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Being recognized with an Edison Award™ is one of the highest accolades a company can receive in the name of innovation and business success. The Edison Awards honor excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centered design and innovation. These Gold, Silver and Bronze Winners were chosen as the "best of the best" by the world's top senior business executives, academics, and innovation professionals. We congratulate all of our winners for their accomplishment!

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Cyber Safety
  • productphotoProject Ares by Circadence and SparkCognition

    Project Ares™ provides cybersecurity teams with a real-time opportunity to practice skills and hone tactics via a next generation online gaming platform. The proprietary platform deploys realistic, mission-specific virtual environments with real-world tools, network activity and a large library of mission scenarios. Artificial intelligence combined with virtual machine orchestration enables the platform to convert rapidly real-time threat intelligence into new missions and keep training fresh, relevant and challenging.

  • productphotoSynack Hydra Technology Platform by Synack

    Hydra combines the power of a modern vulnerability scanner with the expertise and creativity found in individual hacker toolkits to provide actionable intelligence to the Synack Red Team (SRT) so that they can locate, confirm and report exploitable bugs with unprecedented efficiency and scale.

  • productphotoElectronic Awareness Games by Dubai Police

    Dubai Police has employed cutting-edge video games technologies to develop electronic awareness games for communicating awareness messages and strengthening the national identity and belongings to the UAE, building empowered and self-immune Emirati generation that is able to cope with current and future challenges

Financial Solutions
  • productphotoClover Mobile by Clover Network

    Designed with mobility in mind, Clover Mobile is a handheld device that serves as both a terminal and POS system. Clover Mobile securely accepts virtually all payment types from anywhere, as the world’s first PIN-entry-capable integrated point of sale tablet-- a technical feat that no other company has been able to bring to market broadly.

  • productphotoWdesk for SOX and Internal Controls by Workiva Inc.

    Wdesk is a modern productivity suite that is reinventing how SOX and audit teams work. Built for the cloud, Wdesk connects risk, control, and audit data in a single, easy-to-use platform that provides unprecedented productivity. Wdesk removes the burdens of SOX documentation and reporting, and offers a fresh approach to governance, risk, and compliance.

  • productphotoDiscretionary Peg (Patent-Pending) by IEX

    A protective order type, that protects investors from trading during a crumbling quote (price change).

Food Manufacturing Process
  • productphoto3M™ Condensation Management Film by 3M

    3M™ Condensation Management Film is adhered to surfaces in cooled food processing facilities to reduce the labor associated with removing condensation droplets formed during the cleaning and sanitation process. The surface of the film contains microscopic capillary channels that increase evaporation by spreading the droplets, creating a "self drying" surface that eliminates the need to manually mop.

  • productphotoAseptiSense™ by Aseptia Inc.

    AseptiSense is the first integrated, FDA-compliant system of tools (software, particles, implants, sensors, amplifiers, launch and capture devices) for process design, flow monitoring and safety validation of complex particulate shelf stable aseptic foods. AseptiSense enabled the first FDA clearance of such advanced products.

  • productphotoApeks Supercritical 2000 PSI System by Apeks Supercritical

    Demonstrating continuous improvement, Apeks’ newest, fully automated 2000 CO2 PSI extraction system with diaphragm pumping technology increases processing efficiency (20 to 50% faster extractions) while consuming half the power. It also allows for 95% CO2 gas recovery, minimizing operational costs.

Forensics & Security
  • productphotoThermo Scientific™ Gemini™ Analyzer by Thermo Fisher Scientific

    The Thermo Scientific Gemini analyzer is the first to integrate FTIR and Raman spectroscopy in a handheld instrument for fast and accurate chemical identification in the field. It gives operators the ability to easily conduct complementary and confirmatory testing with a single instrument.

  • productphotoX-Loupe® AgileLite System by Lumos Technology Co., Ltd.

    X-Loupe® AgileLite System is the first photo-oriented forensic light solution around the world. Not only "What you see is what you get" is easy, but also CSI can use it to achieve difficult fluorescence photography with confidence. Its exchangeable modules are ready to meet evolving challenges in field for today's and tomorrow's crime scene.

  • productphotoSparkSecure by SparkCognition

    Using cutting-edge AI algorithms, including a proprietary Cognitive Fingerprinting technique™, SparkCognition delivers intelligence to uncover trends, threats and anomalies, and to investigate and propose solutions. SparkSecure, identifies emerging attacks the same way a human would, using a proprietary suite of machine-learning pipelines. We combine this intelligence with a massive, machine-generated, curated database of security events to provide context, experience, and constant learning.

  • productphotoVegetable Factory™ by Spread Co., Ltd.

    Vegetable Factory™, the world's first fully-automated, large-scale agricultural innovation that produces 30,000 heads of lettuce a day in a controlled indoor environment can be built almost anywhere. Our mission is to bring food security to future generations around the world in an eco-friendly way.

  • productphotoNanoco Cadmium-Free Quantum Dots (CFQD® Quantum Dots) for LEDs, and Nanoco Deep Red CFQD® Quantum Dot Film by Nanoco Technologies

    The Nanoco Deep-Red CFQD_ Quantum Dot Film is the first quantum dot film for sustainable plant growth. Free of heavy metals, the film, when combined with blue and/or near-UV LEDs, maximizes chlorophyll absorption to promote healthy and improved growth while minimizing energy consumption and casting less heat than traditional sources.

  • productphotoFood Computer by Open Agriculture

    A Food Computer is a 3'x3'x2' growing chamber equipped with sensors and actuators that monitor and control the climate within, forming a “climate recipe” that can be validated and shared in a network of Food Computers and translated into production-scale controlled environment agriculture facilities.

Material Science
  • productphotoAir and Water Permeable Foam Cement and Concrete by Allied Foam Tech Corporation

    We have developed the very first water and air permeable foam cement and concrete with totally controllable degrees of open pores versus close pores. Such cementitious materials could become economical solutions as disposable filters/roadways, acoustical panels (for ceilings, tunnels, noise-reducing fence for outdoor engines/motors,) and biological and chemical reaction columns/bed/media.

