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Being recognized with an Edison Award™ is one of the highest accolades a company can receive in the name of innovation and business success. The Edison Awards honor excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centered design and innovation. These Gold, Silver and Bronze Winners were chosen as the "best of the best" by the world's top senior business executives, academics, and innovation professionals. We congratulate all of our winners for their accomplishment!

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Food Processing & Preparation
  • Microwave-assisted Aseptic ProcessingMicrowave-assisted Aseptic Processing by Aseptia

    Aseptia develops and implements patented technologies for microwave-assisted aseptic processing, monitoring and validation to produce shelf stable foods with superior flavor, color and nutrition, requiring no preservatives or refrigeration. We introduced the world's first microwave processed aseptic foods to the U.S. retail market (fruit smoothies, purees and vegetable soups).

  • Nomiku ™Nomiku ™ by Nomiku

    Nomiku makes you an amazing chef. The smallest and most powerful immersion circulator, Nomiku harnesses the magic of the once expensive and exclusive sous vide cooking method and brings it to kitchens all over the world. Walk into any kitchen, confident that the food you'll make is perfect.

  • High Pressure Processing (HPP) EquipmentHigh Pressure Processing (HPP) Equipment by Hiperbaric S.A.

    Hiperbaric has developed a new way to naturally extend the shelf life of food with cold pressure as an alternative way to kill bacteria while maintaining the vitamins, nutrients and organoleptic quality of the product.

Diagnostic/Detection Systems
  • Unconstrained Biometric IdentificationUnconstrained Biometric Identification by Carnegie Mellon University Biometrics Center

    Our Unconstrained Biometric Identification platform can enhance and identify people from very low resolution footage that includes facial occlusions, even when not looking directly at the camera. The platform can acquire high resolution eye images from up to 12 meters away and identify people based solely on their iris patterns

  • MINI Z™ Handheld Z Backscatter® Screening SystemMINI Z™ Handheld Z Backscatter® Screening System by American Science and Engineering, Inc.

    MINI Z™ is the world's first portable Z Backscatter® X-ray imaging system that security and public safety officials can use "on the go" for fast, portable, real-time detection of concealed organic threats including drugs, plastic explosives, plastic guns, ceramic knives and other contraband in unattended bags and hard-to-reach locations.

  • SCiO™SCiO™ by Consumer Physics

    SCiO is the world's first molecular sensor that fits in the palm of your hand! With SCiO you can scan materials and get instant relevant information directly to your smartphone. It is a non-intrusive, no-touch sensor that provides a seamless user experience. Explore more with the click of a button.

Navigation & Robotics
  • THESTHESBOT by HiBot Corporation

    THESBOT is a snake-like robot developed for pipe inspection. Its innovative concept allows it to autonomously climb vertical pipes and negotiate elbows, u-bends and T-joints in pipes as small as 3". While acquiring real-time images, THESBOT may carry other specialized sensors, providing invaluable information for predictive plant maintenance.

  • NEON® Indoor Location SystemNEON® Indoor Location System by TRX Systems, Inc.

    TRX NEON delivers location everywhere, improving safety and effectiveness of public safety personnel. TRX's NEON Indoor Location Service seamlessly delivers location within buildings where GPS does not work, without requiring installation of beacons. The software combines information from device built-in sensors to develop 3d building maps and pinpoint people's location.

  • indoo.rsindoo.rs by indoo.rs GmbH

    indoo.rs is providing the world's first indoor navigation solution at an airport that also caters for the needs of visually challenged people. Using iBeacons, Wi-Fi access points, and a mobile app, to guide passengers. Routing-by-voice is available through the use of a smart phone's accessibility feature.

Industrial Solutions
  • DAQRI Smart HelmetDAQRI Smart Helmet by DAQRI

    DAQRI's Smart Helmet is a professional-grade hardhat that uses 4D augmented reality technology to connect workers to their environments. The head-mounted display improves productivity, safety and efficiency by allowing work instructions to be seen through the helmet in the context of the job being done.

  • On Demand Packaging® iQ Fusion 2™On Demand Packaging® iQ Fusion 2™ by Packsize International

    A transformational supply chain innovation, Packsize's On Demand Packaging® iQ Fusion 2™ machine produces the right-sized box for every product exactly when needed. Providing an infinite number of boxes for variable-sized products directly on a company's pack line, this lean system intelligently manages corrugated material, increases packaging efficiencies, and improves sustainability.

  • guideWELD(tm) LIVEguideWELD™ LIVE by Realityworks, Inc.

    Realityworks' guideWELD™ LIVE real welding guidance system provides welding guidance on welding techniques during live welding. Guidance occurs inside the helmet, allowing students to make immediate welding corrections - it's like having an instructor in every helmet. Create better welders more efficiently with guideWELD LIVE, which includes 30 hours of curriculum.

Health, Safety & Emergency Response
  • LDG Light Bulb ™LDG Light Bulb ™ by Parhelion Incorporated

    LDG (Laser Diffraction Grating) Light Bulb. LDG is a laser-based light with passive cooling. It features combined blue light wavelength and a beam splitting optical component, able to shine through fire, smoke, fog and mist without the blinding fog. The light uses 1 watt, 38 Lumens, for 10,000 hours, reaching deep without loss of intensity.

  • Rave Panic ButtonRave Panic Button™ by Rave Mobile Safety

    With the single press of a button, the Rave Panic Button smart phone app immediately connects users to 9-1-1 and simultaneously warns other onsite personnel of an emergency, thereby accelerating response and notifying others who either may be in danger or could provide faster intervention.

  • Clever Medkit™Clever Medkit™ by Inventory Technologies Limited

    Inventory Technologies Ltd has revolutionised and reinvented the traditional first-aid kit creating an innovative solution to the common problem of unreplaced or missing medical supplies. With smart technologies that track which items were used, when, and by whom, the Clever Medkit gives peace of mind to managers worldwide.

  • Motorola Solutions LEX L10 Mission-Critical LTE HandheldMotorola Solutions LEX L10 Mission-Critical LTE Handheld by Motorola Solutions

    The LEX L10 Mission Critical LTE Handheld is purpose-built to deliver the adaptive Public Safety Experience (PSX) that responders need to work faster, safer and smarter. It addresses the unique requirements of public safety personnel by delivering the mission critical capabilities not available on consumer-grade smart-phones.

Verbal Communications
  • Talkitt®Talkitt® by Voiceitt

    Talkitt is the only solution that enables people that have speech disabilities due to motor, speech and language disorders to easily communicate using their own voice. The Voice2Voice application translates unintelligible pronunciation into understandable speech and runs on any mobile or wearable device allowing the person to communicate freely, anywhere.


    myLINGO is a mobile application that allows theatergoers to enjoy movies in their language of choice, using their smartphone and earphones. Audio plays through the earphones in perfect sync with the film, making the in-theater experience more accessible and bringing multilingual families together at the movies.

  • Lingotek | The Translation NetworkLingotek | The Translation Network by Lingotek

    Lingotek | The Translation Network enables the creation and management of multilingual content inside your enterprise applications. The Lingotek solution leverages People, Process and Technology. We have unparalleled expertise in web content, documentation, and software localization. We employ a proven translation and localization process.

Smart Agriculture
  • Harrington Seed DestructorHarrington® Seed Destructor by De Bruin Engineering Ltd

    In response to global herbicide resistance, the Harrington® Seed Destructor is designed to destroy the weed seeds captured in the harvest operation, thus preventing the weed seeds returning to the seed bank in broad-acre cropping.

