ekso by Ekso Bionics

    Ekso Bionics exists to create technology for the advancement of human motion. From the disabled to those who need help achieving feats beyond natural capability, the company develops bionics for the human endeavor. The company´s first commercial product is a smart exoskeleton named Ekso that will ship in January 2012.

  • AMP™ by Starkey Hearing Technologies

    AMP is a hearing aid for people who are not ready for hearing aids. Developed by Starkey Laboratories, Inc, it is a non-custom hearing aid inserted deep into the ear canal, making it virtually invisible in most people's ears.

  • Renew SleepClock™ by GEAR4

    GEAR4 Renew SleepClock enables sleepers to work towards better sleep. Renew SleepClock uses a sensor with no wires, wristbands or headbands to precisely track a user's deep and light sleep. It connects to your iPhone, iPod, or iPad and shows the results of subtle changes in sleep habits.

  • SleepView® Monitor and Portal by Midmark Corporation

    Midmark SleepView Monitor and SleepView Portal is the market's smallest and lightest portable home sleep monitor for testing of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), enabling patients to be tested in the comfort of their own bed and convenience of their own home for a more natural night of sleep.

Diagnostic Aids
  • SCALEVIEW™ by Olympus America Inc.

    A game-changing research system from Olympus America Inc. that allows biologists to see far deeper into the brain than ever before, so they can map its connections and better understand its functioning. It includes a reagent that literally makes opaque tissue clear, along with special microscope optics for bright imaging up to 8mm deep.

  • NETRA-G by EyeNETRA Inc.

    A mobile phone based eye diagnostic that consists of an extremely low cost snap-on eye piece and dispenses prescription for eyeglasses and screens for cataracts, without the assistance of a trained professional.

  • MelaFind® by MELA Sciences, Inc.

    MELA Sciences is a medical technology company and the developers of MelaFind®, the world's first multi-spectral, non-invasive and objective (100% automated) point-of-care system designed to be used when a dermatologist chooses to obtain additional information for a decision to biopsy atypical pigmented skin lesions.

  • Synthetic Vaccine Particles™ by Selecta Biosciences

    Synthetic Vaccine Particles (SVP™), a novel class of vaccines and breakthrough technology resolving limitations of today's biological vaccines, including production costs, time to market, efficacy and safety. By advancing a broad portfolio, Selecta Biosciences's SVP vaccines can transform how serious chronic diseases are prevented or treated to improve healthcare worldwide.

  • Human Monoclonal Antibody Discovery Platform by Adimab LLC

    A synthetic human immune system in yeast that revolutionizes biopharma's ability to discover and develop human monoclonal antibodies

  • Diabecline by pharmaCline

    A revolutionary pharmaceutical product, Diabecline's Site-Specific Penetration Technology kills bacteria. Our delivery mechanism restores the effective use of old and well known classes of active pharmaceuticals. Antibiotic products can be developed at a fraction of the usual cost and time- effectively restoring health and productivity to millions of patients globally.

  • PROPEL™ Mometasone Furoate Implant by Intersect ENT

    The first product of its kind to deliver drug in a local controlled fashion while mechanically preserving sinus patency, Propel reduces the need for post-operative surgical interventions and for oral steroid prescriptions. Clinically proven to improve outcomes of sinus surgery, which leads to improved long-term outcomes for chronic sinusitis patients.

Surgical Aids
  • ABSORB™ Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold by Abbott

    Abbott has developed the world?s first drug-eluting bioresorbable vascular scaffold for the treatment of coronary artery disease. ABSORB can accomplish what hasn't been possible with metallic stents: treat a patient's blocked heart vessel and dissolve after approximately two years, leaving a healed vessel free of a permanent metallic implant.

  • Percutaneous Surgical Set (PSS) by Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc.

    The Percutaneous Surgical Set (PSS) from Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson company, enables laparoscopic surgeons to do an operation with instruments the size of a needle. The resulting tissue defect is 5 times smaller than most other devices. It combines two functions (access to target and tissue manipulation) into one device, reducing cost and waste without sacrificing performance.

