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The 35th Annual Edison Awards Returns on April 20-22, 2022 Celebrating Groundbreaking Technology and Innovators

The 2022 Edison Awards will showcase some of the world’s top innovation leaders and new products from around the globe. The event will be hosted at the beautiful Luminary Hotel and the Caloosa Sound Convention Center located in the Fort Myers River District. Hundreds of the world’s top innovators will descend on Fort Myers to participate in the event and experience the Southwest Florida culture and local attractions.

The Edison Awards™ is an annual honor designed to recognize excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centered design and innovation. Started in 1987 and named after Thomas Edison, the vision of the Edison Awards is guided by his legacy and vision and his Menlo Park team who successfully brought an unprecedented number of innovations to the market. Edison Award recipients represent “game changing” products, services, excellence and leadership in innovation around four criteria: Concept, Value, Delivery and Impact. “The Edison Awards were founded to highlight true innovation in business. As an organization, we  continue to find and promote the most innovative people and inventions in business,”commented Frank Bonafilia, Executive Director of The Edison Awards. “We are excited about our recipients this year as they represent some of the most transformative applications in the workplace and community. We will continue to highlight current visionaries and usher in the next generation of innovators.”

Former Edison Achievement Honorees include Ted Turner, Steve Jobs, Martha Stewart, Elon Musk and more. 2022 Edison Achievement Honorees Award recipients this year are

  • Bracken Darrell, President and CEO of Logitech
  • Carmichael Roberts, the Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Material Impact and Co-Lead, Investment Committee of Bill Gates, established Breakthrough Energy Ventures.

The other award winners can be found on the website at


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