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Edison Awards names 2023’s “Innovation Agency of the Year”

For over 25 years, Antenna Group has unified industry insiders, strategic thinkers, and mission-driven marketers, PR, and public affairs professionals to amplify the stories of the world’s most exciting and disruptive companies across climate tech, real estate/proptech, mobility and health.

Our unmatched domain expertise and global purview have enabled us to build compelling brands and achieve growth objectives with precision and creativity – all with the goal of elevating critical innovations and helping our clients’ solutions reach mass adoption (powering a new age we’re calling, the Age of Adoption). We are thrilled that this has resulted in many of our clients being recognized as Edison Award Finalists over the years, and in us receiving the inaugural Innovation Agency of the Year award.

“Antenna is privileged to work alongside the great innovators of our generation. We are eager to enable the adoption of critical, climate-saving solutions and are thankful to The Edison Awards for acknowledging Antenna’s successes, as well as those of our clients, as we advance this mission.” – Christa Segalini, Chief Client Officer

In accepting this award, we make three promises to the community of companies driven by innovation that Antenna Group was founded to serve:

  • We remain committed to telling the story of next gen climate innovation.
  • We will use our expertise to propel the mass adoption of solutions that will enable a more sustainable future.
  • We’re ready to tell your story.

Let’s get started.