  • EDYNEdyn™ by Edyn

    Edyn™ is a smart gardening system that monitors and tracks environmental conditions to maximize plant health. The system includes the Edyn Garden Sensor, Edyn Water Valve and Edyn App, which work together to review plant soil and make smart recommendations about what to plant and when to water and fertilize.

  • DropletDroplet by Droplet Robotics

    Droplet is a smart sprinkler system that combines the latest technology in robotics, cloud computing and connected services to water plants in the most effective way. By leveraging a vast system of weather, soil and biological data, Droplet intelligently determines how best to water plants.

Food Packaging & Beverages
  • WikiPearlWikiPearl® by WikiFoods, Inc.

    Imagine a heart of your favorite food or beverage wrapped in a protective, edible skin of food itself - like a grape. Inspired by how nature packages fruits and vegetables, WikiPearl® is a transformative food and nutrition delivery technology, designed to radically improve and redefine delicious experiences, functionality and sustainability.

  • PacXpert™ Packaging TechnologyPacXpert™ Packaging Technology by The Dow Chemical Company

    PacXpert™ Technology uses fewer resources and offers a lower footprint than other packaging options. It provides lightweight designs, offering a resealable closure and integrated handles, for pouring and convenient carrying. Less material is used, less energy used in transport and less product waste for the consumer.

  • SqueezyStraw (tm)SqueezyStraw™ by The Barton Group, Inc.

    SqueezyStraw™, a patented packaging technology, produces the lowest cost, tamper proof, single serve pack with a dispensing feature. SqueezyStraw™ is suitable for water, juice, yogurt, pudding and other products. It's made of 100% light gauge, flexible, packaging materials and the low cost is based on materials and production methodology.

  • PepsiCo, Inc.PepsiCo, Inc. by PepsiCo

    Mtn Dew KICKSTART is the biggest soft drink innovation in the last 10 years achieving even better results in year two with the launch of KICKSTART Black Cherry and Limeade geared towards the evening occasion. The full line-up stands ready to help consumers "Kickstart Your Day...Morning & Night".

Home Security
  • August Smart LockAugust Smart Lock by August Home, Inc.

    August Smart Lock is a Bluetooth-powered lock and home access system that allows you to send a virtual key to anyone you choose through an intuitive iOS and Android app on your smartphone.

  • Piper NVPiper nv by Icontrol Networks

    Piper nv is the only advanced Wi-Fi-enabled all-in-one home security and automation device that provides an entirely new way to monitor, secure and interact with your home, day or night, without the hassle of contracts or multi-step installation.

  • Schlage Sense™Schlage Sense™ by Schlage

    Schlage Sense™ provides easy, convenient and secure keyless home automation, allowing homeowners to access their door via Apple iPhone without an existing home automation system. Schlage Sense also includes a Talk-to-Unlock / Talk-to-Lock feature, allowing consumers to conveniently access their home via verbal commands to Siri.

Fitness Tracking
  • Tinké®Tinké® by Zensorium®

    Zensorium® Tinké® is the only fitness & wellness tracker that measures your Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Blood Oxygen saturation and Heart Rate Variability using optical technology. Zensorium® Tinké® allows you to know your fitness index in 30 seconds and your stress index in 60 seconds.

  • Polo TechPolo Tech by Ralph Lauren

    Ralph Lauren is the first fashion brand to launch the next generation of bio-sensing garments. Polo Tech utilizes evolutionary technology enables robust biometric data capture including cardiac, respiration, and physical activity, including steps, distance, and calories burned. Debut design features modern black color with signature Ralph Lauren yellow Polo Pony.

  • CatapultCatapult by Catapult

    Catapult empowers coaches globally with scientifically-validated metrics for the advancement of elite athlete performance. Engineering wearable technology that quantifies athlete risk, readiness and return to play, the company was born out of the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and a scientific research organisation, inventing GPS tracking for team sports.

Personal Care & Wellness
  • Bare® Air-free Baby BottlesBare® Air-free Baby Bottles by Bittylab

    Bare® Air-free Baby Bottle's unique syringe-like technology feeds baby air-free milk in an upright position to help prevent even the most severe gas and colic. Its Perfe-latch® nipple extends in length during feeding. The tip has multiple different sized orifices allowing baby to control milk flow with suction strength.

  • Gillette Fusion® ProGlide® Razor with FlexBall TechnologyGillette Fusion® ProGlide® Razor with FlexBall Technology by Gillette

    Gillette Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall Technology responds to the contours of a man's face making maximum contact to get virtually every hair. Gillette pioneered the pivot in 1977 with the Atra razor, and FlexBall builds on that by adding a second pivot, resulting in a completely upgraded shaving experience.

  • Kano Kit, by Kano and MAPKano Kit, by Kano and MAP by Kano

    Inspired by a challenge from a 7-year-old, Kano is a computer you build and code yourself, with simple steps, powerful projects, and creative tools—for anyone who wants to make technology, not just consume it.


    Powered by the 192-core NVIDIA Tegra K1 chip, SHIELD tablet is the ultimate tablet for gamers. It's a great tablet delivering lightning-fast performance to Android games and apps. It plays games streamed from the cloud or local PC with NVIDIA GRID and GameStream technologies. It even offers new stylus technology.

  • Logitech® G402 Hyperion Fury™ Ultra-Fast FPS Gaming MouseLogitech® G402 Hyperion Fury™ Ultra-Fast FPS Gaming Mouse by Logitech®

    The Logitech® G402 Hyperion Fury™ Ultra-Fast FPS Gaming Mouse is the world's fastest gaming mouse. The Hyperion Fury features Logitech's exclusive Fusion Engine™ sensor technology that can reliably track over 500 inches per second (IPS), and Logitech's exclusive Delta Zero™ sensor technology for unrivaled accuracy.

Personal Computing & Connectivity
  • ORA-1ORA-1® by Optinvent

    Optinvent's ORA-1® is a cutting edge Smart Glass that sets a new mobile computing paradigm. The patented technology in the ORA-1® enables unique hands-free consumer and professional mobile applications including augmented reality. The ORA-1® is not just a new device, it creates a disruptive new product category.

  • Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2 ProLenovo YOGA Tablet 2 Pro by Lenovo

    An Oprah favorite, the Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2 Pro has a built-in Pico projector that can beam a high-resolution 50-inch image onto any surface. Combined with a large 13-inch display, 8-watt sound system and 4 convertible modes — hold, tilt, stand, hang — provides the ultimate in entertainment.

  • Logitech® Bluetooth® Multi-Device Keyboard K480Logitech® Bluetooth® Multi-Device Keyboard K480 by Logitech®

    The Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480 is a cross-device, multi-OS desk keyboard featuring an Easy-Switch™ dial for seamless switching between three different Bluetooth wireless devices. It's equipped with the standard shortcuts you're accustomed to, whether you're on a Windows®, Mac®, Chrome OS™ computer, or an Android™ or iOS® tablet/smartphone.

  • Lenovo YOGA 3 ProLenovo YOGA 3 Pro by Lenovo

    Lenovo's YOGA 3 Pro boasts a watchband-inspired hinge that folds back 360 degrees, providing four modes- Stand, Laptop, Tent and Tablet- for never-ending flexibility. Weighing less than a bottle of water and as thin as a pencil, the YOGA 3 addresses users' desire for an extremely adaptive device.