  • productphotoGUARDx™ by NanoMech Inc.

    GUARDx™ is a revolutionary breakthrough nanoengineered functional skin (overlay) for extreme-temperature fireproofing, antiwear, total corrosion elimination, superior min-max temperature stability, and immunity to microbes. It is a single lightweight skin overlay to enhance performance and life of vehicular, marine, aerospace, and virtually any machine components operating in normal-to-harsh global environments.

  • productphotoBOGU Foundry Safety Coat by Victaulic

    Created for foundry workers, the BOGU coat is made from an innovative polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) fabric. A Victaulic-led collaboration resulted in a coat that protects against molten metal splash, improves safety and, at 30% lighter than traditional foundry safety coats, offers greater comfort and breathability for workers.

  • productphoto LEE® Jade Fusion Denim by VF Corporation

    By utilizing groundbreaking technologies, Lee's Jade Fusion denim integrates jade stone into yarn along with treated cotton to provide superior temperature regulation, more wicking power and quicker drying time than traditional denim. Jade Fusion offers consumers in Asia refreshing comfort and style even in the hot and humid summer months.

Space Exploration
  • productphotoNew Horizons: the first mission to Pluto by NASA, the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory and Southwest Research Institute

    On July 14, 2015, the U.S. made history--completing the initial reconnaissance of the classical solar system by exploring Pluto with New Horizons. The New Horizons spacecraft traveled more time and distance — 9 years and 3 billion miles — than any space mission in history to reach its target, providing humanity's first close views of Pluto and opening the door to a new region of mysterious small worlds in the Kuiper Belt.

Athletics & Recreation
  • productphotoKingii Wearable by Kingii

    Kingii is the world's smallest floatation aid that keeps users safe in the water without restricting mobility, thanks to a wrist-worn design. In cases of emergency, a lever on the wearable deploys a buoyant inflatable to pull you to the water's surface in seconds. Kingii is perfect for swimmers, surfers, boat owners and anyone else who loves the water.

  • productphotoVSSL Supplies by VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools

    VSSL Supplies is a compact outdoor survival tool containing critical gear in the handle of a dual mode, weather resistant, nearly indestructible military grade aluminum LED lantern

  • productphotoBack-Spin Tee by Backspin Enterprises, Inc.

    The Back Spin Tee is the only inverted tee that allows batters to use regular balls and get instant feedback while striving to utilize the principle hitting theory: On Path Bottom Half™. The truth about how to create back spin is shown on this product. It is catching on rapidly with college and professional teams.

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Sports & Travel
  • productphotoAbom Goggles by Abom, Inc.

    Abom goggles are the world's first snow goggles with active anti-fog technology. A small lithium battery heats a transparent film that sits between the two-part lens and keeps fog away for up to six hours. A scratch-resistant, polycarbonate Carl Zeiss lens ensures the best clarity and protection from UVA, UVB and UVC rays.

  • productphotoEvolution Cool™ by Cabeau® Inc.

    The patented, groundbreaking, Evolution Cool neck pillow will turn heads while yours rests comfortably, right where you want it. Features include innovative cooling vents, a magnetic auto-snap toggle, and pillow soft dual density memory foam that allows for a slim-lined design while providing you with First-Class serenity, support, and comfort.

  • productphotoCapHat™ by CapHat™ Sun Protection Pty Ltd

    CapHat™ is a unique one size fits all, UPF45 rated and tested attachment that simply fits over your favourite cap or hat to provide ultimate protection from the sun. If it’s a hot day simply dip your CapHat™ in water prior to use for an evaporative cooling effect, reducing your core temperature. If it’s windy or there's glare from the water or ground, simply close the grip tabs. CapHat™ can be taken on or off as necessary.

Collective Disruption
  • productphotoCisco Hyperinnovation Living Labs (CHILL) by Cisco

    CHILL (Cisco Hyperinnovation Living Labs) brings together multiple companies to drive disruptive industry-scale innovation. The Living Lab experience uses rapid prototyping, human-centered design principles, and real-time user feedback cycles to enable achievement of significant leaps in innovation within a 48-hour window.

  • productphotoGreenTouch Green Meter by GreenTouch Consortium

    GreenTouch is a global collaborative consortium of 48 industry and academic partners dedicated to improving the energy efficiency in communication networks. Its Green Meter demonstrates a technology roadmap leading to a 98% energy reduction while supporting future applications and traffic growth.

  • productphoto“Local Scene” and “Ride Reminder” from Hilton Worldwide in partnership with Uber by Hilton Worldwide

    Through a data-driven partnership, Hilton and Uber brought the hospitality industry and sharing economy together to deliver Local Scene and Ride Reminder. Via the HHonors app, travelers can view local hot spots, like restaurants and bars, based on their drop-off popularity with Uber riders.

  • productphotoMasterClass by MasterClass

    What if you could have taken a class from the Wright Brothers? Or Thomas Edison? MasterClass creates online classes from the best in the world so anyone anywhere can get access to genius (e.g. Dustin Hoffman teaches acting; Serena Williams teaches tennis). Instead of webcams, classes are filmed by Academy and Emmy award winning directors and feature interactive tools, making classes as engaging as watching HBO.

Cameras &Virtual Reality
  • productphotoVisualCommerce™ by Marxent

    Marxent’s VisualCommerce™ has reinvented Virtual Reality for retail. With VisualCommerce consumers can quickly and easily access brands’ thousands of pieces of content, through an immersive experience, and configure them into their own 360 content to create and visualize their dream projects.

  • productphotoFLIR ONE™ by FLIR Systems, Inc.

    The next-gen FLIR ONE™ is a small and lightweight thermal imaging camera that attaches to iOS or Android devices. It extends the limits of human vision to the infrared light spectrum and unlocks practical applications for home improvement and outdoor adventure.

