We are proud to announce the Winners for the 2018 Edison Awards™. These Gold, Silver and Bronze Winners were chosen as the "best of the best" by the world's top senior business executives, academics, and innovation professionals.

Being recognized with an Edison Award™ is one of the highest accolades a company can receive in the name of innovation and business success. The Edison Awards honor excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centered design and innovation. We congratulate all of our winners for their accomplishment!

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3D Printing
  • productphotoThe Production System™ by Desktop Metal

    At up to 100x the speed of today’s fastest additive systems and up to 20x lower cost, Desktop Metal’s Production System is the first metal 3D printing system for mass production that delivers the speed, quality, and cost-per-part needed to compete with traditional manufacturing processes.

  • productphotoMicrostructure Control for High Performance Additive Materials by HRL Laboratories, LLC

    HRL has achieved a revolutionary metallurgy breakthrough by producing the first EVER 3D-printed high-strength wrought aluminum alloys and the first fully-dense manufactured ceramics. New scalable nanofunctionalization techniques were used to control microstructure during the additive manufacturing.

  • productphotoEVOLV3D™ Universal Support Material (USM) by The Dow Chemical Company

    The EVOLV3D™ Universal Support Material (USM) is a game changer for 3D printing. Useful with all common build materials, no longer must consumers mix-and-match build and support for a good print. Also, EVOLV3D is water soluble at room temperature and non-hazardous, making removal and disposal easy.

Automotive & Airline Technology
  • productphotoPerkins® SmartCap by Perkins® Engines Company LTD

    Perkins SmartCap is a low cost connectivity solution allowing users to connect their mobile device to their engine via the free Perkins® My Engine App. The cap monitors the engine and sends data to the app, giving customers useful information: running hours, location, service reminders & log, Start/stop data, and Parts info.

  • productphotoDow Performance Silicones Moldable Optical Silicone by The Dow Chemical Company

    Moldable optical silicones are a new tool for innovation in the automotive lighting world with unprecedented design freedom and photothermal stability. These two part liquid injection moldable materials provide benefits to optical elements including reduced weight, cost savings, optical stability and ease of manufacture.

  • productphotoWINLOGIC™ intelligent window systems by PPG Industries

    The patented cockpit PPG WinLogic window system is engineered to sense the aerospace windshield's health & provide protection from an emerging electrical fault that may result in failure or breakage of the window. The window can subsequently be replaced at the convenience of the owner and not cause a major flight interruption.

Commercial Safety
  • productphotoInsta-Valve 250 Patriot™ by Hydra-Stop LLC

    The Hydra-Stop Insta-Valve 250 Patriot insertion valve provides a safer, more economical way of installing valves into a water distribution system, under pressure, without service disruption. The Insta-Valve stops flow in most types of pipe, from 4" to 12" in diameter, and is used in potable water, wastewater and industrial applications.

  • productphotoFluid-Driven Emergency Rescuer by Industrial Technology Research Institute

    Fluid-Driven Emergency Rescuer technology harvests partial hydropower by micro-turbine-generator from fire-fighting water to provide thermal image, light and indicate evacuation routes in the dark for protecting firefighters and saving lives.

Consumer Sensors & Biometrics
  • productphotoSFH 4735 OSLON Black Flat by OSRAM Opto Semiconductors

    The SFH 4735 OSLON Black Flat is the first broadband emitting infrared LED. The compact emitter allows consumers to analyze food, medicine and more on mobile devices.

  • productphotoBenjiLock Mini ™ by BenjiLock LLC

    BenjiLock's purpose is to redefine the personal security experience, using hybrid technology with the consumer in mind. The simplicity of this particular patented invention is that it can go beyond the traditional padlock and be embedded in multiple forms and ways of hybrid security solutions that would be extremely beneficial to a wide array of industries keeping the U.S. at the forefront of global innovation.

  • productphotoSophia Robot by Hanson Robotics

    Sophia is Hanson Robotics' most advanced robot with extremely realistic facial expressions and a unique personality . She can simulate over 60 facial expressions, track and recognize faces, look people in the eye, and hold natural conversations with them. She is constantly evolving in terms of her knowledge, personality, and technology.

  • productphotoFlexion™ N-Series 6-Axis robot by Epson America, Inc.

    Epson’s N-Series robots are defining an entirely new 6-axis Robot Category. The folding arm design incorporated into this robot Series is the most groundbreaking improvement to 6-Axis robot technology in the last several decades, and offers a fundamental difference in the way 6-Axis robots operate.

  • productphotoCollaborative Robot Panda by Franka Emika GmbH

    The collaborative lightweight robot system designed specifically to assist humans. Architected, designed and developed by Franka Emika GmbH in Munich and produced in Germany.

Sealing Technology & Thermal Applications
  • productphotoAeroBarrier by Aeroseal, LLC

    AeroBarrier is the catalyst to transform the building industry, making it easy for all to design energy efficient, healthy homes. AeroBarrier technology seals holes as small as a hair follicle; the application process is easy, cost effective, and endorsed by the most innovative building science professionals in America.

  • productphotoDow Corning® EA-4600 LV Hot Melt RTV Translucent by The Dow Chemical Company

    Jet dispensing delivers speed and accuracy to address trends towards increasing miniaturization and high-throughput manufacturing of consumer electronic devices. This product delivers reliable processability, primerless adhesion to a variety of substrates, ingress protection, and a durable seal.

  • productphotoBlue4est® with ROPAQUE™ NT-2900 Hollow Sphere Pigments by The Dow Chemical Company and The Koehler Paper Group

    Regulatory and consumer concern over chemical developers, such as bisphenol A (BPA), is driving a search for replacement chemicals. Blue4est® with ROPAQUE™ NT-2900 takes a completely different approach and eliminates the chemical developer entirely. A layer of opaque polymer spheres effectively hide an underlying colored layer. Exposure to heat collapses the air-filled polymer spheres making the colored layer visible.