Hydrogen Power
  • Upp™Upp™ by Intelligent Energy

    Upp is a portable hydrogen fuel cell power solution that lets you live life unplugged. Each Upp Cartridge, when connected to the Upp fuel cell, charges and powers most USB-compatible mobile electronic devices, for up to one week. These devices include smartphones, eReaders, portable gaming consoles and digital cameras.

  • Hyundai Tucson Fuel CellHyundai Tucson Fuel Cell by Hyundai Motor America

    The future of clean transportation arrived with the introduction of Hyundai's Tucson Fuel Cell vehicle. The Tucson Fuel Cell is the first mass-produced hydrogen powered electric vehicle available today for consumer lease.

  • Hydrogen Super EmitterHydrogen Super Emitter by Picasolar Inc

    The Hydrogen Super Emitter (HSE) represents the largest single step efficiency improvement in solar since 1974. Atomic hydrogen is used to optimize the doping profile of silicon solar cells post manufacturing which results in up to 15% relative efficiency improvement while using 28% less silver grid lines.

Energy Management / Conservation
  • LightGrid™LightGrid™ by General Electric- Lighting

    LightGrid™ outdoor wireless control system enhances the efficiency and controllability of LED streetlights. Its unique technology allows for remote operation and monitoring of fixtures through a Web-enabled central management system. Offering such features as accurate energy metering, LightGrid provides municipalities with energy efficiency and low maintenance functionality that reduces costs.

  • LG EcoHybrid™ Heat Pump Dryer (model DLHX4072V)LG EcoHybrid™ Heat Pump Dryer (model DLHX4072V) by LG Electronics USA

    LG's EcoHybrid™ dryer is the first in the U.S. to combine conventional vented drying with a heat pump to reduce energy by recycling heat, delivering up to 50 percent energy savings without sacrificing performance. LG is bringing technology typically found in air conditioners and dehumidifiers to the laundry room.

  • 3rd Gen Modular Execution℠3rd Gen Modular Execution℠ by Fluor Corporation

    Fluor's 3rd Gen Modular Execution℠ is a patented modular facility construction methodology designed to reduce facility plot space and relocate field construction labor to safer, controlled environments. Compared to traditional execution methods, 3rd Gen lowers total installed costs for projects by up to 20 percent.

  • Sefaira Real Time AnalysisSefaira Architecture by Sefaira

    Sefaira Architecture is the only intuitive plug-in enabling building designers to embed performance analysis and gain instant feedback within the crucial three-week bid cycle. Sefaira's capacity for real-time calculation revolutionizes a building designer's ability to identify optimal efficiency strategies, resulting in a 30-50% improvement in a building's energy efficiency.

Resource Management or Renewable Resources
  • WaterChip™ Platform - Desalination at the Speed of Light™WaterChip™ Platform - Desalination at the Speed of Light™ by Okeanos Technologies

    Okeanos is developing a revolutionary platform for ultra-efficient brine/sea/brackish desalination. Scaled microdesalination with WaterChip™ cartridges is four fold more efficient than the current state-of-the-art and represents a new paradigm for addressing a number of profound environmental, economic, political and human health related problems.

  • CO2—To-OilCO2-To-Oil by Kiverdi, Inc.

    Kiverdi is an advanced sustainable oil and chemical company developing disruptive, drop-in replacements to petrochemicals and plant-derived oleochemicals. Using our proprietary bioprocess technology, we convert low-cost, abundant organic waste into high-value oils and chemicals at a fraction of the cost of current approaches.

  • Green Distillation Technologies Corporation LimitedGreen Distillation Technologies Corporation Limited by Green Distillation Technologies Corporation Limited

    GDTC recovers up to 85% of the unused energy in an end-of-life tire in the form of carbon and oil without pre-processing and completely emission free. Our process is a true waste-to-energy solution.

  • Shower of the FutureShower of the Future by ORBITAL SYSTEMS

    The Shower of the Future is the world's most efficient shower unit, capable of saving over 90% of water and 80% of energy compared to a conventional shower. In addition to these remarkable resource savings, the shower unit powered by ORBITAL SYSTEMS offers enhanced customer comfort and improved hygiene levels.

Power Generation
  • Generating Road-2mm Trickle Power Generation©Generating Road-2mm Trickle Power Generation© by Ping-Feng Chiu

    The road generation system uses generator plates embedded in the road's surface. When vehicles drive on this surface, the system transforms kinetic energy into electricity energy. The system also includes energy storage capabilities, saving the energy from the road generation system into a set of batteries which, in turn, supply energy to street lights.

  • SolarReserve, LLC.Solar Thermal Energy Storage by SolarReserve

    SolarReserve is a leading global developer of large-scale solar power projects and advanced solar thermal technology. Proprietary molten salt power tower technology with integrated energy storage enables the company's solar thermal power plants to operate on-demand 24/7, comparable to conventional power facilities but with zero emissions and fuel costs.

  • GeoVoltGeoVolt® by Pressure Recovery Incorporated

    GeoVolt is an innovative, new green energy source using geo-pressured natural gas to create electricity. Geovolt captures this pressure/flow to spin turbines at the well head or at pressure step downs along the pipeline. It is scaled to meet applications from factories to schools/universities, office/apartment buildings, and portable emergency services.

  • The Route™The Route™ by Wrightspeed

    Wrightspeed makes the most advanced fuel-saving vehicle technology in the world and has created an entirely new electric powertrain technology, designed specifically for one of transportation's heaviest emitters: commercial trucks. Wrightspeed's powertrains cut fuel consumption, lower emissions released, and save more in maintenance costs than any other technology available today.

Health & Safety
  • CUE Deep Health TrackerCUE Deep Health Tracker by CUE

    For the first time, consumers can track health indicators including vitamin D, fertility, influenza, and testosterone in just minutes, at home. By simply adding a noninvasive droplet of saliva or blood, Cue sends the data to the user's smartphone.

  • Temp2O TechnologyTemp2O Technology by Delta Faucet Company

    According to a recent Delta Faucet survey, 91 percent of Americans test water temperature before getting in the shower or bath. To offer piece of mind, Delta® Temp2O™ Technology now provides a digital temperature display featuring LED color indicators to signal different water temperature ranges for easy, visual indication.

  • FlushIQ TechnologyFlushIQ Technology by Delta Faucet Company

    Addressing consumer fears of toilet overflow and contamination, Delta® FlushIQ™ Technology is a first-of-its kind, innovative system that anticipates people's needs by offering overflow protection, leak detection and a touch-free flush. Delta toilets with FlushIQ technology are WaterSense® labeled and designed for easy installation, maximum flush power and water savings.

Household Environment
  • Clio™ from ClearView™ AudioClio™ by ClearView™ by ClearView Audio

    Clio™ is an almost invisible wireless Bluetooth speaker. It employs a revolutionary transducer made from ultra-thin, slightly curved, and optically clear acrylic glass that allows it to disperse sound waves in multiple directions. Because of its innovative acoustic design, Clio can be placed anywhere and produce rich, clear, room-filling sound.

  • LumioLumio by Lumio, LLC

    Lumio outwardly resembles a book, but becomes a sculptural light when opened. It was born of a desire to provide beautiful lighting to people wherever they are -- a design unconstrained by space or power source, and a versatile lighting for modern living.

