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KPS Global has reinvented the frozen ice pack to save money AND the environment

KPS Global is a leading manufacturer of walk-in freezer and cooler solutions, primarily serving the food retail industry. Chances are that you have shopped in a grocery store that uses walk-in coolers or freezers from KPS Global. Most recently, they have been focused on bringing automation to the cold-chain industry, developing a freezer technology that serves as a solution to challenges surrounding the manufacturing, freezing, and transportation of gel packs.

“The innovation is really about how KPS Global helped develop a solution to make the use of these gel packs in the logistics industry more affordable and more environmentally friendly,” said Rob Sorba, Chief Commercial Officer at KPS Global, on the most recent episode of Inspiring Minds. That solution is the Arctic Express Pack freezer technology.

KPS Global’s new freezer technology for the Arctic Express Pack gel-pack production system is a 2021 Bronze Winner in the category of Manufacturing, Logistics & Transportation. It reinvented the production process of gel packs used to keep pharmaceuticals and other high-value products at a predetermined temperature.

Gel packs play an important role in ensuring product quality of temperature-sensitive items during the transportation process, especially in the food and pharmaceutical industries. But the traditional gel pack freezing process is full of inefficiencies. A pallet of gel packs, holding up to 1,800 packs, will take approximately 2.5 weeks to freeze. The Arctic Express Pack is a fully automated gel pack production system that can be installed at the end users’ packaging facility, allowing the entire process of manufacturing, freezing, and storage to be done on site. The custom-sized freezer maintains temperatures as low as -38 Degrees Celsius, and gel packs can be frozen to the required temperature in just 45 minutes.

The Arctic Express Pack gel freezer system has helped businesses that ship temperature-sensitive products save thousands of dollars and reduced carbon footprint up to 97%.

“We’re committed to educating the market about the importance of carbon footprint reduction and energy savings,” said Sorba. “The Arctic Express pack is a good example of that along with other things that we’ve done as a company.”

It’s not hard to see why KPS Global and the Arctic Express Pack production system are now a part of the Edison Awards family. Hear more about their award-winning product and the future of refrigeration on Inspiring Minds, now available on Spotify and Google Podcasts.