Injury Prevention
  • productphotoFREEDOM+ Surf by Shark Shield Pty Ltd

    The Shark Shield FREEDOM+ Surf is the world's only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent designed specifically for surfers, delivering a fully integrated solution with no impact on surfing performance. It is the ultimate ocean guardian for surfers, providing protection against sharks, including Great Whites, and giving them peace of mind to enjoy the ocean. Nothing is more effective.

  • productphotoNomad by Park & Diamond

    Our collapsible bike helmet can roll up into the shape of water bottle to be conveniently carried on a backpack or easily stored on a bike, so it is always where you need it when you need it. Our helmet looks like a hat with interchangeable skins so you can customize the look to fit your style.

  • productphotoFEND Helmet by FEND

    FEND Helmet is an innovative bicycle helmet designed for the city rider. As ride share and urban commuters grow by triple digits, the majority of commuters still don’t wear helmets because they are bulky, hot, and inconvenient. FEND solves this problem. Our patent-pending technology allows the helmet to fold into one-third of its original size, offering the utmost convenience in a minimalistic and fully breathable design.

Collective Disruption
  • productphotoSKYLINE + PURETi Façade System by Neolith by TheSize

    Through a powerful collaboration, Neolith by TheSize elevates its SKYLINE ventilated façade collection with PURETi, a breakthrough photocatalytic surface cleaning and pollution regressive technology. This architectural surfacing partnership creates never-before-seen, low-maintenace commercial and residential building exteriors.

  • productphotoWell Living Lab, Inc. by Delos Living LLC

    The Well Living Lab is the first scientific center that uses exclusively human-centered research to understand the interaction between health and well-being and indoor environments. The Lab offers an unprecedented degree of control over research variables through a modular, reconfigurable space that simulates a wide variety of real-world environments.

  • productphotoIoT microbial defense powered by ASSET360® by Black & Veatch and Synexis

    Synexis™ is the first to produce Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (DHP) technology using a building’s ambient humidity and oxygen to continuously achieve safe, green, natural, reduction of microbial threats in the air and on surfaces. Using ASSET360®, the DHP system is automated and remotely monitored to ensure function and effectiveness.

Digital Cameras
  • productphotoLight L16 Camera by Light

    The Light L16 Camera is a compact device that packs DSLR quality into a device that fits in the palm of your hand. Using advanced optics technology, the L16 fires up to 10 of its 16 camera lenses to capture multiple images simultaneously, then fuses them together into a single high resolution image up to 52MP.

  • productphotoQooCam, Stereo & 360 Camera by Kandao Technology Co. Ltd

    QooCam, a revolutionary digital camera. Thanks to the patented 3 lenses design, it not only takes 360ーdegree videos, in the meantime, also capture the front of view 180-degree in the stereoscopic mode that contains depth information by the latest CV & AI algorithms, therefore, to realize a lot of cool imagery features. 

  • productphotoPetcube Bites by Petcube Inc.

    Petcube Bites is an all-in-one interactive WiFi treat camera, which creates a rewarding treat experience for owners and their pets. Petcube Bites is designed to help pet parents care for their pets remotely, and reward them with treats.

High-Tech Games
  • productphotoDrone Racing League by Drone Racing League

    DRL transformed a hobby for drone enthusiasts into a mainstream sport. Supported by world-class partners, DRL has redefined the traditional sports space over the last year by securing global broadcast distribution in 87 countries, sponsorships with Fortune 500 & world-renowned brands (including Allianz & BMW) while building a fully-internal team of technology, media & event experts to collaborate on something entirely new.

  • productphotoStar Wars: Jedi Challenges by Lenovo

    Star Wars: Jedi Challenges is a new augmented reality (AR) Star Wars gaming package that allows fans to experience Star Wars in ways never before possible. The game comes with a smartphone-powered Lenovo Mirage augmented reality headset and collector-quality Lightsaber controller, featuring hours of Star Wars gameplay.

  • productphotoLUMEN by FACTOR 10

    LUMEN is the world's first game to capture the true magic of wireless power. The game’s cubes magically light up without batteries and change colors when the game’s frame is rotated. The goal: get four in a row. The hitch: you rotate the frame to end your turn, changing colors across the board!

Music Instruction
  • productphotoThe ONE Piano Hi-Lite by The One Music Group

    Piano Hi-Lite by The ONE transforms any existing 88-key piano or keyboard into a smart, digital instrument and interactive learning experience. Piano Hi-Lite works with The ONE Smart Piano app to provide video lessons, games, and sheet music that corresponds to the LED light strip placed above the keys.

  • productphotoSpecdrums by Specdrums

    Specdrums provides the unique advantage of affordably improving student-to-instrument ratios while increasing accessibility and engagement, and providing additional ways for schools to promote STEM/STEAM. Specdrums is also the most portable drumming machine available and a new creative outlet for digital artists.

  • productphotoPopulele - Smart Ukulele by PopuBand Music Inc

    Populele is a redesigned smart ukulele with 72 LEDs built right into the fretboard – which show you exactly where your fingers go. Anyone who's always yearned to learn an instrument can now make it happen in minutes with Populele. This REAL acoustic uke's 72-LED smart fretboard connects to app which is equipped with sound recognition technology, giving beginners a quick and satisfying way to start their musical journey.

Work & Home
  • productphotopHin Smart Water Care by ConnectedYard, Inc.

    pHin combines a bluetooth and WiFi-enabled water monitor with a mobile app to simplify pool and hot tub care. The monitor measures water chemistry 24/7, and notifies your smartphone when action is needed. Just add pHin’s pre-measured, single-dose pods or get dosing instructions when used with your own chemicals.