  • PARACHUTE™ by CardioKinetix, Inc.

    The PARACHUTE device from CardioKinetix, Inc. is comprised of a synthetic fluoropolymer (ePTFE) membrane stretched over a nitinol frame. The device is deployed into the apex of the left ventricle and partitions off the portion of the ventricle affected by the damaged myocardium in order to treat patients with ischemic heart failure.

Game Changer
  • IBM Watson Solutions

    IBM Watson represents a new class of industry specific analytic solutions that leverages deep content analysis and evidence based reasoning to bring a new form of intelligence to business. It accomplishes this based on a set of transformational technologies which leverage natural language, hypothesis generation, and evidence based learning.

Power Management
  • eCoupled™ Intelligent Wireless Power by Fulton Innovation

    Fulton Innovation has developed eCoupled intelligent wireless power technology based on inductive coupling, allowing for safe and efficient power transfer without wires. Wireless charging using eCoupled is now available in eight phones sold to consumers through Verizon Wireless. Most notably is the Motorola Droid 3, one of Motorola's best-selling phones.

  • Combination USB Charger Receptacle by Cooper Wiring Devices

    Cooper Wiring Device's combination USB charger with tamper resistant receptacle provides a permanent, energy-efficient charging alternative to bulky adapters and computers and is an ideal solution for residential, commercial, educational, municipal and hospitality applications.

  • Craftsman® NEXTEC QuickBoost™Charger

    A revolutionary time-saving technology that can bring a completely depleted battery back up to a 25 percent charge in just three minutes, providing the extra time needed to finish up the job at hand.

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Research Tools
  • Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings™ by Nielsen

    Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings provides a highly accurate method of identifying and measuring audience exposure to online ad campaigns using aggregated, anonymous demographic data from premium web publishers, including Facebook.

  • Honest-Signals Psychological Sensing Systems by Cogito Corporation

    Cogito is a fundamentally new way of analyzing and understanding psychology and behavior. On behalf of our large enterprise clients, we collect naturally-occurring telephone conversations and rich data-streams from multi-sensor platforms such as smartphones. We measure subtle human signals in the data to objectively quantify distress, depression, motivation and satisfaction.(www.cogitocorp.com)

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  • Mind Genomics Ideamap®.net by Moskowitz Jacobs, Inc.

    Mind Genomics (MG) from Moskowitz Jacobs, Inc. is the systematic study of mind-types (concept - response segments) through experimental design. MG is modeled on the emerging science of genomics and the technology of informatics.

Smart Systems
  • Nexia™ Home Intelligence by Ingersoll Rand Residential Solutions

    The Nexia Home Intelligence Home Automation System is a new way to run your home - it brings all connected household items together in one place for easy home monitoring and total control of household functions from wherever you happen to be in the world.

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  • Craftsman® AssureLink™ Garage Door Opener

    The Craftsman AssureLink™ Garage Door Opener is an innovative product that allows the homeowner to open and close their garage door via an internet-enabled device from thousands of miles away, providing peace of mind that the door is closed and access to the home when not present.

EDISON GREEN AWARD     Powered by CSRware
  • ConAgra Foods & Forgotten Harvest

    Created a novel partnership between a food manufacturing plant and a food rescue resource to redirect perfectly good & edible, but historically discarded food from a landfill to feeding hungry people.

  • Journey to Sustainability by Rodney Williams and Ron Scott of the Newark Public Schools

    Newark Public Schools have been looking for ways to conserve energy and reduce its carbon foot print.Through a Public/Private partnership with PSE&G we have installed 2.6 Mega Watts of solar electricity. This public/private partnership is different from any ventured to date in that it would include an academic component.

  • Johnson Controls Inc.

    Johnson Controls delivers products, services and solutions that increase energy efficiency and lower operating costs in buildings for more than one million customers. Operating from 500 branch offices in more than 150 countries, we are a leading provider of equipment, controls and services for heating, ventilating, air-conditioning, refrigeration and security.

