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S2 | E1: EBM Technologies

Preston Pan, R&D engineer for the US market of EBM Technologies, kick-off season 2 of Inspiring Minds, a podcast powered by the Edison Awards.

Preston talks about how EBM Technologies has evolved over the years and continues to innovate to give doctors and clinicians in the field tools that they need to make real-time diagnosis. EBM Technologies, provides medical imaging systems and specialize in picture archiving and communication system, also known as PACs.

The company was founded in 1988 in Taiwan with over 150 employees located in four offices. EBM Technologies has installed their PAC system in nearly 3,500 hospitals across regions of Asia, North America, and are planning to enter the Middle East market soon.

A 2021 Edison Award Winner, the UDE app turns an iPad into a medical image viewer and server used for diagnosis.

Listen as Preston dives deeper into what it means to win an Edison Award and what is next from EBM Technologies!

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