  • productphotoNod Backspin by Nod Labs

    Nod Backspin is a sophisticated input device that flawlessly translates positional data to provide precise tracking for immersive user experiences. Lightweight, wireless and ergonomically designed for user comfort and control, Backspin integrates motion, gestures and analog for any VR format.

Entertainment & Gaming
  • productphotoBB-8™ by Sphero by Sphero

    BB-8 the app-enabled Droid is more than a toy, it’s a digital companion with a personality. BB-8 will show a range of expressions and perk up when given voice commands based on your interactions. Set it to patrol and watch BB-8 explore autonomously or drive BB-8 using the smartphone app.

  • productphotoPLAY:5 by SONOS, Inc.

    The PLAY:5 is the powerfully smart speaker that tunes its sound to bring you all the energy and emotion the artist packed into the original recording. Music that's pure, ferocious, tasty and true.

  • productphotoThalia Capo by Thalia Capos LLC

    The guitar capo has been used for centuries, allowing musicians to change the key of a song by simply placing it on the desired fret of the guitar. The Thalia guitar capo has reinvented the capo by reversing the fulcrum point, allowing for one-handed use and adding shear elegance.

Home & Personal Security
  • productphotoKuna Smart Home Security Light by Kuna Systems

    Kuna is the first smart home security system built into an outdoor light for break-in prevention. Consisting of a Wi-Fi camera, siren and two-way intercom, Kuna proactively detects people at your doors and lets you see and interact with them through a live video feed on your smartphone.

  • productphotoMaster Lock Bluetooth Smart Padlocks by Master Lock

    Master Lock Bluetooth® Smart Padlocks turn your smart device into a key with an advanced but easy-to-use app that allows you to monitor lock activity and share access. Simple, ergonomic features in addition to strength, durability and reliability make the indoor and outdoor padlocks well suited for use at home, office, job site or school.

  • productphotoFLIR FX™ by FLIR Systems, Inc.

    FLIR FX™ is a compact and portable Wi-Fi camera with a patent-pending flexible design. The easy-to-use, affordable video monitoring solution adapts to the user's needs and it can be used as outdoor security, home monitoring, sports recording and more.

Personal Technology
  • productphotogoTenna by goTenna

    goTenna is a small device that pairs to your smartphone so you can send and receive text messages and share locations on maps with others even when you don’t have service.

  • productphotoForm 2 by Formlabs

    The Form 2 was born out of the desire to create the most advanced and reliable desktop 3D printer on the market. It powers designers, engineers and independent creators of all stripes to create and iterate efficiently and print products without the help of expensive, third-party printing facilities.

  • productphotoSwiftKey Keyboard by SwiftKey

    SwiftKey's mission is to enhance interaction between people and technology. Our smart keyboard apps replace a smartphone's keyboard with one that uses AI to learn each user's writing style, delivering super-accurate word predictions that get better with time. This reduces keystrokes, increases productivity and makes typing more fun.

Security Solutions
  • productphotoSelfiLogin™ by OneVisage®

    Our innovation transforms any standard smartphones into a real-time 3D facial authentication solution. To authenticate an individual, we simply capture a quick video selfie, reconstruct a 3D face model in real time and compare it to a reference model that has been securely stored at enrollment.

  • productphotoEyeLock IoT by EyeLock

    EyeLock IoT brings unprecedented iris identity authentication and user protection to an easily embeddable and widely deployable OEM configuration. It is easily integrated across existing and emerging Internet of Things lifestyle devices and consumer endpoints — smartphones, laptops, wearables, appliances, even vehicles and bank ATMs — with biometric security surpassed only by DNA-matching.

  • productphotoCylancePROTECT™ by Cylance

    CylancePROTECT is the only preventive PC security solution that stops over 99% of advanced threats and malware: 2-3x the effectiveness of competitors. Its revolutionary artificial intelligence approach analyzes the DNA of code prior to its execution to find and prevent threats others can’t.

Work & Home Environment
  • productphotoEcovent by Ecovent

    Ecovent is the only smart home system that delivers complete room-by-room temperature control through easy-to-install, self-configuring sensors and vents. Dynamic flow balancing keeps your system safe, and you comfortable, while reducing energy costs.

  • productphotoFoldedColor Packaging by FoldedColor Packaging

    FoldedColor is a fully integrated online folding carton manufacturing company with one of its kind online order entry system consisting of box structure templates, interactive 3D pdf proof and an instant pricing mechanism. We print unlimited spot colors on packages as low as 50 pieces at a low competitive price with no additional cost within a lead time of 5-7 business days. No other company can claim this combined benefit.

  • productphotoThinkPad X1 Yoga by Lenovo

    The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga combines thinness and lightness with the strength of a ThinkPad. We achieved this by creating a unique metal composition so molten metal flows properly inside the form without cooling. This combination of portability and durability – plus 4 modes that adapt to the way people use devices – make this the ideal choice for prosumers.

Food & Beverage
  • productphotoHandmade, healthy salads via automated vending kiosks by Farmer's Fridge

    Farmer's Fridge strives to make slow food available fast. We sell fresh, handmade salads and snacks out of automated vending kiosks. We turned the vending machine into a “veggie” machine with the goal of improving access to healthy, delicious food made with high-quality, whole ingredients.

  • productphotoLuvo's chef-created, nutritionist-approved, flash frozen meals by Luvo, Inc.

    Luvo is a forward-thinking company disrupting the CPG industry; sparking a change in the way we eat and think about food. Luvo is bringing fresh to the freezer aisle, offering chef-created, nutritionist-approved, flash frozen meals, made from high quality ingredients (like whole grains, fruits, veggies, and lean proteins) to consumers in affordable and accessible ways.

  • productphotoDaisy Squeeze Sour Cream by Daisy Brand LLC

    Daisy Squeeze is the first squeezable inverted foil pouch in the dairy category. It supports multiple uses for sour cream (topping and ingredient), helps prevent contamination, and minimizes waste. It also offers Daisy a means of visual differentiation on highly competitive grocery store shelves.