  • Volkswagen Group of America, Chattanooga Operations LLC

    Volkswagen Chattanooga is the first car plant worldwide with a LEED platinum certificate. A new paint process and several environmental protection measures including recycling save water, energy , material and reduce waste drastically.

  • Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

    Our suite of carbon-efficiency initiatives ensured that Vodafone McLaren Mercedes not only became the world's first carbon-neutral Formula 1 racing team, but also garnered us recognition from the British government, who recognised our efforts as the UK's highest-placed automotive manufacturer in a survey of over 2000 participating businesses.

  • Gas Letdown Generator by Langson Energy, Inc.

    Like Edison, the Langson Energy, Inc. generator revolutionizes production of electricity. It slashes the cost and solves the problems of converting renewable and waste pressure to Green electricity 24/7. It consumes NO fossil fuel and mitigates tons of CO2 with terawatts of distributed emergency power immediately available utilizing existing infrastructure.

Health & Wellness
  • GE Adventure Series by GE Healthcare

    GE Adventure Series is an immersive experience that attends to a child's anxiety journey during the entire diagnostic imaging process. The Adventure Series is a solution that addresses these anxiety points from the time an exam is prescribed to the ride home.

  • Wellness Record by applepeak

    applepeak Wellness Record is a multi-channel Health and Wellness software platform that empowers individuals and engages professionals in the transition to a proactive, individual centric, self-managed care model. The B2B2C solution enables organizations to effectively launch, scale, and manage programs to deliver positive outcomes in adherence, behavior change, nutritional/exercise health, and disease management.

  • HealthCoach by inHealth, A Division of HealthGrades

    HealthCoaches are clinically supported, condition-specific medical assessments that give users actionable results and align sponsors with highly targeted audiences and robust analytics. Modeled after in-appointment dialogue between doctors and patients, HealthCoaches give consumers personalized results about a health condition, and give clear, educational information on highly accessible platforms.

Quality of Life
  • emPower! by PixelOptics™

    emPower! is the world's first electronically focusing eyewear designed to address the common condition of presbyopia.

  • 3M™ Kind Removal Silicone Tape by 3M Health Care

    3M Kind Removal Silicone Tape features advanced adhesive technology, combining reliable securement with clean, gentle removal - even on fragile, at-risk skin. It tears neatly by hand and is repositionable. In pre-market clinical evaluations, 9 out of 10 nurses surveyed prefer Kind Removal Silicone Tape over their current "gentle tape"!

  • The HopeFULL Gift Pack® by The HopeFULL Company

    A patent-pending product that has revolutionized cancer nutrition. Provides a means to create delicious, nutrient-dense meals packed with vitamins, protein and healthy calories in the form of a frozen whole food pop. Developed to help children and adults who are having trouble eating due to illness, particularly cancer.

  • The SimplyHome System by SimplyHome, LLC

    An innovative system of highly customizable wireless technologies and care-focused services that empowers affordable and dignified residential independence, expanding solutions regarding living status, personal care, and quality of life for aging and disabled populations.

Social Impact
  • chotuKool by Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Co.

    ChotuKool is a disruptive innovation aimed at meeting the daily food and beverage cooling needs of the 80% of the world population that lacks refrigerators. Priced at half of an entry-level refrigerator, ChotuKool is portable, doesn't require constant electricity, and uses a thermoelectric chip rather than a traditional compressor.

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  • Ace by Whirlpool Corporation

    ACE is a revolutionary semi-automatic washing station that provides unmatched convenience and utility through its innovative design, compact footprint, robust plastic body construction and mobility features combined with Whirlpool's standard best cleaning performance. This concept was introduced for mass consumer segment in India with principles of aesthetics, compactness, ergonomics (ACE).

  • Assimilating Rural Youth into knowledge economy through impact sourcing by RuralShores

    Rural Shores, founded by an Indian American, is a small, entrepreneurial firm that employs a revolutionary business model that delivers business process outsourcing services to Indian and Multinational clients while potentially creating great shareholder wealth and an estimated 100,000 jobs for youth in impoverished rural villages all over India.

