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S2 | E4: Tor Alden of HS Design talks innovation to help doctors with life saving heart procedures

Around the world, cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death…most due to heart attack and stroke…and the main cause of that: cardiac arrhythmias…that’s when there’s improper beating of the heart. The heartbeat might be irregular, too fast, or too slow. This happens when electrical impulses in the heart don’t work the way they should.

When doctors go in to fix cardiac arrhythmias…they’ve relied on two dimensional models and waveforms…until now. Senti AR developed an augmented reality hologram to use in surgery, giving doctors more information about how the electrical signal travels across the surface of the heart, so they can target the exact spot to stop the arrhythmias.

SentiAR is a three-dimensional model that gives doctors real-time information…floating in front of them a map of the heart and where the electrical signal is traveling, also how it changes as you make a legion…or destroy some of the tissue that’s causing the problem.

While the *technology was there…its execution required some changes. That’s where HS Design came in. Tor Alden, Global Vice President of Design & Development is here to help us understand this exciting technology..and what it means for patients.

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