  • LG Art Cool™ GalleryLG Art Cool™ Gallery by LG Electronics USA

    The LG duct-free Art Cool™ Gallery is a dual purpose air conditioning system with an indoor unit that allows users to display artwork or photography while cooling or heating a room. The unit is compatible with select LG outdoor units, which can support up to eight indoor units.

Utility/Industrial Applications
  • Gridconn Cushion ClampGridconn Cushion Clamp by Gridconn

    Gridconn's Cushion Clamp provides electrical utilities a safe, reliable, non-damaging system that prevents a root cause of forest fire ignition. By minimizing the physical effects associated with wind induced powerline oscillation, fallen and/or slapping powerlines are prevented from adding to the growing cost of $45Billion for forest fires in Australia.

  • IRWIN® VISE-GRIP® ErgoMulti Long Nose PliersIRWIN® VISE-GRIP® ErgoMulti Long Nose Pliers by IRWIN Tools

    IRWIN® VISE-GRIP® ErgoMulti Long Nose Pliers, designed for electricians, general construction and MRO users, are engineered with a 62° angled head which places the hand & wrist in a more natural position helping reduce strain in repetitive use. The 3-Zone Comfort Grips are contoured to deliver optimal cushion and control.

  • Style 177N QuickVic™ Installation-Ready™ CouplingStyle 177N QuickVic™ Installation-Ready™ Coupling by Victaulic Company

    The Style 177N QuickVic™ Installation-Ready™ grooved coupling joins pipe without heat or flame and without producing fumes. Pipe installation is completed up to 10 times faster than welding, 6 times faster than flanging, and twice as fast as standard grooved couplings. No specific installation skillset is required.

Design, Advertising & Marketing
  • Community EditionCommunity Edition by BrightEdge

    Community Edition is a free Chrome browser plugin that gives marketers real time data and actionable insights into the performance of their content, as well as competitors'. Marketers have access to billions of pieces of data and a powerful content optimizer tool to eliminate the guesswork of high-performance content marketing.

  • T+ink Smart AdT+ink Smart Ad™ by T+ink

    T+ink Smart Ad™ delivers a fully interactive consumer experience utilizing T+ink's patented conductive ink technologies to produce real time color change light + sound solutions together with a wide menu of customization experiences.

  • Pepsi Spire 5Pepsi Spire 5 by PepsiCo Design & Innovation

    Pepsi Spire 5.0 is a state-of-the-art touchscreen fountain that transforms today's beverage pouring process into a new, engaging consumer experience providing more than 1000 beverage combinations. Pepsi Spire 5.0 is the halo unit of a new digital equipment innovation portfolio to bring variety and engagement to the consumers.

Customer Service & Network Security
  • UPS Access Point™ & UPS My Choice™UPS Access Point™ & UPS My Choice® by UPS

    The UPS Access Point™ network covers 12 countries across North America and Europe and is comprised of convenient independent retail locations that offer parcel pick-up and drop-off. When combined with UPS My Choice™ (UPS's consumer-facing delivery management and notification service), UPS offers consumers unprecedented control over their parcel delivery experience.

  • Norse DarkMatter™Norse DarkMatter™ by Norse Corporation

    Norse is the global leader in live attack intelligence, delivering unique intelligence that helps organizations detect and block attacks that other systems miss - especially from the darknets. The superior Norse DarkMatter™ platform detects new threats and tags nascent hazards long before they're spotted by traditional "threat intelligence" tools.

  • Envelope-Content Splitting®Envelope-Content Splitting® by ChiaraMail Corp.

    Envelope-Content Splitting (ECS) is a technology that may be added to mail clients to enable users to secure their e-mail without the use of complicated encryption methodologies, protect against spoofing and phishing, keep control of their e-mail, send attachments of unlimited size directly to recipients, and more.

Content/Resource Management
  • HuminHumin by Humin

    Humin is a new phone + contacts app. Designed to think about people the way you naturally do, Humin remembers and stores relationships by context—such as when, where or how you met someone—so you can search for them accordingly, rather than scrolling through an alphabetical list.

  • Relationship Science LLCRelationship Science LLC by Relationship Science

    RelSci gives you the information you need to be successful. Close a deal. Win a client. Raise capital. Get the inside track. Meet new partners. Enter a new market. Achieve a new level of influence. Pinpoint the right board member or executive. Connect to a donor.

  • Yahoo AviateYahoo Aviate by Yahoo

    Yahoo Aviate is an intelligent homescreen that automatically organizes apps on your Android phone. Aviate anticipates the information you need throughout the day, and surfaces it for you at the moment its useful.

Consumer Experience
  • Digital check-in with room selectionDigital check-in with room selection by Hilton Worldwide

    Hilton's industry-first innovation, digital check-in with room selection, enables Hilton HHonors members to check in and choose their room from floor plan maps on their digital platform of choice. This technology has transformed how guests engage with hotels, ushering in a new era of hospitality powered by digital innovation.

  • Rx Savings SolutionsRx Savings Solutions by Rx Savings Solutions, LLC

    Rx Savings Solutions (RxSS) offers an innovative, patented mobile platform delivering its prescription price transparency solution to employers and their covered members. Founded and operated by a team of pharmacists and software engineers, we help employers engage their employees to become better consumers, enjoying significant savings on their medications.

  • Next GlassNext Glass by Next Glass

    Next Glass is positioned to change how people buy beer/wine around the world. Our science and software lets people shop based on their personal taste. With Next Glass, just point your phone at a bottle and know whether you'll like it, or at a menu and know what to order.

  • VenueNext's Live Event ExperienceVenueNext's Live Event Experience by VenueNext

    VenueNext created a way for today's disjointed and isolated venue systems to talk to each other so that fans have a completely seamless and much better event experience than before. Because VenueNext's platform connects fans with the stadium, venue owners get access to a flood of new data and analytics.

Financial Services/Banking
  • First-ever free weekly credit reportsfirst-ever free weekly credit reports by Credit Karma

    Credit Karma is re-engineering and simplifying the credit system with the hope that every consumer will better understand and be empowered by credit. Empowering more than 30 million consumers, Credit Karma gives consumers free access to their credit scores, reports and monitoring, and relevant education and resources.

  • Idea CloudIdea Cloud by Idea Bank SA

    Idea Cloud, a secure banking cloud designed for Idea Bank's clients, mostly small-scale entrepreneurs, offers a wide range of tools aimed at simplifying and accelerating all processes associated with complex business management. Idea Cloud is the first banking cloud in Europe and the first platform combining accounts and banking functionalities.

  • The ShowroomsThe Showrooms by Idea Bank SA

    In December, 2014 Idea Bank will open its new modern branches—the showrooms. Their purpose is highly unconventional, as it has nothing to do with sales. Divided into three distinct areas, the showrooms will offer the bank's clients, SME owners, a place to rest, work and make business connections.

  • Eliademy.comEliademy.com by CBTec OY

    Eliademy.com democratizes the world's education by offering a free classroom on the cloud to all at need. It is localized in more than 30 languages and used in 190 countries. Offers a simple to use interface, private video storage, mobility, and live video conferencing at no cost.

  • DARI:CertificationDARI:Certification by Dynamic Athletics Research Institute

    The DARI:Certification is a powerful communication and application tool designed for professionals in the fields of medicine, athletics, and military training to better understand advanced biomechanical data, provide consistency in the interpretation of the data across disciplines and practically apply the results to prevent injury and optimize overall physical performance.