  • Tide Dry Cleaners® by The Procter & Gamble Company

    Tide Dry Cleaners is an innovative extension to one of our core brands, enabling us to touch more consumers' lives with a service we know consumers are looking for. Tide Dry Cleaners began as a test in Kansas City, and we are now expanding the business throughout the United States.

  • KinekPoint by Kinek

    Kinek's network of 1000-plus delivery centers allows shoppers across North America to have items shipped from any source worldwide to secure "KinekPoint" destinations. Through a quick sign-up process and email/text tracking, Kinek frees consumers from worries of missed/stolen deliveries. Retailer-located KinekPoints enable stores to drive traffic without marketing spend.

Personal Care
  • Philips Sonicare AirFloss by Philips Sonicare

    Philips Sonicare AirFloss is the first-of-its-kind flossing device that 86 percent of users found easier to use than string floss. The device effectively cleans between teeth using microbursts of air and water droplets to remove 99 percent more plaque that brushing with a manual toothbrush alone.

  • GLO Brilliant® Personal Teeth Whitening Device by GLO Science Inc.

    G.L.O. Guided Light Optic technology uses professional elements of heat and light, for the first time in a closed-system, formfitting, patented mouthpiece sealing in the active process of whitening. This prevents the active oxygens from escaping the tooth surface, accelerates and stabilizes teeth whitening results, for whiter teeth without sensitivity.

  • Crest® 3D White Intensive Professional Effects Whitestrips by The Procter & Gamble Company

    With new Crest 3D White Intensive Professional Effects Whitestrips, the secret is in the strip. It transforms your smile, producing professional-level whitening in just 7 days. And since it also uses our groundbreaking Advanced Seal technology, you'll get convenient, no-slip whitening. You can even drink water while you whiten!

  • MiO Liquid Water Enhancer by Kraft Foods

    A revolutionary liquid water enhancer that transforms water into a delicious, flavorful beverage made to an individuals unique, personal taste.

  • Orville Redenbacher's Pop Up Bowl by ConAgra Foods

    A microwave popcorn package that transforms into an easy to eat from wide mouth bowl. Innovative lamination of PET film, paper, adhesives, and laser scores brings new consumer benefits to a decades old package format.

  • Duncan Hines® Frosting Creations™ by Pinnacle Foods Group, LLC

    Frosting Creations from Duncan Hines is a new way to personalize baked goods with unique frosting flavors that can easily be created at home. This patent pending system includes a frosting starter and 12 flavor mixes.

  • Tide Pods by The Procter & Gamble Company

    Tide Pods are a three chamber unit dose detergent that is especially designed to brighten, fight stains and clean. Tide Pods also feature a unique film that dissolves and works effectively in all water temperatures, even in cold water.

  • Flings® Pop-Up Trash & Recycling Bins by TrashCo. Inc.

    Flings Pop-Up Trash and Recycle Bins radically simplify trash handling for occasions or everyday use. Flings come flat (think pizza box depth); are readily portable; pop open into a stand-up bin; and are easily disposed. Patterns help signal the usage and occasion. Trash has never been easier, or more fun!

  • bobble jug by Move Collective LLC

    Designed by Karim Rashid for Move Collective, bobble jug is a faster, smarter, sleeker reimagining of the squat, slow-filtering jugs that have hogged space in refrigerators for generations. Unlike standard jugs, there is no "second reservoir," which allows for instant filtration and ready to drink water.

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Collaborative Networks & Support
  • Kern Entrepreneurship Education Network by Kern Family Foundation

    Kern Entrepreneurship Education Network is a network of over 20 American universities cooperatively working together to change engineering education by instilling an entrepreneurial mindset in their graduates.

  • Preparing Women for Global Leadership: College Prep and Beyond by Regina Dominican

    A high-school based learning community preparing young women for global leadership by integrating college preparatory material with offerings of the Regina Leadership Institute through high impact project challenges provided by global corporate, university and non-profit partners. Participation available to parents, alumnae, elementary & high schools and global communities.

