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Intelfuse Awarded Silver at the 2023 Edison Awards

Congratulations to Intelfuse for winning an Edison Award in the Critical Infrastructure category.

Founded by Nigel Barry, Jeff Filip and Stacie Grassano-Rupenthal, Intelfuse is reimagining and digitizing the critical infrastructure and vegetation space. Using their datafuse3D technology, Intelfuse creates digital models of power line routes and surrounding areas, including topography, vegetation and wildlife habitats. They have also made it easier to conduct environmental assessments, identify impacted areas and visualize routes for developers, allowing them to address concerns and mitigate issues quickly and efficiently.

Overall, Intelfuse is streamlining the permitting process for new transmission power lines with its cutting-edge datafuse3D technology. By providing accurate and detailed information, they are enabling faster approvals.

Intelfuse is part of 35 Mules, the first in-house innovation hub powered by a global energy leader, NextEra Energy. The program offers access to Fortune 200 subject matter experts, leadership and entrepreneurial coaching, a rent-free workspace in Juno Beach, FL and more.

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