  • productphotoevaSMART™ by Evapolar

    evaSMART™ is the world's FIRST smart personal air conditioner. Combining true aesthetics with strong functionality, the device demonstrates individual approach to cooling. Thanks to a unique evaporative technology EvaBreeze® it creates a better environment in the place where one needs it most.

  • productphotoSitTight™ by SitTight, Inc.

    Our innovative chair transforms sitting into an activity that improves your health instead of damaging it. Using your body's natural ability to balance causes an increase in core strength, improved posture, additional calorie burn and mental alertness.

Workplace Solutions
  • productphotoGrypmat® by Grypmat®

    Grypmat is the world’s most versatile tool mat, made from our patent-pending, flexible, non-magnetic, non-slip, rubberized material. It works on curved surfaces such as aircraft wings and composite cars, reducing surface damage and shortening maintenance times. It is also used in the medical field.

  • productphotoTruShot™ by SC Johnson Professional™

    TruShot™ mobile dispensing system provides properly diluted cleaning chemistries at the pull of the trigger and allows the cleaner to quickly swap chemistry cartridges based on the cleaning need at hand. The water reservoir fills at any water source, increasing productivity by reducing re-supply trips to the janitor's closet.

  • productphotoMediaMAX™ CAT6 Toolless Data Jack by Suttle

    MediaMAX™ Toolless CAT6 data jack’s intuitive proprietary design saves installation time and money. Toolless toggle connectors provide consistent, reliable, high-performance, connections. View windows provide positive indication that wires are properly aligned, eliminating guesswork and reducing rework.

Energy Systems
  • productphotoActive Ceramic Membrane by CoorsTek

    Active Ceramic Membranes are components that perform large and small scale energy conversions with near zero energy loss. They enable much more efficient production of chemicals and fuels from natural gas that are less expensive and cleaner than those derived from crude oil.

  • productphotoAutoGrid Flex by AutoGrid Systems, Inc

    AutoGrid’s DER flexibility management software allows utilities, electricity retailers, energy service providers and owners of large asset portfolios to deliver clean, affordable and reliable energy. The company’s patented Predictive Controls™ technology leverages advanced data science, machine learning and high performance computing to predict, control and optimize all DERs at scale and in real time.

Renewable Energy
  • productphotoHD-Wave Inverter by SolarEdge Technologies

    Inverters, the solar energy system’s brain, have remained heavy, bulky, & expensive – keeping solar energy expensive. Using advanced digital processing, SolarEdge’s game-changing HD-Wave inverter reaches record efficiency, with half the losses, & more than halves its size & weight - dramatically reducing the cost of the inverter and energy.

  • productphotoThe V164 offshore wind turbine platform by MHI Vestas Offshore Wind

    The V164 wind turbine is the world's largest, most powerful, and most tested turbine. It's been a key driver in the recent cost reduction in offshore wind, making offshore wind competitive with traditional energy sources for the first time ever.

Resource Re-Use
  • productphotoService: Rubber Devulcanization Product: TDP (Tire-Derived Polymer) by Tyromer Inc.

    Over half a billion tires are burned each year. Tyromer's chemical free devulcanization technology converts scrap tire rubber into TDP, Tire-Derived Polymer, for reuse in tire production. With TDP the tire industry can implement a producer responsibility strategy to enable a circular economy.

  • productphotoAsarasi Sparkling Tree Water by Asarasi, Inc.

    Asarasi pioneered the world’s first USDA Certified Organic water source by developing a plant-based water adding to the world's drinkable water supply. A byproduct of the maple industry, Asarasi is a new, renewable source of billions of gallons of fresh water, harmlessly harvested from maple trees!

  • productphotoAIR-INK ™ by Graviky Labs

    We have developed KAALINK, a retrofit technology that captures particulate matters emissions at source, preventing it from entering in the atmosphere. The technology behind the device is scalable to any size of exhaust pipes. After capturing air pollution PM in raw form, we take it through a process to detoxify it, and eventually recycle it into AIR INK, which is currently being used for packaging, printing, and art activism.

Vehicle Advancements
  • productphotoHydraGEN™ HG1 by dynaCERT Inc.

    dynaCERT's product, the HydraGEN™ HG1, uses electrolysis to provide H2 & O2 gases to diesel combustion engines on demand. Introducing hydrogen gas into the air intake of the engine creates a faster and more complete combustion. This results in 19% fuel savings and 40% reduction in carbon emissions.

  • productphotoJuiceNet® by eMotorWerks

    JuiceNet is an IoT platform for building grid-integrated EV charging solutions. It includes connected charging stations (EVSE), plug-in hardware to IoT enable 3rd-party charging stations, APIs, skinnable smartphone apps, and a cloud platform for EV load aggregation, grid communications and control.

  • productphotoSKY Insights by Greenlots

    SKY INSIGHTS is a premium energy and charge management system for utilities, cities, and site hosts, enabling real-time data analysis and detailed forecasting in order to manage demand for EV charging across software providers. SKY INSIGHTS will provide fleet operators with predictive analysis, utilization rates, and power consumption patterns to optimize their charging fleet and plan for future investment.

Hearing Enhancement
  • productphotoEarlens by Earlens Corporation

    Earlens brings people with hearing loss closer to normal hearing than any other hearing aid can. A behind-the-ear Processor and Light Tip convert sound into pulses of non-visible light that activate a custom Lens on the eardrum, thereby delivering the broadest frequency range on the market.

  • productphotoReSound LiNX 3D by GN Hearing

    ReSound LiNX 3D is a revolutionary new hearing aid from GN Hearing that redefines modern hearing care. Offering the first comprehensive remote fine-tuning capabilities, ReSound LiNX 3D allows users to request and download updates from their hearing care professional via the cloud.

  • productphotoBeltone Trust™ by Beltone™

    Beltone Trust™ hearing aids bring those with hearing loss unprecedented sound quality and the ability to connect with their Hearing Care Professionals outside regularly scheduled appointments, offering the most complete hearing care experience available today.