  • OpenStudy by Inquus Corporation

    Makes the world one big study group where students can connect with each other from any where in the world -- regardless of academic institution or geographical location -- and give help and get help from a global network of study peers.

Curriculum/Educational Programs
  • The 21st Century Youth Project by Emile Cambry, Jr.

    The 21st Century Youth Project is a free after-school program that teaches, and prepares students with next generation skills. The students write, design,create, and market applications for the iPhone, iPad, Google Android, and many other mobile computing platforms.

  • Discovery Education K-8 Science Techbook by Discovery Education

    Discovery Education Science Techbook represents a new era in education, Designed for today's digitally native students, Techbook replaces outdated textbooks with an educational experience so engaging, students don't realize they're mastering critical science skills. With video, virtual and hands-on labs, simulations and reading passages, Techbook is how today's students learn.

  • Innovation 101 Digital Educational Module by The Henry Ford

    Innovation 101 is a unique and dynamic digital educational module that uses oral history interviews of some of America's iconic innovators, past and present from The Henry Ford's OnInnovation website. Innovation 101 actively engages participants in 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and creativity fueling a 'can-do' attitude.

  • Dyson Hot + Cool by Dyson

    Using patented Air Multiplier technology, the Dyson Hot fan heater provides safe and efficient heating without grills. Unlike conventional heaters it has a dual-mode function as a cooling fan keeping a room between 32 and 99 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • TikTok + LunaTik by Scott Wilson & MINIMAL

    TikTok + LunaTik, the crowd-funded designs that raised $1m in 30days, simply transform the iPod nano into the world's coolest multi-touch watches.

  • WordLock® by WordLock, Inc.

    What good is a lock if you can't remember the combination? WordLock is a combination lock that lets you set your combination to a WORD instead of confusing numbers. In a Word: Secure.

  • Lift'n Buddy® by Ergologistics™, LLC

    Lift'n Buddy is a mobile lifting device that combines the best of a standard two-wheeler's durability and functionality with automatic lifting and lowering capabilities. Lift'n Buddy alleviates strain and injury by lifting to safe ergonomic positions.

  • The Kobalt Double-Drive by Kobalt®/Lowe's®

    The Kobalt Double-Drive may look like an ordinary screwdriver, but when you hold the collar, it engages the Double-Drive, so when you turn the handle forward and backward, the bits keep on moving with every turn, making the Double-Drive 2x faster than any standard ratcheting screwdrivers. www.KobaltTools.com

  • Slice Box Cutter by Slice

    The final design is the result of ergonomic studies, it was rather serendipitous that the j-hook shape doubles as wraparound hand/knuckle protection but also as a hook so that the user can simply hang it on his/her pocket w/ the blade portion outside the pocket

Computing Solutions
  • Memjet Technologies by Memjet

    Memjet technologies make possible an amazingly fast and efficient digital color print system that combines controller chip, ink and revolutionary printheads for a fraction of the cost. Over a decade in development, Memjet technologies put more than 70,000 ink nozzles on a single printhead for the delivery of 60 pages/minute.

  • ABAX® 3PLD by Tabula®

    The world's first 3-D Programmable Logic Chips. Tabula's ABAX 3PLDs combines the hardware for scalable computing, the software to program massively scalable devices, and the fundamental computer science to make everything programmable.

  • AP 6511 802.11n WallPlate Access Point by Motorola Solutions

    The AP 6511 from Motorola Solutions is an 802.11a/b/g/n wireless access point designed for the most challenging wireless LAN environments - delivering WiFi access to tablets and smartphones. With its snap-on design, installation of the AP 6511 takes minutes, not hours, dramatically lowering the installation time and cost of a wireless LAN.

  • Logitech Harmony® Link by Logitech

    With thousands of TV channels, shows and movies, finding the content you want is often a challenge. In response, the Logitech Harmony® Link turns your iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch® or Android smartphone into the smartest remote in the house.

