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Ubiquitous Diagnostic Environment (The UDE APP)


Ubiquitous Diagnostic Environment (UDE) by EBM Technologies Inc. is a 2021 Bronze Winner in the category of Innovative Services/Visual Insights and Conversion Tools. The UDE app is an iOS-based medical imaging display solution, converting a standard iPad Pro into a standalone DICOM server, viewer, display, and AI–all in one. It provids radiologists the on the go image reading experience, both online and offline.

The application can work with PACS, medical imaging modalities, or any DICOM compatible software, allowing exam images to be directly transmitted to an iPad via DICOM communication for offline display and storage. While away from a traditional medical workstation, the users can deploy the UDE app on a pair of iPad Pros with a laptop to build a compact mobile workstation. Since the UDE app is designed as a diagnostic tool for medical professionals, the application has received the FDA Class II Clearance for medical diagnosis.

The UDE app also serves as an AI landing platform for any CoreML AI models. When image studies come in, the UDE App can trigger the embedded models to generate the AI-based computer-aided diagnosis (AI-CAD) results locally. One of the models that has been integrated in the app is the AI assisted detection technology— “AI-based Mammogram Lesions Detection”, developed by the Institute for Information Industry team and subsidized by the Department of Industrial Technology, Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Republic of China. The technology analyzes multi-view mammograms to detect mass and calcifications, implements risk ranking for distinguishing suspicious positive cases, aids radiologists to accelerate the follow-up procedures, and improves the breast cancer screening processes.

Building a PACS can be expensive and time-consuming for hospitals or clinics due to the high maintenance costs. Conversely, maintaining the UDE app is relatively easy because all data in the iPad Pro can automatically be backed up to a cloud server. If the device breaks down, it can be replaced with a new one and restore data from the cloud immediately, which is more efficient than repairing a PACS.

The philosophy behind the UDE app is to overcome traditional workstation barriers for mobility, low system maintenance costs, and effortless deployment procedures.
The versatility of the application helps users eliminate the tedious system workflow and optimize communication of clinical information with digitalization and efficiency in the medical imaging industry. Until now, the app has been implemented in various scenarios, such as being a mini PACS on mobile clinics to store images, or an image viewing tool for offline reports with the integrated reporting systems. Leveraging the AI-based computer-aided diagnosis, the UDE app can provide offline and real-time diagnostic assistance to medical personnel at either hospitals, clinics, or rural health centers with finite health resources and equipment.

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