  • productphotoKeurig® KOLD™ by Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.

    The Keurig® KOLD™ drinkmaker is a personal cold beverage system for the home, delivering both carbonated and still beverages on-demand at the push of a button. Through a convenient single serve pod, the KOLD™ system chills, carbonates and dispenses a wide variety of fresh-made, perfect tasting beverages – including iconic brands and new discoveries.

Home Tools & Maintenance
  • productphotoTroy-Bilt FLEX by Nottingham Spirk and MTD Products Inc.

    With the Troy-Bilt FLEX, a lawnmower, snowblower, leafblower and power washer are “attachments” that operate from the same powerful base.

  • productphoto SureCan® Fuel Can by SureCan Inc.

    With its patented rotating nozzle and thumb trigger, the SureCan allows gravity to dispense fuel from the bottom of the can without spilling. You will never bend over to pour your gas again, and you will always keep your hands gas free. The SureCan also self-ventilates when in use producing a quick flow without glugging or gurgling. The SureCan is the easiest, safest, and greenest gas can in the world.

  • productphotoCraftsman Extreme Grip 5-Piece Socket Set by Craftsman®

    The Craftsman® Extreme GRIP™ 5-piece socket set features a gripping action which allows you to grip rounded fasteners up to 14-times better than a standard Craftsman socket. Each socket features movable jaws to provide solid fit for standard, metric and rounded fasteners. Serrated jaws grip onto rounded fasteners. Release collar for easy disengagement. This 5 piece socket set can be used on the following 10 fastener sizes:

Alternative Energy
  • productphotoButyFixTM by Green Cellulosity Co.

    ButyFix is a biochemical technology developed to produce bio-butanol mainly for use as transportation fuel using nature's most abundant biomass, cellulose, as feedstock. ButyFix bio-butanol technology is the first to meet negative carbon footprint in its lifecycle resulting from a superior carbon yield.

  • productphotoSimpliPhi Power OES 2.6 High-Output Battery by SimpliPhi Power

    SimpliPhi High-Output batteries a deliver both peak and baseload power in one unit. They deliver up to five times the power (250 amps) of similar batteries of their type, without generating any heat signature. It is non-toxic, with a small footprint, and requires no ventilation or cooling.

  • productphotoJoint Infantry Company Prototype (JIC-P) by Marine Corps Expeditionary Energy Office

    JICP provides an energy production, scavenging, management and distribution capability as well as individual water purification capability for dismounted warfighters in austere environments reducing logistics resupply and increasing self-sustainability. It consists of a kinetic energy harvesting backpack & knee braces, pocket sized solar panel, a central battery networked to radios and electronics via a central power manger.

Building Construction & Lighting Innovations
  • productphotoLIQUIDARMOR™ Flashing and Sealant by The Dow Chemical Company

    LIQUIDARMOR™ is a sprayable liquid sealant and flashing product that seals insulation joints and other cracks to reduce air and water leakage, as well as improve overall management of thermal, moisture and air quality in a building.

  • productphotoSecurock® ExoAir® 430 System by USG Corporation

    The Securock® ExoAir® 430 System combines two proven technologies from United States Gypsum Company and Tremco to create the first-ever barrier panel that fully protects buildings from air, water, vapor and thermal factors – making a structure more energy efficient and sustainable.

  • productphotoMetalux™ SkyRidge™ Luminaires with Integrated Sensor Control System by Eaton

    Offering customers a stylish, yet affordable alternative to fluorescent fixtures, the highly efficient luminaires with Integrated Sensor Control Systems provides superior optical control, energy savings (up to 62 percent) and is optimized for code-compliant occupancy detection and daylight harvesting.

Carbon Reduction
  • productphoto Cryogenic Carbon Capture™ by Sustainable Energy Solutions, LLC

    Cryogenic Carbon Capture™ nearly eliminates all emissions from fossil-fueled power plants at half the cost of alternatives while enabling greater adoption of solar and wind through built in, grid-scale energy storage.

  • productphotoSelf-Powered Tracker (SPT) by NEXTracker Inc

    NEXTracker Self-Powered Tracker enables solar utilities to track the sun’s position and adjust photovoltaic panel position to boost energy yield—without tapping into the grid. The design breakthrough reduces tracker installation and O&M costs, making solar a more economically viable energy source.

  • productphotoZahroof StraightFlo Valve by Zahroof Valves, Inc.

    The Zahroof StraightFlo Valve is a unique shift in how compressor valves are designed and used. Because of its Modular Reed Valve design, gas is pushed through unobstructed. This means compressors don't have to be idled and opened as often, which reduces the amount of methane and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

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Energy Management & Customer Solutions
  • productphotoGridPoint Energy Management Solution by GridPoint

    Founded in 2003, GridPoint is a leader in comprehensive, data-driven energy management solutions (EMS) that leverage the power of real-time data collection, big data analytics and cloud computing to maximize energy savings, operational efficiency, capital utilization, and sustainability benefits.

  • productphotoNextWeb by Opower

    NextWeb empowers utilities to deploy a dynamic online solution to their customers that produces significantly less stress on their internal IT organizations. By delivering a personalized, engaging online experience, utilities can leverage Opower's energy usage insights across browsers and devices.

  • productphoto Smart Customer Mobile (SCM®) by Smart Utility Systems

    SCM® is the #1 Customer Engagement platform designed to provide a 360-degree view of utility customers.

Re-Use & Reclamation
  • productphotoCalSoil by Caltex

    Soil contamination from hazardous chemicals and hydrocarbons is a worldwide problem that can destroy biological ecosystems, pollute groundwater and lead to billions in environmental costs. Based on R&D from the U.S. Army, CalSoil is a venture that remediates and cleans contaminated soil using an end-to-end methodology that averts the dumping of polluted waste into landfills. We turn damaged land back into a valuable asset.