  • Cleveland Museum of Art's Gallery OneCleveland Museum of Art's Gallery One by Cleveland Museum of Art

    Blending art, technology, and interpretation, Gallery One inspires visitors to explore the museum's collection featuring the largest multi-touch microtile screen in the country, displaying images of over 4,100 objects from the museum's world-renowned collection–all accessible for further exploration through the ArtLens app creating a type of virtual museum.

Human Services
  • SafeDrive appSafeDrive | Drive. Earn. Play. by SafeDrive

    Texting while driving is a growing pain worldwide, which results in more and more car accidents. SafeDrive app rewards drivers for not using their smartphone when driving. With the earned points, the drivers can buy products with discounts. Drivers get discounts, companies get clients, the world gets safer roads.

  • Products designed for people with Alzheimer's and Dementia and their CaregiversProducts designed for people with Alzheimer's and Dementia and their Caregivers by The Alzheimers Store

    The Alzheimer's Store is proud to offer a wide range of Alzheimer's therapy products to help patients live longer in a safer home environment. We help ease the pain of confusion, loneliness and loss of a sense of security & frustration that can reduce their quality of life.

  • BudgetWatchBudgetWatch™ by Pediatric Therapeutic Services, Inc.

    Pediatric Therapeutic Services transforms the lives of thousands of children with disabilities using our innovative approach to education-based therapy services. PTS developed BudgetWatch™, a proprietary technology that applies traditional business metrics and analytics to special education service delivery, enabling us to improve service delivery, measure effectiveness, and control costs.

Health & Wellness

    The e-NABLE volunteer community uses 3D printers, internet technologies, and good will to design and build inexpensive yet functional prosthetics for children...and give them away for free. Our volunteers, devices and practices are empowering children, changing industries, and inspiring humanitarian innovators of all ages, worldwide.

  • miraclefeet bracemiraclefeet brace by miraclefeet

    The miraclefeet brace is low-cost, practical, and easy-to-use foot abduction brace for use in the treatment of clubfoot, a leading cause of physical disability worldwide. This brace will make it easier to bring treatment to thousands of children born with clubfoot around the world reducing poverty, suffering and stigma.

  • Sensory Lounger/ChairSensory Lounger/Chair™ by Blue Valley Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS)

    Designed by CAPS high school students and based on Temple Grandin's research, the CAPS Lounger/Chair meets the sensory needs of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The aesthetically pleasing and affordable lounger/chair provides deep pressure to sooth and calm the user and is designed for clinical, educational, and home use.

Athletics & Recreation
  • One World FutbolOne World Futbol by One World Play Project

    The ultra-durable One World Futbol never needs a pump, never goes flat, even when punctured, representing a breakthrough in technology in a product that's seen little innovation in decades—the recreational, multi-sport ball. The ball lasts for years in harsh environments—enabling sustainable play for the first time for millions of youth.

  • Morpher ®Morpher® by Morpher Helmet Company Limited

    Morpher is the world's first fold-flat helmet. Morpher folds and unfolds quickly and simply, so it's perfect for cyclists who want to have a helmet but find normal helmets cumbersome to carry around all day. Patented worldwide, Morpher has been designed and built to exceed all relevant safety standards.

  • SylvanSport GOSylvanSport GO® by SylvanSport®

    GO is advanced, technical, outdoor gear that happens to be towable. It smoothly transforms from compact traveling profile to gear-hungry hauler mode to spacious camping in minutes. Easily carry bikes, boats, or cargo with virtually any vehicle - even a hybrid. GO is the ultimate outdoor adventure vehicle!

  • GAME GOLFGAME GOLF by Active Mind Technology

    GAME GOLF, the world's first automatic shot tracking system, consists of a small, lightweight device worn on the player's belt & individual sensor tags that attach to the top of the grip on each club that records every shot played during a round using GPS & motion sensing technology.

Social Solutions
  • SunJack®SunJack® by SunJack

    SunJack® provides a way for rural communities to leapfrog technology by bypassing centralized electrical power and going straight to distributed energy independence. Each hut can power its own lighting and cell phone communications directly via the SunJack® with practically no maintenance required.

  • Y:Cube HousingY:Cube Housing by Y:Cube Housing - YMCA London South West

    Y:Cube Housing is a new concept providing one bed affordable flats for people in housing need that require no capital grant to be built. It's a modular system that is portable but durable like traditional housing, located on sites that can be leased or bought.

Agricultural Enhancements
  • CoolTerra™CoolTerra™ by Cool Planet

    CoolTerra™ is an innovative solution for agriculture, water conservation and climate sustainability. An advanced soil amendment that sequesters atmospheric carbon, CoolTerra™ is scientifically engineered to retain water and fertilizer in the root zone of crops. This enables growers to increase agricultural yields globally while conserving water in drought prone regions.

  • Saajhi™ Stepping PumpSaajhi™ Stepping Pump by Xylem Inc.

    Saajhi™ Stepping Pump is designed for smallholder farmers to efficiently irrigate crops. Based on in-field research, the product uses human weight and motion to move water, resulting in three times or greater crop yield compared to rain-fed fields. Saajhi promotes sustainable agricultural enterprise, improving economic mobility and quality of life.

  • GFS Poultry ProtectGFS Poultry Protect by Global Future Solutions

    GFS Poultry Protect is a revolutionary environmentally friendly technology that has been developed to assist in the removal of toxic, carcinogenic chemicals from the food chain. This technology helps to control disease, improve both animal and worker welfare and promote growth in all styles of poultry facilities.

Collective Transformation
  • The SWASH™ SystemThe SWASH™ System by Go Unlimited LLC, A Joint Venture between Procter & Gamble and Whirlpool Corporation

    The SWASH™ system is the first at-home clothing care system. It reduces wrinkles, refreshes fabric, restores the fit lost after wear and preserves clothing, in just ten minutes. You can cut 50% of dry cleaning bills by replacing half your visits with a SWASH™ system.

  • Kellogg Action Lab Experience (KALE)Kellogg Action Lab Experience (KALE)© by Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

    The Kellogg Action Lab Experience (KALE) is an innovative, crowd-sourcing model for solving complex problems facing business and society. Industry leaders partner with faculty in an intimate setting, weaving together scientific research and practical tools to solve tough-nut, high-impact problems. The result is simultaneous wins for member organizations and society.

  • The Mission Continues Pittsburgh CollaborationThe Mission Continues Pittsburgh Collaboration by The Mission Continues Pittsburgh Collaboration

    The Mission Continues empowers veterans to serve our country in new ways. The Mission Continues Pittsburgh Service Platoon is a joint public-private collaboration between Heinz Endowments, Highmark, and veterans. The Platoon of 40-50 veterans and community members has adopted the Hazelwood neighborhood for revitalization through regular service projects, called missions

Collaborative Services
  • Collaborate.orgCollaborate.org by Collaborate.org

    Collaborate.org is an open global online community of people, working together and sharing resources, expertise and enthusiasm, empowered with advanced collaboration and visualization tools, and all the world's data (sensor and GIS data, news and social media, even satellite imagery) to enable people to achieve Great Things.

  • Google Color+City®Google Color+City® by FLAGCX, The Creative Disruption Network

    Color+City is a platform that connects artists with those able to donate urban spaces, for them to color the city together. All it needs is donators to autorize their empty walls and upload some images of it to give an idea for artists looking for a place to express themselves.