  • SkyProdigy Computerized Telescope by Celestron

    This revolutionary new telescope is designed for people without any prior knowledge of astronomy. SkyProdigy telescopes use an integrated imaging camera and patented StarSense Technology to automatically align with the night-sky. In less than three minutes you will tour outer space using SkyProdigy's internal database of over 4,000 celestial objects.

  • Logitech® UE™ Air Speaker with Apple's AirPlay®

    The Logitech® Air Speaker with Apple® AirPlay® technology taps into your home Wi-Fi® network to stream and play uncompressed audio from your iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch® or laptop using iTunes. You can even sync your music to multiple AirPlay speakers, or your second-generation Apple TV.

  • Lytro Light Field Camera by Lytro

    Lytro has introduced a new way to take and experience pictures. Lytro is the first light field camera that allows consumers to instantly capture interactive, living pictures and then focus them AFTER they are taken.

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  • Eyez Glasses by ZionEyez LLC

    Eyez embeds a 720p HD video camera within a pair of eyeglasses designed to record and share live video on social networking sites. The video can be stored on the internal flash memory, or wirelessly transferred via Wifi/Bluetooth to an iPhone/Android smartphone app.

  • MOD Live by Recon Instruments

    The MOD Live is an Android-based, GPS-enabled, snap-fit a Micro-Optics Display for ski goggles. It ships with four new apps: Buddy Tracking, Smartphone Connectivity, Navigation app pre-loaded with the largest database of trail maps in the world, Music Playlist Mode, and Camera Connectivity for use with wireless point-of-view action cameras.

Smart Devices
  • iPhone 4s with Siri by Apple

    The iPhone 4s relies on Siri to let you use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls - it understands what you say and what you mean. Among the 200 new features in the 4s are boosted battery life, all-new optics, 8MP/HD video camera and many more.

  • DROID RAZR by Motorola

    DROID RAZR by Motorola is the world's thinnest 4G LTE smartphone. A true marvel of design, this smartphone packs strength and smarts into a stylish package offered exclusively from Verizon Wireless.

  • Kindle Fire by Amazon

    The Kindle Fire is a 7-inch tablet with a vibrant, color touchscreen that links seamlessly with Amazon's rich collection of digital music, video, magazine and book services. It has an ultra-fast web browser, thousands of popular apps, free cloud storage, all at an ultra-affordable $199 price.

Apps/Online Tools
  • Transclick™ Mobile Translation Apps Infrastructure by Transclick, Inc.

    Transclick, Inc.'s patent-protected technology combines real-time, instantaneous language translation with mobile email, instant messaging and SMS enabling linguistically isolated communities to communicate, collaborate and transact across the language barrier with customizable context-sensitive microglossaries for much higher accuracy than free online translation.

  • Abriiz™ by Ideomed®

    Abriiz helps asthmatic children comply with their asthma treatment plans. A web module for parents sets medications and incentives and track progress, while the corresponding mobile application reminds the child and records doses, triggers, symptoms and attacks. An optional Bluetooth-enabled inhaler/pill bottle sleeve tracks wirelessly to the website (available 2012).

  • Chicago Traffic Tracker by City of Chicago, Department of Transportation

    An innovative approach to measure and disseminate arterial street traffic conditions in real-time so as to maximize the efficiency of a street network.

  • Green Box® Solution by ViridiSTOR® LLC

    The ViridiSTOR® Green Box Solution replaces paper-based materials at trade shows, conferences and meetings, greatly reducing the environmental impact of the event while increasing the usability of information for attendees, and tremendously reducing costs. This sustainable/cost saving innovation can be used at over 16,000 events annually in North America alone.

  • Carbonite Business by Carbonite®

    Carbonite Business brings a cloud backup solution to the market designed specifically for small-and-medium sized businesses (SMBs) with flat-rate pricing and a variety of features designed to address the backup requirements, budget restraints, security and accessibility needs of SMBs.