Injury & Disease Prevention
  • productphotoCleanSpace® EX Respirator by PAFtec Pty Ltd

    CleanSpace Ex is the world’s lightest (1.2lb), powered respirator with an Intrinsically Safe approval for potentially explosive work environments such as oil/gas, mining and pharmaceutical facilities. CleanSpace offers the ease of use of disposable masks and the high protection of a powered respirator. Now workers in tough conditions can to be comfortable and well protected. CleanSpace EX is IP66, NIOSH, ETL and CSA approved

  • productphotoPeriogen Oral Rinse by Global Tonic LLC, dba The Periogen Company

    Periogen is the the first world's first calculus dissolution rinse. The powder when mixed with water can be swished in the mouth or applied via oral irrigator to remove sub-gingival calculus. The product is made from inexpensive food ingredients making it an effective, affordable preventative tool in public health.

  • productphotoSISU® NextGen™ Mouthguard by Akervall Technologies Inc.

    The National Science Foundation funded our research on smart mouth guard polymers that are non-compressible, force dissipating but still pliable and remoldable during fitting. SISU® is only 1.6mm thin, extremely comfortable enabling athletes to talk, breathe and drink without taking it out during games. Dental injuries are reduced to 1/25,000.

Vision Enhancement
  • productphotoWeWALK by Young Guru Academy (YGA)

    WeWALK transforms the white cane into an innovative smart cane which integrates with smartphones. It increases visually disabled people’s ability to move independently and promotes full-participation into social life via its obstacle detection, smartphone integration and open platform features.

  • productphotoSightPlus by GiveVision

    SightPlus is a wearable headset that can be used to magnify close-up or far-away objects, change the contrast or apply custom filters to anything you are looking at. It is a hands-free, portable, easy-to-use device suitable for a large variety of tasks. People who use SightPlus include those that have severe sight impairments such as macular degeneration or stargardt, which can't be cured.

  • productphotoAira by Aira

    Aira is the first to bridge the information gap for blind people. We leverage leading technologies (e.g. smart glasses, Artificial Intelligence), plus interaction of trained human agents, to provide the blind instant access to information and assistance -- when and where they want it, greatly enhancing their independence.

Wellness Technology
  • productphotoTouchpoints Original by The Touchpoint Solution

    TouchPoints™ are the first non-invasive tech wearables shown to decrease stress by up to 70% in as few as 30 seconds. Using patent-pending bi-lateral micro-vibrations similar to EMDR Therapy for PTSD, they aid with sleep, productivity, anxiety, focus and cravings and help restore calm, homeostatic functioning.

  • productphotoThe Sleep Number 360™ smart bed  by Sleep Number

    The Sleep Number 360™ smart bed redefines what you should expect from your bed. Powered by the latest biometric sleep tracking technologies, the bed continuously tracks and automatically adjusts comfort in real time to offer a better night’s sleep. It's the only bed that goes to work when you go to sleep.

  • productphotoNanit by Nanit

    Nanit revolutionizes the baby monitor using computer vision to track baby sleep and generate actionable insights that help improve a baby’s sleep. Nanit’s algorithms can detect baby sleep behaviors that are less than optimal and suggest changes parents can make to help their child sleep better.

Women's Wellbeing
  • productphotoLivia Menstrual Pain Relief Device by iPulse Medical Ltd.

    Livia is the only medical device clinically proven to effectively, quickly and comfortably eliminate menstrual pain without the use of pain medications, and to do so far more comprehensively and affordably than such medications.

  • productphotoOlay Skin Advisor by Procter and Gamble

    Olay Skin Advisor is a mobile platform designed to help women better understand their skin and find the products best-suited to their personal skincare needs. Rooted in a suite of artificial intelligence technologies, Olay Skin Advisor marks the first application of deep learning in the beauty industry, arming women with the knowledge they need to care for their skin and better navigate the often-confusing beauty aisle.

  • productphotoAlways® Discreet Boutique by Procter & Gamble

    Always Discreet Boutique is a beautiful, new bladder leak underwear that step-changed the adult incontinence underwear category, taking it from a dreaded form of protection into a desired form. Boutique provides the look, fit, and feel of real underwear to normalize the category and give women back their confidence.

Analytical Platforms
  • productphotoAvaya Customer Happiness Index and Behavior Pattern Analytics by Avaya

    The Avaya Happiness Index securely collects and automatically analyzes customer interaction data from multiple sources—across all channels, in real time—to help businesses identify industry-wide behaviors and compare their performance to market peers without exposing competitive information.

  • productphotoOptical 3D Plantar Pressure Measurement System by Metal Industries Research & Development Centre

    Optical 3D Plantar Pressure Measurement System uses 3D image depth sensing for foot shape measuring and scanning technology for foot pressure mapping. It helps the shoemaker to obtain information of customers quickly and accurately in order to suit different needs. Super convenient and generally can be found in local convenient stores, post offices and so on. Anyone can own a pair of individual specially made of shoes.

  • productphotoTricentis Tosca by Tricentis

    Tricentis Tosca accelerates continuous testing to keep pace with Agile and DevOps. With the industry’s most innovative functional testing technologies, Tricentis breaks through the barriers experienced with conventional software testing tools—achieving test automation rates of over 90 percent.

Business and Consumer Protection
  • productphotoSecdo Endpoint Security and Automated Incident Response Software by Secdo

    Secdo converges automation, endpoint security & incident response to deliver the first end-to-end platform for advanced threat management, hunting, investigation, response, remediation, and defense—reducing operational costs and response times, while increasing productivity and scaling resources.

  • productphotoEntrupy by Entrupy

    Entrupy’s authentication service uses patented computer vision algorithms and microscopy to bring trust to transactions of high-value physical goods. Currently in use by hundreds of secondary resellers and marketplaces worldwide, Entrupy provides the only scalable technology capable of objectively authenticating luxury products.