  • Mix by FiftyThreeMix™ by FiftyThree by FiftyThree, Inc.

    Mix is an iPad and web app for digital co-creation and exchanging ideas. Users from 194 countries have co-designed products, taught languages, shared productivity templates, and collaborated on illustrations and poetry. Mix provides inspiration and enables interaction, fostering meaningful human connection through the act of creation.

  • UneoTMUneo™ by Uneo Inc.

    Uneo manufactures e-skin sensing material for hair-thin pressure sensor with size ranging from a ladybug to a yoga mattress, and detecting weights from grams to tons. Possessing 10x longer lifetime and better sensitivity, Uneo has successfully enabled consumer devices with new modes of user-machine interaction in a cloud environment.

  • Circuit Scribe®Circuit Scribe® by Electroninks Writeables, Inc.

    Circuit Scribe® is a simple tool that changes the way electronics are learned, experienced, and taught. A conductive rollerball pen and specially designed components, couple with a piece of paper to transform a writing medium into a prototyping shop for creating circuits.

  • Color IQColor IQ™ by QD Vision

    QD Vision was the first to commercialize semiconductor quantum dot technology for the liquid crystal display and solid state lighting markets, delivering best-in-class color with high system efficiency. QD Vision has implemented the principals of green chemistry to ensure net environmental benefit of its Color IQ™ technology.

  • Voxel8 Developer's KitVoxel8 Developer's Kit by Voxel8

    Voxel8 exists to disrupt the design and manufacturing of electronic devices by providing new functional materials and 3D printing platforms. Currently, products are designed around the electronics, i.e., flat PCB boards. Voxel8 will enable the direct integration of electronics in 3D objects of arbitrary geometry, revolutionizing how electronics are made.

  • BETAMATE™BETAMATE™ by Dow Automotive

    BETAMATE™ 1630 is a uniquely toughened epoxy, one component crash durable adhesive (CDA) for use in automotive assembly to enable lightweight vehicle constructions by bonding multi-materials like aluminum to steel to help to significantly reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

  • SOLDERON™ BP TS 6000 Tin-SilverSOLDERON™ BP TS 6000 Tin-Silver by The Dow Chemical Company

    Removing lead from solders used in electronics is difficult because of lead's unique properties that ensure device performance. Dow's SOLDERON™ BP TS 6000 Tin-Silver is a lead-free chemistry that creates critical connections in electronic devices while providing industry-leading performance, double the productivity and a novel recycling process for enhanced sustainability.

Protection & Safety
  • POLYOX™ Water-Soluble PolymersPOLYOX™ Water-Soluble Polymers by The Dow Chemical Company

    Leveraging science and collaboration, Dow and Unilever delivered a bar of soap that allows more children to live to see their fifth birthday. DOW POLYOX™ Water-Soluble Polymers technology brings performance and sensorial benefits to Unilever's Lifebuoy™ soap, resulting in a hygienic product for economically challenged regions.

  • VestexVESTEX by Vestagen Technical Textiles, Inc.

    VESTEX® is the only protective fabric that combines fluid repellent and antimicrobial technologies embedded into healthcare worker and patient attire to provide better protection from acquiring and spreading harmful pathogens like MRSA. VESTEX is breathable and clinically effective at inhibiting growth of bacteria on the fabric, providing protection and comfort.

  • Dyneema® Force Multiplier TechnologyDyneema® Force Multiplier Technology by DSM Dyneema

    In Q4 2013, DSM Dyneema completed a 30-month R&D project reducing by 25% or more the weight of Dyneema® materials for body armor, helmets and vehicle armor, while keeping ballistic performance unchanged. A six-step, 16-month strategy accelerated availability of vests and other applications to police and military.

  • PianoArc™PianoArc™ by PianoArc™

    The PianoArc is a ground breaking musical instrument; it is a complete 360 degree electronic midi-usb keyboard controller that possesses 292 fully responsive and playable keys. This instrument offers visual, performance, and ergonomic benefits that have never existed in the 300 plus year history of the traditional musical keyboard.

  • 4DX®4DX® by CJ 4DPLEX

    4DX is the next-generation movie theater that provides an immersive cinematic experience with motion chairs and multisensory environmental effects including wind, lightning, fog, scents, etc. Previously unconsidered by the cinema industry, it's now successfully commercialized by 4DX in more than 30 countries delivering Hollywood blockbusters, local films, and alternative contents.


    Creators of Guitar Hero® introduce Singtrix Karaoke - the most transformative musical experience ever created for consumers. Makes bad singers sound good & good singers sound amazing! Singtrix is the first to offer professional quality studio effects like live vocal harmonies & natural pitch-correction. Works with any music, any device.

Content Delivery
  • The Collection Wall and ArtLens appThe Collection Wall and ArtLens app by Cleveland Museum of Art

    The Collection Wall is the largest multitouch display in North America (5'x40') with which museum visitors can visually explore the 4100 piece collection, drill deeper into the pieces, and create personal tours with their mobile devices. This fully integrated, interactive Wall becomes a live representation of the entire museum's collection.

  • Limelight Orchestrate™ solution for Media and BroadcastersLimelight Orchestrate™ solution for Media and Broadcasters by Limelight Networks

    The Limelight Orchestrate solution for Media and Broadcasters is a cloud-based digital content publishing and delivery solution providing a unified way to manage multi-platform digital presence, including web content, complex graphics, and video. With actionable analytics and monetization capabilities, it delivers broadcast quality video to any device globally.

Testing & Evaluation
  • CologuardCologuard® by Exact Sciences

    Cologuard® is the first and only FDA-approved, noninvasive stool DNA screening test for colorectal cancer that analyzes both DNA and blood in a person's stool to accurately detect cancer and precancers. Cologuard does not require any prep or dietary restrictions and can be taken at home.

  • Defense Automated NeuroBehavioral Assessment (DANA™)DANA - Computerized Cognitive Test by AnthroTronix, Inc.

    DANA - Computerized Cognitive Test is a clinical assessment tool developed initially to gauge whether a military service member is experiencing neurocognitive impairment in the field. The DANA™ software runs in the Android operating system, so it can be used on a variety of easily portable lightweight mobile devices.

  • Coronis Uniti™Coronis Uniti™ by Barco

    The Coronis Uniti™ is the first diagnostic medical display system to present both general radiology and mammography patient images in grayscale and pioneering calibrated color on a single screen, designed to maximize the field of vision for a more ergonomic viewing experience that boosts productivity and combats occupational stress.

  • ImPACT® TestImPACT® Test by ImPACT Applications, Inc.

    Developed by clinical experts who pioneered the field, ImPACT® is the first, most-widely used and most scientifically validated computerized concussion evaluation system. Trained medical professionals use the ImPACT Test to help track the recovery of cognitive processes following concussion and make safe return-to-play decisions.

  • Titan ArmTitan Arm by Elizabeth Beattie, Nicholas McGill, Nick Parrotta & Niko Vladimirov, University of Pennsylvania

    Titan Arm gives patients an edge when recovering from upper body injuries. After strapping into the backpack-based device, users get a 40lb bicep boost, preventing injury and regaining lost mobility. As a diagnostic and therapeutic tool, patients and doctors precisely monitor range of motion, position, and strength through dynamic sensing.