  • Appcelerator Titanium™ by Appcelerator

    Appcelerator's Titanium Integrated Mobile Platform is the only mobile cloud solution on the market that makes it easy for developers and brands to quickly create cross-platform native mobile, hybrid and HTML5 web apps. Titanium apps harness device-specific features and cloud services that enhance app utility with a rich user experience.

Personal Safety/Security
  • First Assist by OnStar

    OnStar's First Assist is a new service in which OnStar Emergency Advisors are specially trained and certified in order to provide Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) guidance to victims in emergency situations. While victims wait for help to arrive, OnStar Emergency Advisors can provide them with critical medical instructions.

  • Smart911 by Rave Mobile Safety

    Smart911 is a national emergency response data service providing 9-1-1 call takers and first responders with voluntarily provided citizen information the second a call is made. Citizens share life-saving, supplemental information through a secure profile. Smart911 enables more informed and more effective emergency response and can save lives.

  • Webroot® SecureAnywhere™ by Webroot Inc.

    Webroot® SecureAnywhere™ uses a radically new cloud-based approach to online security that protects you against new threats, without requiring you to download updates. And it does so at blazing fast speeds, scanning your entire PC in about two minutes. It's the fastest, lightest, and least disruptive security you can buy.

Social Innovation
  • GiveForward fundraising pages by GiveForward

    GiveForward is the world's leading medical fundraising platform, providing families with the answer to the #1 asked question when a loved one is sick: what can I do to help? Since 2008, GiveForward has empowered families to raise millions of dollars for things like co-pays, prescriptions, and travel to treatment.

  • Clean Energy Finance Model by Ygrene

    Ygrene Energy Finance is a breakthrough financial mechanism that funds energy efficiency and renewable energy projects for residential, commercial and industrial properties across the country. The program generates large-scale economic benefits and substantial job creation for municipalities while allowing property owners to fund green retrofits without a sizeable capital commitment.

  • GoodSearch, LLC

    GoodSearch, LLC is a game-changing approach to philanthropy which allows people to support their favorite charity or school through their every day actions --including searching the Internet, shopping online and dining out.

  • EcoAd Program by CBS EcoMedia Inc.

    EcoAd Program is a patent-pending business model that transforms traditional advertising into an agent for social change by directing a portion of every advertising campaign budget to bricks-and-mortar environmental projects which aim to create jobs, save taxpayer money, reduce carbon emissions, and improve the quality of life in communities across America.

Enhanced Functionality
  • Corning® Gorilla® Glass by Corning Incorporated

    Visually stunning, lightweight, and highly damage-resistant, Corning Gorilla Glass® is changing the way the world thinks about glass. An environmentally friendly alkali-aluminosilicate thin-sheet glass, Corning Gorilla Glass® helps protect the world's latest devices from the many real-world events that commonly cause glass failure, enabling exciting new applications in technology and design.

  • Liquipel by Liquipel

    Liquipel is a patent pending process for super hydrophobic nano coating used to protect electronic devices from damage due to exposure to liquids. Liquipel is the first company in the world to make this technology available to consumers and will forever change how people use their electronic devices.

  • Smart InMold™ by T-Ink, Inc.

    T-Ink, Inc. has invented "Thinking Ink". T-Ink invents, develops, designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of highly innovative conductive ink technologies to replace physical wires, switches, buttons, batteries and sensors with nothing more then smart ink. T-Ink's smart Ink-Tel systems creates an entirely new platform for invention of new products and ideas along with a whole new way for inventors and designers to create and design.

Safety & Sustainability
  • BoralPure™ Technology Smog Eating Tile by Boral Roofing Products, LLC

    BoralPure™ Technology Smog Eating Tile is an eco-friendly concrete roof system with a proven ability to reduce the formation of smog produced by fossil burning fuel. BoralPure™ is the first and only product of its kind available in the United States that can neutralize disease-causing pollutants in the air.

  • PURETI™ Self-Cleaning, Air-Purifying Solutions by PURETI Inc.