  • productphoto SYLAS-R2™ by Concurrent Technologies Corporation

    SYLAS-R2™ is a decentralized, scalable, and energy efficient system for shower and laundry wastewater recycling, capable of achieving 90% water recovery and exceeding potable water quality standards.

  • productphotoHYPER™ by EnerMotion Inc

    EnerMotion has developed the world's first Heating and Refrigeration unit powered by waste exhaust heat! The patented Hybrid Power Energy Recovery 'HYPER' system for transportation markets eliminates engine idling or the use maintenance intensive, costly auxiliary power units for heavy trucks to provide heating and/or cooling at vehicle rest.

Smart Grids & Servers
  • productphotoMicrogrid by Black & Veatch

    Demonstrating cutting-edge energy generation, our microgrid system uses a combination of natural gas, solar energy, geothermal wells, and battery storage to power 12,000 sqft of our world headquarters. It provides a real-world example of industry-changing possibilities for our clients and a learning laboratory for development of innovative energy solutions.

  • productphotoJisto by Jisto Inc.

    Many companies invest in large server infrastructures. Typically, only 20% of these resources are used on average, a massive waste in a multi-trillion-dollar-spend market, with significant environmental impact. Jisto brings elasticity to these environments, allowing companies to tap into the stranded capacity in real time.

  • productphotoe-OPTI TRAX® , eSYNC®, CACTUS®, e-COMB®, INERTECH® by INERTECH

    INERTECH has patented, developed, and brought to market a game changing technology that revolutionizes how heat is treated and removed in a data center. The heat removal cycle has optimized the three core components of a cooling cycle. Heat absorption, heat transport, and heat rejection. The system requires 80-90 % less power to operate, and reduces water consumption by 70-80% versus traditional cooling plants.

Sustainable Solutions
  • productphotoDigiCatch™ by SmartCatch™

    SmartCatch™ is disrupting the status-quo of massive fishery waste in seafood production by incorporating smart technologies in critical areas of seafood production. DigiCatch™ is a real-time catch monitoring solution that gives fishermen eyes inside their nets increasing both their efficiency to catch the fish they want and the transparency needed to avoid catching the ones they don’t want to catch.

  • productphotoRoad Pothole Detection System (HACAD project) by Highways England

    A safe cost effective method to locate road pothole defects. Using laser (LiDAR) technology at traffic speeds ensures minimal disruption to motorists whilst road condition surveys are conducted. LiDAR surveys provide the operator with accurate road conditions and unlimited access to condition data enabling them to deliver safer reliable journeys to our motorists.

  • productphotoSustainable Cable Solutions by Superior Essex

    Superior Essex is the first and only cable manufacturer to be certified Zero Waste to Landfill, and to offer high-performance copper and optical fiber cables with Environmental Product Declarations and Health Product Declarations, which evaluate and offer transparency about the environmental and health impacts of a product’s ingredients and manufacturing practices.

Quality of Life & Patient Care
  • productphotoCliniCloud by CliniCloud

    CliniCloud's kit contains a world-first digital stethoscope designed for consumers, a non-contact thermometer and a mobile app that empowers patients to proactively manage their wellness from the comfort of their home. Users can record basic vital signs including temperature, heart and lung sounds, and then send the readings to a physician of choice or receive a consultation via Doctor on Demand through their smartphone.

  • productphotoZocdoc by Zocdoc

    Each month, millions of patients use Zocdoc to find in-network neighborhood doctors, instantly book appointments online, see what other real patients have to say, get reminders for appointments and preventive check-ups, fill out their paperwork online, and more. With a mission to give power to the patient, Zocdoc’s online marketplace delivers the accessible, seamless, and simple experience patients expect and deserve.

  • productphotoOne Medical Mobile App with Digital Dermatology by One Medical Group

    One Medical Group is the leader in tech-enabled primary care, offering a new approach to health care that combines people-centered design, smart application of technology, and a team of talented providers who have the time and tools necessary to make smarter decisions for their patients. As the fastest-growing primary care practice in the country, One Medical has nearly 40 offices in 7 markets. Learn more a www.onemedical.com.

Safety & Health Monitoring
  • productphoto ONKÖL by ONKÖL

    ONKÖL is a beautiful connected-care hub designed to help the elderly remain at home. ONKÖL's innovative design and open architecture enables a wide variety of third-party IoT sensors to communicate with independent platforms.

  • productphotoREALRIDER® by Realsafe Technologies

    Motorcyclists are 38 times more likely to be killed in a road accident than car users. REALRIDER® ensures the nearest ambulance service is alerted quickly and provides medical details and GPS location to find injured riders. Monitoring key sensors in Smartphones, REALRIDER® looks for changes that occur during a crash like rapid deceleration, tumbling motion followed by a period of no movement, after which an alert is triggered.

  • productphotoLife signal IPTV service by KT Corporation

    “Life signal IPTV service” is the service that can check the status of an elderly who lives alone by the signal to turn on/off IPTV set-top box. If there is no status change of IPTV set-top box for 24 hours or longer, it automatically sends a text message to the designated guardian (social workers or family) to prevent death by loneliness.

Wearables & Sensors
  • productphotoCyrcadia iTBra™ by Cyrcadia, Inc.

    Cyrcadia Health offers the iTBra, a wearable bra inset which records thermodynamic-metabolic data, gathering changes in cell activity over a 2-12 hour basis. Data is processed under HIPAA standards in the cloud with patented Machine Learning analytics demonstrating 83%+ correlation to the actual state of cancer. The iTBra can reduce the number of unnecessary biopsies and addresses the challenged dense tissue population.

  • productphotoLumee by Profusa

    The system uses a micro sensor inserted under the skin with our proprietary Pen injector. When paired with our small Patch reader on the surface of the skin the Lumee Sensor relays specific information relating to tissue oxygen, blood sugar, lactate, sodium, and other biomarker signals for various disease states, wellness and sports performance optimization. The clinical application is being used now for vascular surgery.