  • Lucky Iron Fish™Lucky Iron Fish™ by Lucky Iron Fish

    Lucky Iron Fish™ is a simple, safe, clinical proven innovation that prevents iron deficiency (ID): a condition that affects 3.5 billion people worldwide. ID causes a loss of ~$75 billion a year in global GDP. Easy to use, the fish provides an accessible, culturally sensitive preventive for the condition.


    AFFINISOL™ HPMC turns poorly soluble active pharmaceutical ingredients into commercial drugs, saving lives and curing diseases. AFFINISOL protects and transports active ingredients to where they are needed to work. It is not itself therapeutic, it just makes new drugs possible.

  • ValedoValedo by Hocoma

    Valedo® supports long-term back health and pain reduction. Learn how to perform specifically-designed therapeutic exercises on your iPhone/iPad for improved movement awareness, muscle control and spinal stability that are entertaining and motivating. With this new innovative form of self-guided therapy with wearable technology, Valedo can help people around the world.

Health Care Environment
  • HealWellHealWell by Philips Color Kinetics

    HealWell, a solution for chronic care patient rooms, supports regular sleep wake cycles through circadian rhythm entrainment. The solution uses targeted dynamic and spectrally optimized lighting delivered through a system of luminaires and automated controllers that are integrated into the patient room.

  • IVEAIVEA™ by Firefly Medical, Inc.

    Firefly Medical's IVEA™ is a disruptive new product which replaces the archaic IV pole, a product which has remained essentially unchanged for 100 years. Conceived with extensive clinical and industry input, the IVEA is designed to improve mobility, safety, efficiency, and storability.

  • PullCleanPullClean by Altitude Medical

    The PullClean door handle issues sanitizer into the hands of users, and records rates of hand sanitization. The device reduces infections not by 'forcing' health workers to sanitize, but rather by thoughtfully positioning sanitization in their workflow, and providing rich data that identifies problem areas.

  • Model G Patient GownModel G Patient Gown by Henry Ford Innovation Institute

    Henry Ford Innovation Institute's Model G blends dignity, comfort and style for the patient with clinical function for the health care team. The new hospital gown is closed in the back and intuitive by design. It offers patients more privacy, un-compromised clinical access and accommodates two sizes using nylon snaps.

  • Siemens binax™Siemens binax™ by Siemens Hearing Instruments

    With binax™, Siemens introduces the world's first smart hearing aids - clinically proven to outperform normal hearing in noisy situations like crowded restaurants. Through a virtual eight-microphone network, binax technology provides the best binaural (two-ear input) listening experience automatically and all the time, without compromising battery life.

  • Starkey® Halo™Starkey® Halo™ by Starkey Hearing Technologies

    Starkey's Halo™ is a breakthrough Made for iPhone® hearing aid engineered to work with iPhone, iPad® and iPod touch®, so FaceTime®, phone calls, music, videos and more stream directly into your hearing aids with pristine sound quality.

Surgical Tools
  • SynCardia Total Artificial Heart powered by the Freedom® portable driver for destination therapySynCardia Total Artificial Heart powered by the Freedom® portable driver for destination therapy by SynCardia Systems, Inc.

    The SynCardia Total Artificial Heart is currently approved as a bridge to a donor heart transplant. This identical product will be in an FDA-approved Clinical Study for permanent use, also known as destination therapy, for patients who are ineligible or unwilling to have a donor heart transplant.

  • NovoStitch® suture passerNovoStitch® suture passer by Ceterix Orthopedics

    Founded by a Cedars-Sinai MD, Ceterix is revolutionizing meniscus surgery, a common procedure performed on 1 million Americans every year. The company's NovoStitch device enables stitches in tight joints, in locations and patterns that were previously not possible. This helps surgeons avoid removing meniscal tissue, a cause of long-term damage.

  • The Lotus™ Valve SystemThe Lotus™ Valve System by Boston Scientific

    The Lotus™ Valve system is a new generation transcatheter aortic valve implantation device designed for total physician control when implanting. Its unique technological features, the mechanical expansion system for maximum procedural control and the Adaptive Seal™ technology for minimized paravalvular leakage, enable precise and predictable positioning, with optimal patient outcomes.

  • UroLift® SystemUroLift® System by NeoTract Inc.

    NeoTract's minimally invasive UroLift® System treats benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate), a condition associated with a severe impact on quality of life that is more common than prostate cancer. The small implants, delivered during a short outpatient procedure, preserve sexual function and relieve obstruction without cutting, heating, or removing tissue.

Research & Education
  • MyCell® Disease & Diversity ProductsMyCell® Disease & Diversity Products by Cellular Dynamics International, Inc.

    MyCell® products enable the manufacture of anyone's stem cells, which can differentiate into any tissue cells in the body, like heart or brain cells. This ability to manufacture patient-specific cells enables researchers to study genetic diversity and diseases in a dish, with sights set on improved healthcare and cellular therapies.

  • The BioDigital Human™The BioDigital Human™ by BioDigital, Inc.

    BioDigital is the first virtual human body platform. Through the fusion of art, science and cutting-edge 3D technology, the BioDigital Human is changing the way individuals understand their health. For the first time, complex medical subjects can be viewed within a format that resembles life itself: 3D, dynamic and interactive.

  • 3M™ Petrifilm™ Rapid Yeast & Mold Count Plate3M™ Petrifilm™ Rapid Yeast & Mold Count Plate by 3M Food Safety

    Food processors have long grown accustomed to waiting up to a week before they can release products because of yeast and mold testing. Thanks to the 3M™Petrifilm™Rapid Yeast & Mold Count Plate, they now can perform superior testing in just 48 hours, and gain storage and sustainability benefits to boot.

  • Omicia Opal™Opal Clinical™ Genome Informatics, Interpretation & Reporting System by Omicia

    Omicia is enabling clinicians, hospitals and researchers to realize the promise of Personalized Medicine through genomics. Omicia's Opal™ software is a Software-as-a-Service platform for fast, accurate and flexible genome analysis, allowing derive clinically relevant insights from genomic data, to expedite diagnoses and deliver personalized treatment plans.

  • NOMAD™ MD Handheld X-ray SystemNOMAD MD™ Handheld X-ray System by Aribex, Inc.

    The NOMAD MD™ is a handheld, portable X-ray for diagnostic imaging of extremities. It is the first battery-operated, handheld medical X-ray, and at 5kg, it is the lightest portable X-ray for medical use. It's patented shielding ensures operator safety, giving medical professionals the flexibility to take X-rays in any situation.

  • Simoa™ TechnologySimoa™ Technology by Quanterix

    Quanterix' single molecule detection technology (Simoa) unlocks insight into disease detection and diagnosis with 1,000x greater sensitivity than other solutions available. The vast majority of proteins are present at levels difficult or impossible to measure, but now, trace quantities in blood can detect early signs of health problems, i.e.: cancer.

Dental Patient Care
  • Lily™ Method Pacifier Weaning SystemLily™ Method Pacifier Weaning System by Inventionstring, LLC

    Lily™ Method is a market-proven way to wean children from pacifiers in as few as 5 days, and is the only alternative to "cold turkey" weaning. Lily™ Method is a patented product that was developed by a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist and mom of four.

  • PRO-SYS(R)PRO-SYS® by Benco Dental

    In a survey on innovations conducted a decade ago, the toothbrush was named the #1 product that Americans couldn't live without. Pro-Sys delivers a better brushing experience thanks to an innovative bristle design, and a clean, ergonomic handle that's clinically proven to harbor 1500 times less bacteria than conventional brushes.