  • productphotoInstant Authentication for Mobile by Payfone

    Payfone Instant Authentication for Mobile challenges the historical tradeoff between security and effortlessness. Most forms of digital authentication make the user experience harder and slower (think annoying one-time text passcodes and easy-to-forget secret questions). Instant Authentication for Mobile disrupts this way of thinking by verifying consumers in a safe, secure way that is also fast and easy for the user.

  • productphotoKymeta mTenna Technology by Kymeta Corporation

    Kymeta connects billions of people to global, high-speed mobile access with the world’s only commercially viable electronically scanning flat satellite antennas and terminals.

  • productphotoMimosa A5 by Mimosa Networks

    Mimosa Networks is the global technology leader in wireless broadband solutions that enable service providers to connect dense urban and hard-to-reach rural homes at a fraction of the cost of fiber-to-the-premises solutions.

Digitized Data
  • productphotoViMo by Motionloft

    Motionloft takes the physical movement of people and vehicles, turning it into digitized data. Our dashboard presents the data to the user in real-time, making it actionable and enables confident decisions, provide precision for algorithms, and reveal new opportunities that only data can surface.

  • productphotoOTAmatic™ Over-the-Air (OTA) Software and Data Management by Airbiquity Inc

    OTAmatic leverages the latest software technology, integration expertise, and global cloud service delivery to orchestrate and automate highly-refined OTA software update and data campaigns. OTAmatic was designed to meet the stringent requirements of automotive today—and provide a foundation for future software and data reliant advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS), vehicle-to-everything (V2X), and autonomous driving.

  • productphotoShotTracker TEAM by ShotTracker®️

    ShotTracker TEAM is an affordable, sensor based system that automatically captures stats for basketball teams in real-time. With the ability to track multiple players, balls and hoops, it works for both practices and games. The data is made available to players, coaches, recruiters and fans through a series of specialized ShotTracker apps.

Mobile Solutions
  • productphotoDirect Autonomous Authentication (DAA)™ by Averon US, Inc.

    Averon is the most effortless, ultra-secure solution for identity verification that improves conversion rates, reduces fraud and minimizes churn. We use real-time data signaling from carriers and SIM/eSIM chips to identify users. Our DAA platform is the new gold standard of identity verification

  • productphotoAdobe Scan by Adobe Systems

    Adobe Scan turns a phone or tablet into a scanning tool that makes it easy to create digital documents anywhere. Advanced image processing technology, powered by Adobe Sensei, automatically finds the edges of your document, then captures and cleans the image into a clear PDF with reusable text.

  • productphotoJedAI by Anagog

    An award-winning company developing the market’s first on-handset AI engine that converts real-time sensors data into understanding user’s mobility status and context, without any need for a backend server.

Retail Innovations
  • productphotoPERCH Interactive Retail Displays by Perch

    PERCH is the first and only mixed reality retail marketing platform that detects what products customers are touching and picking up in stores and responds with dynamic content. Our embedded IoT technology unites digital content with physical products, delivering personalized messaging that drives 5-10x customer engagement, 30-80% product sales lift and 200-400% ROIs on average - while creating magical shopper experiences.

  • productphotoVidea Automation Platform by Videa

    Videa is a supply-side platform (SSP) providing advertisers and agencies with direct access to local TV station inventory in 181 stations, 96 markets and counting, through the company’s unique, cloud-based automated platform. It allows TV stations to monetize their full schedule of inventory, while enabling media buyers to leverage automation and analytics to reach target audiences with more speed, accuracy and transparency.

  • productphotoProductsup RichMedia by Productsup

    Productsup RichMedia enables retailers to stay relevant and break through creative fatigue. Using tailor-made templates, they can either enrich their product images with key purchase-relevant information, or transform their entire product catalog into compelling video ads within seconds.

Family & Child
  • productphotopoof diapers 3.0® by luxebaby. INC

    Diapers do not need to last 500 years. poof diapers 3.0 are biodegradable and compostable. Made of certified NON-GMO corn, bamboo, and FSC CERTIFIED WOOD PULP. Unlike many others, ours do not leave a negative impact on our planet’s forests. The materials are smooth, soft, and feel like you are wearing a silk scarf! In commercial facilities, they break down in 14 weeks into non-agricultural end use soil.

  • productphotoSugru Mouldable Glue - Family-Safe | Skin-Friendly Formula by Sugru® (FormFormForm Ltd)

    Sugru’s new Family-Safe|Skin-Friendly Formula is the world’s first mouldable glue for the next generation of fixers and makers.

  • productphotoSuper Heroic by Super Heroic

    Play is good for the soul. Our mission at Super Heroic is to empower our children with the power of play, through our products. We’ve put all of our passion and dedication into designing footwear that keeps up with their movements, inspires them to discover new places and encourages them to hold onto that invincible feeling of play.

Home Enhancements
  • productphotoWayfair View in Room 3D by Wayfair

    Innovative AR technology allows customers to place, anchor and rotate furniture in their home from their iPhone to find the perfect fit for their space.

  • productphotoNoon Smart Lighting System by Noon Home, Inc.

    Noon’s scene-based smart lighting allows you to change the way a room looks by coordinating your existing lights to create a specific mood with a single touch. The system uses sophisticated algorithms to create customized lighting scenes that are unique to the activities you do in your home.

  • productphotoDTS Virtual:X™ by Xperi Corporation

    Perfect for sound bars, televisions, or A/V receivers, DTS Virtual:X post-processing technology delivers immersive, multi-dimensional sound from any content without having to surround the listener with speakers, which can be costly and difficulty to install.

