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Congratulations 2022 Young Edison Challenge Winners

The Young Edison Challenge has announced its student winners for the 2022 season. These student innovators brought to life Edison’s values by providing innovative solutions to problems displayed within their communities.


by Pria Sawhney
Lexington High School, MA

Vizuell is an alcohol-based, verifiable hand-sanitizer that decolorizes after initial application. Through temporary visual cues, health care workers can ensure total hand coverage, and the casual observer can verify proper sanitization. Vizuell works to tackle healthcare-associated infections and transmission of COVID-19.


Silicone Eye Applanation Model (S.E.A.M)
by Sonia Patel
Community School of Naples, FL

The Silicone Eye Applanation Model is a physical model of the human eye utilizing proprietary silicone to simulate the cornea. The goal is to train ophthalmic medical assistants how to measure eye pressure without using human subjects to reduce corneal injuries. Secondary goal is to raise awareness of the number one cause of irreversible blindness–glaucoma.


by Rian Carter and Umi Arora
Illinois Math and Science Academy, IL

iCane is a combination of technology and mobility devices that empowers senior citizens and cane users with safety and confidence to live their lives. Using its unique features and partner app, iCane essentially eliminates the need to carry a phone or download any location tracking apps.


HIV Medication Oral Thin Film for Pediatric Oral Delivery
by Maggie Zhang
Blue Valley Center for Advanced Professional Studies, KS

This innovation is an oral thin film strip formulation of HIV medication to optimize pediatric oral delivery in sub-Saharan African countries. The current World Health Organization-approved HIV antiretroviral therapy regimen allows for a high chance of dosing error, is indiscreet, and is difficult to transport. An oral thin film strip formulation of HIV drugs would allow for a better solution.