  • productphotoNima™ by 6SensorLabs

    Nima is a portable sensor that tests food for unwanted ingredients in approximately two minutes, starting first with gluten. Nima alleviates the stress around unknown food ingredients, delivers social freedom and makes mealtime enjoyable again.

Womens Health & Wellbeing
  • productphoto The Eclipse System by Pelvalon

    The Eclipse System is the first and only FDA-cleared vaginal insert designed to provide immediate bowel control. Placed in the same location as a tampon, the insert is designed to control the rectum from within the vagina to prevent accidental stool passage. The Eclipse System is easily tried, contains no hormones or drugs and can be removed at any time.

  • productphotoSimplified IVF by The Walking Egg

    The Walking Egg low-cost IVF-system bypasses the need for a costly IVF laboratory by simplifying embryo culture methods and eliminating high-end equipment. Cheap, effective and safe stimulations schemes are used before the IVF. This method can be used on a global scale and gives resource-poor regions access to fertility care.

  • productphotoEva by Dame Products

    The couples' vibe that doesn’t get in the way.

Digital Management & Marketing
  • productphotoBloomReach Compass by BloomReach

    BloomReach Compass is artificial intelligence that gives digital merchandisers and marketers real-time performance and improvement opportunities on every product, site-search query and product category on a retailer's site. It understands and learns how users search, navigate and browse to make profitable decisions about how, when and what products to show.

  • productphoto Onespot by OneSpot

    OneSpot’s proprietary Content Sequencing® platform helps brands build 1:1 relationships by personalizing and sequencing content to individuals using machine learning and predictive analytics. The platform drives repeat engagement across websites, e-mail, mobile, social and paid digital channels.

  • productphotoDocuSign Transaction Rooms, Broker Edition by DocuSign®

    DocuSign Transaction Rooms, Broker Edition is the complete Digital Transaction Management platform that helps real estate brokers define and optimize the way transactions are managed across their business while providing agents with true mobility to get work done on the go.

Market Analytics
  • productphotoPrism by Prism

    Prism's web and mobile cloud-based applications turn regular video cameras into IoT sensors and business intelligence tools that enable in-depth understanding of movement, interaction, and activity. Prism uses cutting-edge computer vision and machine learning tech to help users understand and optimize their physical spaces in innovative ways.

  • productphotoInterana by Interana

    Interana is a self-service behavioral analytics solution for event data that enables people to easily obtain insights derived from the actions users take with products or services. Essentially, Interana combs through the minutiae to not only tell what customers did, but also why they did it.

  • productphotoDrawbridge Connected Consumer Graph™ by Drawbridge

    Drawbridge’s Connected Consumer Graph personalizes the Internet for consumers by enabling brands & enterprises to leverage an anonymous digital identity solution to deliver enhanced customer experiences through custom ads, personalized content, appropriate recommendations, and identity management.

Networking & Funding
  • productphotoUnigo.com by Unigo Group

    We believe that we are uniquely positioned to become THE digital destination to support the entire college consumer life cycle. We provide a highly personalized set of matching solutions to connect consumers with schools, scholarships, and other college needs such as books and roommates.

  • productphotoLoanGifting™ by RKS

    LoanGifting is a web platform enabling students and graduates to crowdfund their educations by receiving gifts of student loan repayment. Modest to generous donors are able to give the invaluable gift of education while rescuing the 40 million individuals burdened with $1.3 Trillion of student debt.

  • productphoto360Alumni® Engagement & Fundraising Platform by 360Alumni, Inc.

    360Alumni changes the way organizations connect with alumni and cultivate their support. Our engagement and crowdfunding platform combines the complete alumni and student database with meaningful networking tools including a map, lists, job board, and the ability to create your own groups and events. By improving network access and career outcomes, 360Alumni is increasing goodwill and alumni's willingness to give back.

Workplace Resources
  • productphotoLifeLearn Sofie™, Powered by IBM Watson by LifeLearn, Inc.

    Using IBM Watson's cognitive learning and natural language processing, Sofie provides evidence-based hypotheses through immediate access to thousands of pages text based data and helps design proactive pet care plans specifically developed for individual patients' needs and unique dispositions, allowing veterinarians to focus their time and expertise on improving patient outcomes.

  • productphotoONE-KEY™ by Milwaukee Tool

    ONE-KEY™ is the first digital platform for tools and equipment. It will provide a new level of control and access to information that will revolutionize the way work gets done. This will fundamentally change the way users interact with their tools and help solve user problems.

  • productphotoBehavioral Project Library by WeSpire

    WeSpire's Behavioral Project Library (BPL) enables companies to mobilize their workforce around sustainability, corporate social responsibility (CSR), volunteer and well-being initiatives by delivering over 70 dynamic, action-based projects developed to help organizations reach their goals and drive positive impact.

Communication & Collaboration
  • productphotoTouchjet Pond™ Projector by Touchjet™

    The Touchjet Pond Projector turns any flat surface (wall, ceiling, table) into an interactive 80” touchscreen (like a giant tablet). The Android OS is built-in, so users can download any app directly to the device. It's perfect for any setting: business, education, entertainment, travel and more.

  • productphotoSMART kapp iQ by SMART Technologies Inc.

    SMART kapp iQ, a modern day whiteboard and ultra high definition 4k display, allows for real time collaboration via linking mobile devices to the board, regardless of physical location. As participants write, the content instantly appears on the display and on every device linked.

  • productphotoLogitech ConferenceCam Connect by Logitech

    Optimized for workgroups of 1-6 people, the affordable ConferenceCam Connect videoconference solution offers multi-device connectivity and sets up in a snap to elevate small group collaboration to the next level.

Office & Home
  • productphotoLoftCube© by LoftCube GmbH

    Imagine a place, where your spirit can fly & the windows are 360° wide. A place where you can relax, work & share life with your friends. An exclusive mobile loft, attractive & convenient. A cocoon on the inside merging with the natural surroundings. Futuristic architecture, space enough for air and light, cosy warmth & innovative technology, functional design, high-quality materials, lightweight & quick to install.