  • productphotoMakeblock Neuron by Makeblock

    Makeblock Neuron is an electronic building block platform for STEM education. It contains more than 30 types of blocks with different functions: power, communication, sensor, LED panel, motor, etc.. With the intuitive flow-based programming app and IoT features, users of all programming levels are able to build a variety of innovative gadgets like IoT Pet Feeder, Virtual Gardening Set, Smart Door with a few taps.

  • productphotoOzobot Evo by Ozobot

    Evo is an award-winning coding robot for the next generation of creators. Discover the wild world of robotics when Evo starts bonding with you right out of the box. Next, explore ways to remix Evo’s code and colorful personality. Evo connects to a free app with Bluetooth® Smart technology. From Drive to Games, the app is full of ways to play, create, and code.

  • productphotoCIRC Lab (Creativity Innovation Research Center) by Seneca Valley Area School District

    Our school has developed and implemented a corresponding makerspace and curriculum that blends innovative learning within a uniquely whimsical environment of imagery, clouds and a treehouse to spark an interest in 21st Century co-learning among our students and teachers.

Media, Visual Communications & Entertainment
  • productphotoFusion by GoPro

    Relive reality with Fusion, GoPro’s first spherical device in a compact form factor. Capture immersive 360 video in 5.2K to playback as VR or use OverCapture to pick your favorite shots and share them as traditional videos—all from your phone. Fusion records it all so you never miss the shot.

  • productphoto4DX with ScreenX by CJ 4DPLEX

    4DX with ScreenX allows moviegoers to go beyond the frame of the screen by utilizing a proprietary system that expands images of movies to create a panoramic, 270-degree format that projects onto three theatre walls and incorporates motion-based seating synchronized with various 4D effects maximizing the feeling of immersion within the movie.

  • productphotoNVIDIA® SHIELD™ TV by NVIDIA

    NVIDIA is creating a whole home AI experience with SHIELD TV. SHIELD combines three key features – 4K HDR streaming, gaming and home AI – in a single device, providing consumers with the best entertainment experience, underscored by its integration with Google Assistant and Samsung SmartThings.

Cellular Research
  • productphotomicroHeart™ by StemoniX

    microHeart is stem cell-derived biologically accurate human cardiac microtissue for testing drug effects on the heart before actual use by people. This leap forward enables the discovery of safe, effective drugs and personalized medicine, while decreasing adverse drug events and late-stage drug failures.

  • productphotoTissue Nanotransfection Technology by The Ohio State University

    Tissue nano-transfection approach is simple non-viral technology, developed for direct cell conversion in-vivo. Using patient’s own tissue and specific combination of reprogramming factors, skin fibroblasts are successfully converted to cell type that can resolve conditions locally or distally upon harvesting.

Diagnostic Systems
  • productphotoSignatera™ by Natera®

    Signatera is designed to be the first cancer diagnostic test using ctDNA technology personalized for every patient’s tumor to answer key clinical questions: Is the patient responding to treatment? Is the patient at high risk of recurrence? Is the patient disease-free at the molecular level post-treatment?

  • productphotoBrevera® Breast Biopsy System with CorLumina® Imaging Technology by Hologic, Inc.

    The Brevera system combines tissue acquisition, real-time imaging, verification and advanced tissue handling that enhances workflow, improves the patient experience and streamlines the entire biopsy process. It allows for fast, efficient procedures that save costs and improve the patient experience.

  • productphotoNext Generation Diagnostic System Increment 1 by U.S. Army Joint Project Management Office for Medical Countermeasures Systems (JPM-MCS)

    The Next Generation Diagnostics System Increment 1 FilmArray® provides the military with affordable and innovative biological warfare agents (BWA) diagnostics capability. Using commercial and DoD-developed assay panels, clinicians quickly diagnose patients exposed to BWAs and 105 diseases in 1 hr.

Digital Imaging
  • productphotoORBEYE by Olympus Corporation of the Americas

    The precise 4K-3D digital images from ORBEYE can enable more accurate surgery by providing high-resolution 3D imaging of the structure of tissue, blood vessels & other features. By displaying the progress of surgical procedures on a 55-inch monitor, ORBEYE has the potential to reduce surgeon fatigue by eliminating the need for extensive viewing via microscope eyepieces & include the surgical team in the view of the procedure.

  • productphotoSenographe Pristina by GE Healthcare

    Senographe Pristina, a mammography system, is more comfortable for patients. With rounded edges on the image detector and armrests rather than handlebars, 83% of patients rated their experience as better than previous exams. It features the industry’s first wireless remote control that lets patients control their breast compression during a mammogram.

  • productphotoCS 8100SC 3D by Carestream Dental

    The multifunctional CS 8100SC 3D extraoral imaging system provides oral health professionals with the different imaging modalities necessary to confidently diagnose and treat patients. The system combines panoramic and 3D imaging with the fastest scanning cephalometric module in one of the most compact imaging units available; making it an ideal solution for practices.

Medical Innovations
  • productphotoExablate Neuro by INSIGHTEC

    Exablate Neuro is an innovative device that uses focused ultrasound to treat deep within the brain through a completely intact skull with no incisions. To treat patients with essential tremor, ultrasound waves converge to heat and ablate the part of the brain responsible for the tremor (the Vim nucleus of the thalamus).

  • productphotoSim-Ortho™ by OSSimTech Inc™

    The Sim-Ortho VR simulator is a surgical training platform that promotes the use of simulation to train residents for open surgeries. Through its unique tactile feedback system, the simulator serves to facilitate and standardize quality-assured training for complex procedures.

  • productphotoOptune® by Novocure

    Optune is a wearable and portable, FDA-approved device for the treatment of glioblastoma (GBM). Optune creates low-intensity electric fields called Tumor Treating, or TTFields. TTFields help slow or stop GBM cells from dividing and may also cause some of them to die.

