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It is no mystery where new products come from… it’s hard work! | Episode 17

Dan Harden, CEO and Founder, Whipsaw

The first two time guest of the Inspiring Minds podcast, CEO of Whipsaw Design, Dan Harden joins Justin Starbird again to talk more about device and product design. When Dan was on last time, he and Justin talked in depth and detail about product design, how design companies go about working with clients, and how they create expectations about projects. On this episode, Dan dives deeper into how projects move through the process from concepts, to design, and then into commercialized products.

It is an important topic at the Edison Awards, because we have been fortunate to recognize some really amazing projects that followed this exact process.

As Dan points out, “it’s a mystery, or maybe customers don’t even think about where products come from. You go to the store and you see these things and you’re like, Oh, it just exists. There are countless hours, weeks, and even years that go into the development of a lot of products out there, especially the more innovative ones that requires a lot of R&D, a lot of development, a lot of brainpower to pull it off. Process is everything. Process is key to innovation. You’ve got to have a sound process to get you there. Every project is different.”

Dan has no secrets to success. Whipsaw has worked hard to bring many every day products to life in a way that help create an impact, improve our lives, and make the public more healthy.

Listen to Dan and Justin on today’s episode of Inspiring Minds!

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