  • productphotoBrody WorkLounge by Steelcase

    Brody WorkLounge is the first and only lounge seating product designed for the brain and the body. Featuring advanced ergonomic design, Brody eliminates physical discomfort and helps workers and students focus by creating a microenvironment that shelters them from visual distractions.

  • productphotoThe Original Level™ by FluidStance® - a Company of Motion, LLC

    You were designed to move - it's likely your workspace was not. The patented and patent-pending design and technology of the Level™ elicits subtle, constant movement below your feet to increase your range of motion and heart rate. From your office desk, to the conference room, to the living room, we aim to provide a shift where you need it most -physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

Student Learning
  • productphotoAugmented Creativity by Disney Research

    Our Augmented Creativity platform uses augmented reality on mobile devices to bridge between real-world activities and digital experiences, allowing users to engage their imagination and boost their creativity in coloring, music, storytelling, exploration, and other areas of active discovery.

  • productphotoVerizon Innovative Learning Schools by Verizon

    Designed to use Verizon’s unique, core business assets (America’s largest wireless network, mobile technology and education partnerships) VILS supports teachers’ integration of mobile technology into the classroom, increasing student interest and performance in STEM subjects. Students participating in the pilot 2014 program showed gains, including 6.97% increase on math achievement scores.

  • productphotoLearnFit™ Adjustable Standing Desk by Ergotron, Inc.

    Activate learning environment with Ergotron's LearnFit™ Standing Desks on casters. Easy to adjust to suit student height and move for small groups or to aid curriculum. Standing more has positive health benefits, kids self-manage their energy levels and report less fatigue. Research links movement to performance. A win-win for students and schools.

Media & Visual Communications
  • productphotoShure MOTIV™ MV88 iOS Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone by Shure Incorporated

    Built for individuals looking to capture high-quality 24-bit/48 kHz audio for live performance, interviews, videos, vocal/instrumental recordings and more, the MV88 connects directly to any iPhone, iPod, or iPad equipped with a Lightning connector to easily record content on-the-go.

  • productphotoTouchCast by TouchCast LLC

    TouchCast puts all the core features of a TV studio inside an app, radically simplifying high-impact production. And anything from the web — plus documents, images or other video — can be placed inside, making everything clickable. Now everyone can make an interactive video. In the studio. In the field. At their desk.

  • productphotoShopTV® by Delivery Agent

    DA's proprietary television commerce technology, ShopTV®, enables viewers to purchase products from ads and programs directly through their TV using their remote control. Embedded in 31 million connected TV devices from leading CE companies Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic and Roku, the platform, is now the most distributed t-commerce tech in the market, turning the most viewed screen in the home - the TV - into a shopping portal.

Dental Care
  • productphotoSolea® by Convergent Dental

    Solea is the world's first computer-aided CO2 9.3 micron laser cleared by the FDA for hard, soft and osseous tissue indications. With its ability to allow dentists to perform virtually anesthesia-free and blood-free procedures, Solea significantly increases production and dramatically improves practice efficiency and patient experience.

  • productphotoMulti-Axis Spiral Suction by Ghost Mfg

    The award-winning Multi-Axis Spiral Suction is the first real innovation to dental suction tips in the last 50 years. The unique benefits solve all the problems associated with traditional dental suction tips. This eliminates the need for all variations of HVE tips currently on the market, including the need for a separate saliva ejector tip and backflow prevention valves.

  • productphotoOral B Pro 5000 with Bluetooth by Procter & Gamble

    When patients use the Pro-5000 with the Oral B app they have a visual and audible coach to help them brush the correct amount of time and to help them brush the entire mouth more thoroughly. The patient just has to turn on the brush, while the brush removes plaque the app will: • Focus • Motivate • Track • Sense

Diagnostics & Disease Treatment
  • productphotoArtemisinin by Amyris, Inc.

    Amyris first applied its technology to create microbial strains that produce artemisinic acid, a precursor of artemisinin, a highly effective anti-malarial therapeutic. This was funded by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In 2008, Amyris made this available to Sanofi for deployment on a royalty-free basis, boosting global availability, saving thousands of children’s lives.

  • productphotoloom by Miroculus Inc

    An open source molecular data gathering tool, based on Natural Language Processing, which enables everyone to better understand how microRNAs (a novel class of biomarkers) interact with genes and diseases. An algorithm, that daily gathers, reads, and process all published scientific literature from all around the web and centralizes it into a single database making it available and it easy-to-use like never was before.

  • productphotoPercepta™ Bronchial Genomic Classifier by Veracyte, Inc.

    The Percepta™ Bronchial Genomic Classifier uses advanced genomic technology to help reduce the number of unnecessary invasive biopsies and other procedures that can follow when potentially cancerous lung nodules or lesions are found on CT scans.

Patient Care
  • productphotoFreeStyle Libre by Abbott

    “Every time I prick my finger I am reminded of my mortality,” said one man of his diabetes, which until now required a torturous regimen of finger pricks up to 12 times a day. Not anymore. FreeStyle Libre provides 14 days of continuous glucose data with a simple scan and no finger prick calibration.

  • productphotoCardioMEMS™ HF System by St. Jude Medical

    The CardioMEMS™ HF System is the first and only FDA-approved heart failure monitoring device proven to significantly reduce hospitalizations. The wireless sensor can detect changes in a patient's heart function, allowing for adjustment of medication without the need for a hospital or clinic visit.

  • productphoto216Dx Laser Microbial Growth Monitor by BacterioScan

    The BacterioScanTM 216DxTM laser microbial growth monitor is designed to detect and measure bacterial growth indicative of a urinary tract infection (UTI), from clinical urine samples rapidly, precisely and with minimal labor

Surgical Tools & Devices
  • productphoto Micra® Transcatheter Pacing System (TPS) by Medtronic

    At less than one-tenth the size of traditional pacemakers, the Micra TPS is the world's smallest pacemaker yet provides the most advanced pacing technology available. It is cosmetically invisible and small enough to be delivered with minimally invasive techniques through a catheter, and implanted directly into the heart.