  • Molar Media MountMolar Media Mount by Molar Media Mount, LLC

    The Molar Media Mount allows a dentist to provide patient entertainment in an affordable and exciting way. By allowing a dentist to connect a tablet computer to an existing dental light, it places the screen directly in the line of sight of the patient. It brings patient entertainment into view!

Dental & ENT Surgical Tools
  • Ti-Max Z45LTi-Max Z45L by NSK

    Ti-Max Z45L is the world's first 45° electric attachment handpiece. It features a unique, two-way water spray mode. A jet spray option helps prevent subcutaneous emphysema in surgical procedures and a mist spray option effectively cools the bur making it suitable for both surgical and traditional procedures with difficult access.

  • DIEGO® ELITE™ Multidebrider®DIEGO® ELITE™ Multidebrider® by Olympus Corporation of the Americas

    Olympus' DIEGO® ELITE™ Multidebrider® has the potential to positively impact millions of ENT surgeries performed annually with its monopolar and bipolar energy blades. The device offers physicians an array of surgery options, reducing instrument exchanges during procedures. Procedures powered by DIEGO ELITE have reduced bleeding and significantly shortened surgery times.

  • elements™free obturation systemelements™free obturation system by Kerr Endodontics

    elementsfree is a cord-free obturation system designed for use with The Continuous Wave Technique and includes: Single-motion downpack obturation device with 360° activation ring for fast heating and cooling of the heat plugger; Ergonomic backfill device featuring motorized extrusion to precisely control the flow of heated gutta percha.

Dental X-Ray & Laser Tools
  • SoleaSolea by Convergent Dental

    Solea is the first FDA approved, CO2 9.3 micron dental laser for hard and soft tissue. Replacing the drill and scalpel for the majority of procedures, Solea is virtually noiseless, vibration-free and anesthesia-free. Patients love the experience and dentists love the efficiency gains from not numbing patients or controlling bleeding.

  • NOMAD Pro 2™ Handheld X-ray SystemNOMAD Pro 2™ Handheld X-ray System by Aribex, Inc.

    The NOMAD Pro 2™ is a handheld, portable, intra-oral X-ray system. Its lightweight body, patented shielding, and extended battery life provide the flexibility to take X-rays in any situation and features an unsurpassed ability to stay in the room with the patient during the X-ray process.

  • Green CT®Green CT® by Vatech

    Vatech's Green CT® allows dentists to take low radiation dental X-rays without sacrificing the diagnostic image quality. Unlike ordinary dental X-ray devices Green CT® help protect both the planet and patients through its innovative design and construction.

Dental 3D Printers & Services
  • 3DS Healthcare3DS Healthcare by 3D Systems

    3D Systems' healthcare solutions extend from the training room to the operating room with a comprehensive digital thread of 3D printers, software and services that deliver personalized healthcare solutions, including medical models, surgical guides, hearing aids, dental applications, implantable devices, or other innovations that help enhance patients' quality of life.

  • 3M™ True Definition Scanner3M™ True Definition Scanner by 3M ESPE Dental

    A marriage of cutting edge 3D imaging, advanced optics and data analysis algorithms is revolutionizing the consumer's experience at the dentist. Incorporating several new technology platforms, 3M designed a technological marvel. The 3M™ True Definition Scanner is an intraoral scanner that captures a 3D video "impression" of teeth.

  • CS 3500CS 3500 by Carestream Dental

    Carestream Dental's CS 3500 intraoral scanner allows dental professionals to easily capture high-quality images for restorative and orthodontic applications. Representing the latest technology in digital impressions, the CS 3500 combines industry-leading precision and an intuitive, ergonomic design - while eliminating the problems associated with traditional impressions and more cumbersome intraoral scanners.

  • LG OLED TV (55EC9300)LG OLED TV (55EC9300) by LG Electronics USA

    LG's groundbreaking OLED TV (55EC9300) is the first television to achieve GREENGUARD certification and boasts low emissions, as confirmed by UL Environments. Hailed by TV experts as "The Best TV Ever," it sets a new standard for television manufacturers to create leading innovations that also promote healthier indoor environments.

  • The Tide® Professional Coldwater SystemThe Tide® Professional Coldwater System by P&G Professional™

    Turn your commercial laundry system into a money saving machine (up to $8,700 in savings for a 150 room hotel) with Tide® Professional Coldwater. It's a whole new system of clean-with four products formulated to work together for a dependable clean with less water and colder temperatures.

  • MitraStar TechnologyMitraStar Technology by MitraStar Technology

    MitraStar, with its core competency on technology and product design innovation, keeps its focus on product development of wired and wireless broadband networking, next-generation Network, digital home multimedia and smart life applications. Our major businesses include DMS, Design, Manufacturing and Service.

  • PurePower® Geared Turbofan™ engine familyPurePower® Geared Turbofan™ engine family by Pratt & Whitney

    Pratt & Whitney's PurePower® Geared Turbofan™ (GTF) engine family will enable airlines/aircraft owners to significantly reduce fuel use, carbon and other emissions, and aircraft noise. It is arguably the most sustainable commercial jet engine developed to date. Industry analyst Richard Aboulafia describes it as a "disruptive technology" for the industry.

  • MultiScan ThreatTrack™MultiScan ThreatTrack™ by Rockwell Collins

    MultiScan ThreatTrack™ weather radar delivers increased safety and efficiency to commercial aircraft. Advanced capabilities go beyond hail and lightning prediction alerting pilots to cell threats and two turbulence levels. When thunderstorms grow ahead and below the aircraft, ThreatTrack's Predictive Overflight™ feature warns the crew of cells in the flight path.

Automotive Solutions
  • Bridgestone: Developing the Next Generation of Tires from GuayuleBridgestone: Developing the Next Generation of Tires from Guayule by Bridgestone Americas, Inc.

    Bridgestone launched an initiative aimed at diversifying the world's natural rubber supply by extracting it from guayule, a woody desert shrub native SW U.S. & Mex. - developing it for use in various tire applications. Bridgestone built a Biorubber Research Ctr. in Arizona, which began production Sept. 2014.

  • TheBikeShieldTheBikeShield by TDG Company, LLC

    TheBikeShield is a vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication system that sends acoustic warnings to car drivers when a bicycle or a motorcycle is around before the car driver can see it or hear it. Based on mobile technology and Low Energy Bluetooth, TheBikeShield is Crash Avoidance technology accessible for everyone.

  • BlaBlaCarBlaBlaCar by BlaBlaCar

    BlaBlaCar is the world's largest long-distance ride sharing community. We connect people seeking to travel with drivers going the same way. They travel together and share the cost of the journey. BlaBlaCar is creating an entirely new people-powered transport network based on a trusted global community of drivers and passengers.

Automotive Computing
  • NVIDIA Tegra Visual Compute ModuleNVIDIA® Tegra® Visual Computing Module by NVIDIA

    The NVIDIA Tegra Visual Computing Module is a computer system for the car, powering sophisticated infotainment systems and digital instrument clusters. We applied processor technology originally designed for consumer electronics to the automotive industry, enabling automakers to accelerate the development time and reduce overall cost.

  • OnStar 4G LTEOnStar 4G LTE by General Motors

    General Motors introduced a new generation of connected cars with embedded OnStar 4G LTE. With more than 30 2015 model year vehicles connected with their own Wi-Fi hotspots, this is the broadest deployment of 4G LTE in the automotive industry.