    An American manufacturer of light activated, water and titania based solutions that safely transform treated surfaces - building exteriors and interiors, solar panels and roads - into self-cleaning air purifiers. One cost effective spray application works for 3-5 sustainable years.

  • XyloBag by cycleWood Solutions Inc.

    The XyloBag is a lignin-based biodegradable plastic bag that utilizes a waste stream as the primary raw material source. It has all the benefits of the plastic bag without the residual environmental issues.

  • Citrix® GoToMeeting® with HDFaces™ by Citrix

    Citrix GoToMeeting with HDFaces transforms business collaboration by offering an easy, powerful way to meet and collaborate through high-definition video, audio and screen sharing over the Internet for one flat fee.

  • iMeet by PGi

    iMeet is a web-based video conferencing solution that allows people to enjoy the benefits of simple, in-the-cloud video meetings without the hassles of software downloads, hardware investments or IT support. With the recent launch of its mobility suite, iMeet works from every computer, tablet or mobile device.

  • Polycom® RealPresence® Mobile by Polycom, Inc.

    The first enterprise-class, cloud-based HD application enabling users to engage in video and content sharing services on Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Motorola Xoom. Individuals can now meet by video "in the cloud" and work together face-to-face, any time, from anywhere, improving teamwork and decision-making. http://bit.ly/uf6Z6q

Content Display
  • Cybertecture® Mirror by James Law Cybertecture®

    Cybertecture Mirror is an innovation that augments your reflection with personal interaction and digital applications. An elegant interplay of live data is visible on the digital display custom-made with module applications based around daily life, health analysis, social media, entertainment, cosmetics vanity, exercise, and dental care.

  • LG CINEMA 3D by LG Electronics USA

    LG developed CINEMA 3D technology in response to consumer feedback about active 3D, the first generation of 3D technology. CINEMA 3D offers consumers the 3D movie theater viewing experience in their home with lightweight eyewear, crisp, bright images and wide-angle viewing.

  • VIZIO Theater 3D™ by VIZIO

    VIZIO Theater 3D™ technology brings the movie theater 3D experience home, delivering crystal-clear, flicker-free 3D. The Theater 3D sets come with up to four pairs of lightweight, stylish, battery-free 3D glasses, allowing the whole family to enjoy!

Mass Media
  • BallPark Cam system by MLB Network®

    MLB Network utilizes 60 robotic cameras located in 30 Major League ballparks remotely controlled by operators in their NJ studios. With 15 hours of live programming produced daily during the regular season, Ballpark Cam affords the network unlimited access into every park with cost effective and technically superior media delivery.

  • Everloop.com by Everloop

    A digital homebase for kids under 13 where they can connect with friends, play games, create, and learn. No bullying or bad language.

  • The Domino Project by Seth Godin

    The Domino Project is a series of short, inspiring business books by today's thought leaders. Using the internet's ability to bring about speed, targeted marketing and mass distribution, founder Seth Godin and Amazon set about changing the way books are built, sold and spread, creating a new distribution channel.

  • Hubspot all-in-one marketing software

    HubSpot, Inc. offers an all-in-one marketing software platform that has helped more than 5000 companies in 34 countries attract leads and convert them into customers. Applications in the software platform include website management, blogging, search engine optimization, lead management, marketing analytics, email marketing, landing pages, and social media monitoring.

  • YouTube Space Lab by YouTube

    A global initiative challenging 14-18 year-old students to design a science experiment for space. The winning experiments will be performed aboard the International Space Station and live streamed on YouTube worldwide. Through the wonder of space, and power of YouTube, Space Lab aims to inspire the next generation of scientists.

  • Single Source + Advertising Analytics by Nielsen Catalina Solutions

    Nielsen Catalina Solutions developed advertising performance and accountability analytics benefiting CPG marketers, agencies and media companies by directly linking what consumers watch with what they buy, the "Holy Grail" of marketing. Our groundbreaking services have the most complete view of the consumer to improve advertising effectiveness and provide full transparency.