  • productphotoThe Mobilize Rescue System – Comprehensive, Mobile, and Compact; Public Access Trauma & Medical Emergency Station. by Mobilize Rescue Systems

    The Mobilize Rescue System is a new trauma & medical emergency technology that is empowering untrained bystanders to save lives while EMS is en route. With the help of an innovative, diagnostic app & intuitively organized supplies, civilian bystanders will receive 'just-in-time' training to assess, manage, and monitor severe bleeding, airway issues, and more.

Molecular Analysis
  • productphotoThermo Scientific™ Krios™ G3i Cryo-TEM by Thermo Fisher Scientific

    Krios G3i is the leading cryo-electron microscope (cryo-EM) for structural biologists exploring the molecular mechanisms of living systems. Understanding the molecular structure of proteins and viruses provides new insight into the mechanisms of disease processes and leads the way to better cures.

  • productphotoFEMTO Pulse® by Advanced Analytical Technologies Inc.

    Coupling pulsed field power with capillary electrophoresis, the FEMTO Pulse improves nucleic acid analysis, expediting long read NGS. Superior resolution enables the analysis of large DNA fragments through 200Kb up to 20x faster while a powerful detection system uses up to 1000x less sample than legacy methods, letting researchers do more with less.

Patient Care
  • productphotoPIVO™ by Velano Vascular™

    PIVO is a needle free blood draw device that repurposes an existing peripheral IV line for inpatient blood draws. It aims to eliminate patient pain and anxiety, reduce the risk of practitioner injury, and increase hospital efficiencies for the most common invasive procedure in hospital medicine.

  • productphotoAeroForm® Tissue Expander System by AirXpanders, Inc.

    Representing the first major change in breast tissue expansion in almost 40 years, the AeroForm System is the first and only needle-free, patient-controlled, wireless, tissue expander system for women who choose to have reconstructive surgery following a mastectomy.

  • productphotoKovanaze® (tetracaine HCl and oxymetazoline HCl) Nasal Spray by St. Renatus, LLC

    Kovanaze® (tetracaine HCl and oxymetazoline HCl) Nasal Spray is the first FDA-approved Nasal Spray indicated for regional anesthesia when performing a restorative procedure on teeth 4-13 and A-J in adults and children who weigh 40 kg or more. Visit www.kovanaze.com for full prescribing and safety information.

Patient Examinations & Assessments
  • productphotoVITROS® NEPHROCHECK™ by Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

    Acute Kidney Injury, or AKI, is the sudden loss of kidney function caused by major surgery, drugs, toxins, serious infection or trauma. VITROS® NEPHROCHECK™ is the first fully automated risk assessment tool for predicting acute kidney injury, in time for meaningful intervention to take place. It is a urine test that provides lab results in 16 minutes, allowing clinicians to proactively treat at-risk patients.

  • productphotoDualams Prep Air by The RealTime Group

    Prep Air is a medical device that eliminates the reflex gagging and coughing caused by inhaling liquid-lidocaine anesthesia during examinations of the larynx. Prep Air delivers lidocaine as a vapor that’s quickly absorbed by throat tissue, resulting in a safer, more comfortable patient experience.

  • productphotoPanorama® by Natera®

    Panorama is the first non-invasive prenatal test that reports early, accurate zygosity and individual fetal sex for twin pregnancies. Our test analyzes each twin’s DNA through an easy maternal blood draw to identify pregnancies at high risk for serious complications that require specialized care.

Auditory Innovations
  • productphotoMusic: Not Impossible by Not Impossible

    Music: Not Impossible provides a better live music concert experience for the deaf and hard of hearing. Three years of continuous experience and development has resulted in a complete platform for composing, translating, and sending audio as vibrations wirelessly to the user's body.

  • productphotoLoopBuds by OTOjOY

    OTOjOY LoopBuds create access to crystal-clear speech and music during concerts, lectures, and conferences in any hearing loop assistive listening system worldwide. High-fidelity sound without distortion or background noise is streamed directly to smartphones in the audience and dramatically improves speech comprehension and music enjoyment.

Communication Enhancement
  • productphotoHearphones™ Conversation-Enhancing Headphones by Bose

    Our first-ever conversation-enhancing headphones, Bose Hearphones™ are specially designed for hearing better in noisy environments such as restaurants. Loud background noise can make it hard to interact with people around you. We combined our best headphones performance with new amplification features and directional microphones for a customized experience, allowing you to choose the settings via a companion phone app.

  • productphotoMyVoice by Ciocca Apps

    MyVoice is an innovative app that helps individuals express their feelings, thoughts, actions and needs. MyVoice is divided into 5 categories, each providing a different level of AAC to the user. 'Type to Talk' uses Text to Speech technology to speak aloud sentences that a user inputs. 'Picture Talk' uses images assigned to a dictionary of words. A user selects an image and the assigned word is spoken aloud for the user.

Social Impact
  • productphotoDental Care for vulnerable seniors and adults by Senior Mobile Dental

    SMD has successfully been addressing the issues that were reported in the 2003 Surgeon General Report that oral health is a national epidemic among the poor & elderly. Our innovative concept breaks the barriers in providing dental care; we do not operate out of a motor home! Besides providing onsite care, we have built a TeleDentistry concept to connect dentists virtually.

  • productphotoAzuriTV by Azuri Technologies Ltd

    Rural Africa is an extreme example of the digital divide, where there is very little access to modern electricity or services. AzuriTV uses innovative, low powered, satellite technology to provide a solar powered 24" TV and 58 channels, for the first time, to thousands of rural off-grid households for less than $1 per day.

  • productphoto50 in 5 corporate challenge by G Adventures, Inc.

    An industry-advancing, five-year plan that puts purpose and profit on equal footing. By financing small businesses that kickstart community development, G Adventures' 50-in-5 challenge is helping travelers use the power of their vacations to spread wealth, opportunity and cultural understanding.