  • productphotoWATCHMAN™ Left Atrial Appendage Closure Device by Boston Scientific

    The WATCHMAN™ Left Atrial Appendage Closure Device is a first-of-its-kind alternative to long-term warfarin therapy for stroke risk reduction in patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation. Its innovative design features allow for a minimally invasive, permanent left atrial appendage closure.

  • productphotoDr. Kim's Shadowless headlamp by DrKimUSA.com

    Dual light headlamp system doesn't create shadows. Ergonomic c-band design eliminates any pressure on nose and wire to battery, so it is very comfortable. Unique magnifying glasses and video camera can be attached without any pressure. Lighting, viewing and filming angles are all aligned. Vision of doctors are always bright.

Vision & Hearing
  • productphotoBosch Eyecare Solutions by Robert Bosch Engineering & Business Solution Private Limited

    Bosch Eyecare offers an end-to-end solution to offer comprehensive eye-examination towards early detection of preventable blindness while making care-delivery accessible and affordable through a revolutionary combination of hardware, software and predictive algorithms.

  • productphotoR-7 by Osterhout Design Group

    ODG's R-7 smartglasses are the first ever wearable device that provides users with the most advanced mobile computing available, coupled with high-def, 3D images that enables true augmented reality and virtual reality capability

  • productphotoZPower Rechargeable System for Hearing Aids by ZPower LLC

    Disposable hearing aid batteries often run out of power in the middle of the day,and require frequent changing. This is a physical challenge for hearing aid users and leads to 1.4 billion hearing aid batteries discarded into landfills annually. The ZPower Rechargeable System makes today's most popular hearing aids rechargeable, offers a full day of power and takes the place of an estimated 200 disposable batteries.

Life Enrichment
  • productphotoSmartstones® :prose™ by Smartstones, Inc.

    Smartstones Inc.'s sensory messaging platform allows us to connect sensors and devices to our cloud communication infrastructure, enabling upwards of 500 million people in the world who cannot talk to speak with sensory inputs such as touch, motion, glances and thought. Our first app, :prose, enables gesture to speech through simple taps, swipes, and shape gestures.

  • productphotoAutism Core Skills by Infiniteach

    Autism Core Skills is an iPad app that consolidates research-based best practices to unlock the academic and social potential of individuals with autism. A custom profile for each student leads to completely individualized lessons based on interests, attention span, and ability level. Data is automatically collected to track progress.

  • productphotowww.noceilings.org – “No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project” by No Ceilings : The Full Participation Project- Clinton Foundation

    No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project is a Clinton Foundation initiative that seeks to advance the full participation of girls and women globally. Through data-driven analysis and innovative partnerships, No Ceilings is building an evidence-based case to chart the path forward and advance progress for women and girls everywhere.

Electric Energy & Propulsion Systems
  • productphotoCatalyst by Proterra

    Proterra delivers clean transportation to all by replacing heavy-duty, fossil-fueled transit buses with zero-emission electric vehicles. Proterra vehicles reduce greenhouse gas and diesel particulate matter emissions— by an astounding 146,400 pounds annually per bus—without sacrificing vehicle performance or cost efficiency.

  • productphotoChargePoint® Home by ChargePoint

    ChargePoint is bringing innovation home with the smartest, smallest and most advanced home EV charger offering speed, convenience and intelligence all in an ultra-sleek, beautiful and durable design.

  • productphotoCat® Twin Fin Propulsion System by Caterpillar Inc.

    The Caterpillar Propulsion Twin Fin system is primarily intended for diesel electric vessel applications. In addition to being the most compact system of its kind for offshore vessels, the robust Twin Fin solution achieves better overall performance and increased cargo loading capacity. The Twin Fin solution can be applied to newbuilds, retrofits and conversions in any commercial marine application.

Materials Handling
  • productphoto Quay Reel ® Tanker Loading & Unloading System by Techflow Marine Ltd and Cepsa Quimica

    Quay Reel ® Tanker Loading & Unloading system provides increased safety, efficiency, environmental performance and lower emissions. Safety is enhanced by PLC control making the system best in class as compared to traditional system capability in a port with loading or discharging chemical tankers

  • productphotoOTTO by Clearpath Robotics Inc.

    OTTO revolutionizes indoor transportation for industrial centers through intelligent self-driving technology that is safe (ie: obstacle avoidance and perceptive light display), fast (ie: optimally efficient), and easy to manage (ie: integrates without infrastructure enabling flexible work zones).

  • productphotoProVIEW by Omni-ID

    ProVIEW is the only paperless workflow management solution for manufacturing. E-paper display tags replace static paper work instructions and for the first time - track assets in-process. The ability to change instruction real-time to accommodate changing workflow is now a reality.

Personal Mobility
  • productphotoStromer ST2 Electric Bicycle by myStromer USA Corp.

    The Stromer ST2 has the highest level of integration of any e-bike. The ST2 backs up its sleek, modern design with mobile device integration, allowing your smartphone to connect through the cloud-based program Omni, and the myStromer app. The connectivity means the ride settings, the anti-theft program and GPS tracking can all be accessed from your phone and the digital touch display on the crossbar.

  • productphotoURB-E by Urban626, LLC

    URB-E is a lightweight, foldable, electric vehicle that solves the “last mile” problem of urban commuting. Entirely American made, URB-E travels up to 15 mph, has a 20-mile range, and fits conveniently in a bus, train, or car trunk, making it a convenient, affordable solution to green commuting.

  • productphotoSpinlister Smart Bike by SPINLISTER

    Spinlister, a peer-to-peer global bike share, unveiled a revolutionary decentralized bike-share model and bicycle. This new system features no hubs or stations, and renters can ride,park,and lock/unlock the bicycle by using the Spinlister mobile app and existing municipal bike parking infrastructure.