  • productphotoBRAINS4BOTS™ SDK by Neurala

    Neurala’s Lifelong Deep Neural Network (L-DNN)™ technology enables machines to learn after deployment in the field. Neurala has partnerships with Motorola Solutions, The Lindbergh Foundation and others to deploy this technology to aid in locating persons of interests, and anti-poaching efforts.

  • productphotoAir Shepherd™ by UAV and Drone Solutions Air Shepherd Program

    Air Shepherd, a program founded by the Lindbergh Foundation and now run exclusively by UAV & Drone Solutions, uses sophisticated drone operating teams that work with rangers on the ground. Drones are flown over high probable poaching areas, allowing rangers to intercept suspects before a poaching incident can take place.

Space Flight & Manufacturing
  • productphotoMATRIX™ Technology by Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin Company

    MATRIX™ Technology enables a regular person to operate airplanes or helicopters, it provides hardware and software for retrofit or newly built aircraft. Only a few hours of training are required and no knowledge of flying is needed. It is safe, FAA and DoD certifiable, and designed to carry humans on-board.

  • productphotoArchinaut by Made In Space, Inc.

    The largest man-made structure in space today took billions of dollars and over a decade of time to construct. Archinaut enables the next generation of large-scale, off-world manufacturing. Archinaut technologies unlock our ability to manufacture and assemble large structures on orbit.

  • productphotoCab-3A by CubeCab

    Access to space is expensive. The best way to reduce this: launch many times to get economies of scale. This is hard while costs remains high. CubeCab's solution: make very small (and thus very cheap) rockets, affordable to the non-rich, who can then (and want to) collectively buy many launches.

Space Technologies
  • productphotoSpectrally Beam Combined Fiber Lasers by Lockheed Martin Corporation

    We pioneered scaling of fiber lasers to weapons class powers using spectral beam combination (SBC) to combine multiple high power fiber lasers into a single high power beam with near perfect quality for Directed Energy Laser Weapon Systems (DE/LWS). This advancement enables the fielding of laser weapons for the first time.

  • productphotoGeostationary Lightning Mapper by Lockheed Martin - Space System Company

    The Geostationary Lightning Mapper, flown on NOAA’s GOES series of satellites, detects lightning across the western hemisphere from geostationary orbit. GLM will provide critical data, allowing forecasters to identify severe storms earlier and to predict winds, hail, and tornadoes with longer warning times.

  • productphotoVeloxint Nanocrystalline Alloys by Veloxint

    Veloxint’s process and alloy design technology enables metal parts with strengths 200-500% of traditional metals, combined with excellent high temperature and corrosion performance. The parts are made through rapid, efficient net shape manufacturing processes including 3D printing without degradation of properties.

Autonomous Vehicles
  • productphotoAutonomous Tractor Concept by Autonomous Solutions Inc.

    The Autonomous Tractor Concept vehicle was the first viable, fully automated tractor for the agriculture industry. It was jointly unveiled by Autonomous Solutions, Inc. and CNH Industrial's two global agricultural brands: Case IH in a cabless format and New Holland Agriculture in a cabbed version. This innovation allows a user to task multiple unmanned vehicles in a field or coordinate manned and unmanned vehicles together.

  • productphotoVLP-32 by Velodyne LiDAR

    The Velodyne LiDAR ULTRA Puck (VLP-32) is a high-resolution LiDAR sensor that is specifically designed for the autonomous vehicle industry to deliver increased safety and reliability, enabling any vehicle to sense objects at greater distances and interpret the data in order to make better-informed decisions.

  • productphotoInnoviz LiDAR by Innoviz Technologies

    Innoviz’s innovative LiDAR technology enables the mass commercialization of autonomous vehicles by providing the industry’s highest performance, lowest cost, most reliable and compact LiDAR, plus embedded computer vision capabilities.

Engine Enhancements
  • productphotoSKYACTIV-X by Mazda Motor Corporation

    Using a small spark to spread gas throughout the cylinders, SKYACTIV-X is able to pressurize lean fuel and burn it like a diesel engine would without the need for additional emissions equipment instead of burning fuel unevenly with a traditional spark plug ignition. The result is ample torque at all rpm, 30% efficiency increase and incredibly quick throttle response that will all improve, while running on 87 octane gasoline.

  • productphotoLEAP Engine by CFM International

    The LEAP engine incorporates cutting-edge technologies that are providing airlines with industry-leading asset utilization. The engine includes industry firsts such as 3-D woven carbon fiber composites, ceramics matrix comosites, and additively manufactured critical parts.

  • productphotouSTART® by Ioxus, Inc

    A two-terminal, drop in replacement for group 31 battery, the Ioxus uSTART® doubles the life of the remaining battery and starter, increases starting reliability, reduces preventative maintenance, and has an ROI of approximately 15 months. uSTART® provides the power to start the engine, performs voltage stabilization to increase the life of electronics, and has a built-in jump start which charges itself from low batteries.

Performance Technology
  • productphotoThe GeoOrbital wheel by GeoOrbital Inc

    The GeoOrbital Wheel converts any standard bicycle into an electric bike in seconds by simply replacing the front wheel. Outside of the biking world, the GeoOrbital platform opens up a world of possibilities for alternative electric vehicles. Less than 1 year after launch the radically different design of GeoOrbital wheel has engaged over 50M people social media and has been featured in hundreds of publications worldwide.

  • productphotoSmacircle S1 by SmaCircle Technology

    Smacircle S1, the world’s most compact and lightweight ebike. Weighing only 15.4 lbs, carbon fiber S1 can be folded in five simple steps into a small backpack and carried wherever and whenever. Feature rich with iOS and Android apps, Smacircle S1 is ideal for the connected commuter.

  • productphotoSHOT Starting System by Bombardier Recreational Products, Inc.

    The SHOT starting system is a unique to the Powersports world starter that answers a mountain snowmobiler’s need for easy starting without adding significant weight.